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Benefits of Precision Components for Our Customers

  • Solve Customers’ Problems. Customization to meet customers’ requirements.
pin connectors_4.5_magnetic waterproof connector
  • we always work out perfect technology solutions based on customer’s requirements and problems,
  • And, usually DFM all potential risks. Finally, we will fix customer’s issues. For precision components of tolerances within 0.05mm, we are professional.
  • Quality first.  Our customers always receive precision components we never give up on quality.
  • Based on the customer’s official drawings, samples, hand-drawn sketches, product application field, and product space size,
Precision Components_231700720_Ti dental implantes
  • We will double-confirm together with the customer to refine every size, dimension, and parameter.
  • Right drawing of precision components is critical and will ensure high quality of precision components.
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  • Best offer.  It is based on the right drawing first as well as a realizable technique process. Most smart and cleanest R&D design, TPM, and TQM can greatly increase first-pass yield, reduce costs, and shorten production lead time.
  • Professional services. Focus on the industry of precision components for 30 years, production experience of pogo pins, connectors, and precision components for over 15 years, technique process experience for 20 years, product quality controlled by Six Sigma Black Belt, experience in international logistics, customs clearance, and Chinese customs for 20 years.
  • Satisfactory speed of delivery.  We can support our customers with good delivery based on our R&D, TPM, TQM logistics, and complete supply chain.
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Features of Precision Components

  • Precision components generally refer to tolerances within 0.05mm,
  • Including turning, milling, stamping, and plastic precision components, etc,
  • Based on drawing, riveting and assembly after turning, milling, grinding, heat treatment, electroplating,
Precision Components_231700724_Precision Metal implants
  • We complete the tests of film thickness, environmental protection, high voltage, current, impedance, and plug and unplug force tests,
  • Widely used in industries such as electronics, mechanical, medical, robot, automation, automobile, aerospace, and so on.
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Precision Components_231700708_dental implantes

Basic Features

Including stability, reliability, accuracy, adaptability, economy of precision components.

Stability. Refers to precision components maintain a equilibrium in the operation process. it is closely related to the structural design, the choice of materials, manufacturing process of precision components, and so on.

Reliability. refers to precision component can maintain normal working condition, and will not fail in the long-term operation process. it is related to the design, manufacturing, installation, maintenance of precision components, and other aspects.

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Accuracy. Refers to precision components maintaining a certain level of accuracy during operation, such as positional, angle, and so on. it is closely related to the structural design and processing technology of precision components.

Adaptability. Refers to the ability of precision components to adapt to different working environments and requirements, such as temperature, humidity, pressure and others. it is related to the choice of materials and structural design of precision components.

Economy. This means that precision components have a lower cost and a higher efficiency during use. it is related to the design, manufacture, use, and maintenance of precision components.

Precision Components_231700567_ Carbon Steel Threaded Rod


Mechanical characteristics is top importance, which are significant for design, manufacture and operation.Through its examination, study and optimization of mechanical performance, we can greatly improve efficiency and reliability of precision components, so as to meet different engineering requirements.

Precision Components_231700001_dental implantes

Size and Dimensions

  • Including length, weight, height, etc, which can significantly affect motion, mechanical properties, structural strength,
  • Its accuracy and consistency are very important to ensure swap of precision components and precision of assembly.
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  • Including profile, cross-section, curve, etc., impact on the kinematic, assembly methods and mechanical properties of precision components.
  • For example, in the design of a threaded rod, its tooth shape determines the transmission efficiency and smoothness.


  • Include surface roughness, hardness, and surface lubrication. have an important effect on the frictional wear and smoothness of precision components.
  • For example, when designing pogo pins, the surface finish and hardness of the barrel inner wall will affect the life cycle and stroke smoothly of pogo pins.


  • Including the strength, hardness, toughness and other mechanical properties, as well as the chemical composition, crystal structure and others. Material characteristics have a direct impact for the strength, stiffness and durability.
  • For example, when design of high-current connectors, the strength and toughness are required, BeCu, T9 or LCP are very good choice.
Precision Components_2317072502_CNG

Motion.   Including speed, acceleration, displacement, force, etc. they have an important impact on the dynamic performance and motion control. For example, when designing a threaded rod for robotic arm, we always consider its working range, speed and accuracy to meet a specific work task.

Thermal.   Including temperature, heat conduction, thermal expansion of precision components, etc. they have an important impact on the thermal stability, heat loss and thermal stress. For example, when designing precision metal for an engine, we always consider its combustion chamber and the thermal conductivity of its cooling system, to ensure the engine’s operational stability and life cycle.


Environments of precision components.   We always design and manufacture precision components to respond effectively to harsh environments, such as high temperatures, low temperatures, high pressures, corrosive environments, and strong radiation. The design and manufacturing of precision components always face great challenges in harsh environments. we always ensure stability and reliability through reasonable materials, and design, as well as measures to strengthen insulation, lubrication, anti-corrosion, and sealing.

High Temperature.    it is a place exceeding 150°C. The strength and hardness of precision components are reduced, while the stability and mechanical properties of plastic precision parts are greatly reduced. Therefore, a special cooling process is required to ensure the stability and properties of precision components.

Precision Components_231700559_CNG NGV 3047 Repair Kits ball valves

Low Temperature.

  • Below -20 ° C place, the mechanical parts will occur deformation, resulting in precision parts failure.
  • We always choose low-temperature-resistant materials. Can maintain its hardness and toughness, and not easy to crack and deformation.
  • And, take into account the expansion and contraction characteristics of the precision parts, the use of appropriate materials and design solutions, to avoid deformation of precision components.

High Pressure and Strong Corrosive

  • Precision components are susceptible to corrosion and abrasion, leading to functional failure.
  • So, we always use corrosion-resistant materials, such as stainless steel, titanium alloys, etc.
  • We always select special surface treatments, such as special coatings, plating, etc.
  • We always select seals and connectors suitable for high-pressure and strong corrosive environments, to ensure the sealing and connectivity of precision components.

Strong Radiation

  • Precision components are prone to deformation, aging and abrasion, which leads to performance reduction.
  • We always use radiation-resistant materials, such as graphite, ceramics. We apply special surface treatments, such as special coatings, coating with lead, etc. We select seals and connectors too.
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Classfy according to its function and use.

  • Plate includes thin plane shape, high surface flatness and low strength.
  • Shaft includes length is greater than the diameter, the surface requirements of smooth, high strength and high precision,
pin connectors_3_4_precision components
  • Shell includes closed structure, variety of materials, easy to install and remove, as well as high structural strength.
  • Connectors includes high strength, removability, precise fit, and a variety of connection methods,
  • Threaded rod includes screw characteristics, precision requirements, material selection and screw transmission efficiency.
Pogo Pins_66605_precision components

Plate.   Usually rectangular, round, polygonal and others for easy fabrication and installation, it is thin, suitable for bearing light loads and areas that require flexibility, higher flatness to ensure accuracy of fit and sealing, relatively low strength.

Shaft.   It is a long part that is often used to connect or support other parts. its length is usually much longer than its diameter, providing sufficient support and connection. its surface usually needs to be smooth to minimize friction and wear with other parts. high strength and stiffness are required to withstand large loads and torques. Often requires a high precision to ensure them works properly when fit with other parts.

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Shell. A closed structure can effectively protect the internal parts from the external environment. Usually choose its materials with better mechanical and corrosion resistance. Easy mounting and dismounting for maintenance and access to internal parts. High strength and rigidity to withstand external loads and protect internal components.

Connector. High enough strength and stiffness to ensure a stable and reliable connection, removable for easy installation, repair and replacement. High precision is required to ensure a strong connection and sealing. Various connection methods, including screw-nut connection, wire connection, magnetic connection, etc.

Threaded Rod. Transmission of power and motion through meshing. Select the appropriate tooth according to actual applications, usually cylindrical, involute or straight with wear and fatigue resistant. High precision is required to ensure the accuracy and reliability when transmitting power and motion. High transmission efficiency and small transmission errors.

Precision Components_77705_DIP Pogo Pins


  • It is to improve the appearance, corrosion resistance, mechanical properties,and extend its life cycle.
  • Including electrolytic plating, chemical plating, melt plating, fusion plating, vapor phase plating(VPD).
  • And AP electroplating.
Pogo Pins_44408_precision components


  • Corrosion protection (Ni, Cr, Zn, Cd),
  • Wear resistance (Hard Cr, Hard Au),
  • Electrical conductivity (Au, Ag, Cu),
  • lubrication (Ag, Sn, Pb),
  • Heat resistance (A1),
  • Weldability (Sn, Sn-Pb),
  • Intensity (metal),
  • Aesthetics (Au, Ag, Ni, Cr, Zn-Cu).
Pogo Pins_33309_precision components

Process.    Feeding, heat decreasing, chemical decreasing, polishing, activation, nickel-plated or complex plating as base, Au-plated or Ag/Cr/Pd/Pd-Ni/Pt/Rh/Ru/RhRu/Ap CuSiZn, neutralization, water washing, hot-water washing, baking, collection.

Plating Inspecting.

  • Appearance (microscope),
  • Composition (X-ray),
  • Thickness (Film Thickness Gauge),
  • Adhesion (Folding),
  • Solderability (tin method),
  • Corrosion resistance (salt spray),
  • Discoloration resistance (corrosion method),
  • Internal stress (Pull cell).

Electroplating FAQ

  • Precision components are surface is rough, uneven, not shiny?   Not enough temperature, too high current, PH is out of range.
  • Plating with flaking, blistering?   Replacement of cathodes, replacement of solution, re-activation is required before plating, replace with new water, and clean the tank if necessary.
  • Surface dirty?   Clean the sink and replace the new water, soak in solvent first to avoid landing, clean by blowing or re-clean, remove the crystallized.
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Advantage of Precision Components

  • High accuracy and stable quality,
  • Cutting complex parts by multi-coordinate system and short cutting tools,
  • Reduces production management time by fine-tuning CNC program,
Pogo Pins_55500_precision components
  • High accuracy, high rigidity, selectable product capacity, high productivity,
  • High level of automation can greatly improve labor efficiency,
  • Reduces CNC tooling errors, resulting in better surface quality, prevents rework, reduces wire usage, and shortens EDM processing time.