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Swivel Clip, Swivel Snap Hooks, Badge Clips. Highly durable, highly safe, 360-degree free rotation, multifunctional, and easy to operate. Designed to meet everyday use, industrial, safety, and outdoor activities. Bulk purchases with big discounts.

A swivel clip is a small device with a rotating joint and a clasp or hook. It allows connected objects to rotate freely 360 degrees at the hook point. Preventing tangling or twisting of ropes, chains, etc., providing a flexible and practical connection solution.

The swivel clip is widely used in keychains, employee ID lanyards, pet leashes, handbags, and fashion accessories. As well as various sports and outdoor equipment, usually crafted from stainless steel, aluminum, or plastic. Catering to a wide range of hanging needs from lightweight to heavy-duty, depending on their design, material, and size.

Categories of swivel clip

Industrial-grade Swivel Clip

Ultra-durable, suitable for heavy-duty hanging of items such as industrial equipment, and safety harnesses. Construction sites, manufacturing, offshore operations.

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Safety and Rescue Swivel Clip

Designed for high safety standards, including quick-release functionality. Rescue equipment, safety harnesses, climbing, and outdoor adventure.

Swivel Clip for Electronics and Communication Equipment

Lightweight, with anti-static capabilities, suitable for securing or carrying small electronic devices. Radios, measuring instruments, IT accessories.

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Medical Swivel Clip

Easy to clean and sterilize, suitable for medical environments. Hospitals, laboratories, and care facilities.

Pet Supplies Swivel Clip

Corrosion-resistant, safe, and reliable, ensuring pet safety. Pet leashes, pet backpacks.

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Sports and Recreation Swivel Clip

High flexibility, suitable for a variety of sports equipment. Fitness equipment, water sports gear, camping and hiking accessories.

Custom Swivel Clip

Customized materials, sizes, weight capacities, and designs according to customer requirements. Special projects, brand promotional items, custom gifts.

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Spec range of swivel clip


The size ranges from 3/4 inch to 2 inches. For example, some swivel clips are designed specifically for 1-inch wide straps, suitable for bags, pet leashes, etc.


Common materials include stainless steel, Acetal, Nylon, and Brass. The specific swivel clips use different materials based on usage and durability requirements.

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Surface Treatment:

The swivel clip comes in various surface treatments including nickel-plating, matte black, antique brass, natural brass, etc. These treatments not only affect appearance but also may impact durability and corrosion resistance.

Specific Model Functions:

The swivel clips are for specific functional needs, such as heavy-duty repair buckles, dual-adjustment buckles, quick-release rings, etc. Suitable for military equipment, outdoor gear, and other situations requiring fast repair or adjustment.

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Price Range:

The price of the swivel clip varies depending on specific specifications, materials, and surface treatments. For example, the price of the brass swivel clip ranges from $4.52 to $8.55, sure, it may be much lower or higher too. With actual prices varying depending on factors such as purchase quantity and size.

Loading Capacity:

The weight-bearing capacity varies depending on the material, design, and size of the swivel clips. Some swivel clips are for lightweight applications of handbags or pet leash attachments, while others are suitable for heavy loads.

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The weight of the swivel clips varies by material and size. The swivel clip made of metal materials like brass is typically heavier than plastic.


Swivel clip functionalities include quick connect and disconnect and a rotatable design to reduce the tangling of ropes or straps. And specific designs such as dual-adjustment, quick repair, etc. The design of the swivel clips aims to provide convenient and flexible usage to meet various application needs.

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Safety is a crucial consideration in swivel clip design, including features like anti-slip design, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, etc. For applications with high safety requirements such as climbing equipment or safety harnesses. The swivel clips that have undergone rigorous testing and certification should be chosen.


The swivel clips are widely used in various products such as handbags, pet leashes, military equipment, etc. The specific specifications and designs should be chosen based on the specific requirements of the applications.

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Customizations of the swivel clip

Material Selection:

  • Various materials: Customers can choose different materials, including stainless steel, plastic, aluminum alloy, or special alloys, based on usage and budget. It is to achieve optimal durability and performance.
  • Corrosion resistance treatment: Additional corrosion-resistant surface treatment options, such as plating or anodizing, are provided to extend the swivel clip lifespan.

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Size and Shape:

  • Customized sizes: Producing swivel clip that meets specific size requirements to fit particular products or equipment.
  • Special shape design: Customizing the swivel clip with special shapes according to hanging needs or customer preferences.

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Functional Improvements:

  • Enhanced load-bearing capacity: Increasing swivel clip load-bearing capacity according to customer-specific requirements.
  • Locking function: Adding locking mechanisms to meet higher security application needs.
  • 360-degree rotation function: Ensuring smooth rotation even under extreme usage conditions.

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Brand Customization:

  • Logo printing: Printing customer company logos or brand names on the swivel clip to enhance brand recognition.
  • Custom colors: Customizing specific colors according to customer corporate brand guidelines to align with the customer corporate image.

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Packaging and Delivery:

  • Customized packaging: Providing branded packaging design services to strengthen brand image and enhance product presentation.
  • Flexible delivery options: Arranging bulk or batch delivery according to customer requirements to meet project schedules.

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Advantages of the swivel clip

Durability and Reliability:

  • Quality materials: Made from materials like stainless steel, and aluminum alloy, ensuring resistance to repeated use and harsh environments, thus extending lifespan.
  • Corrosion resistance: Special surface treatments, such as plating or anodizing, enhance durability and corrosion resistance in various environments.

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Versatility and Applicability:

  • Wide range of applications: From lightweight daily items, like keychains, and ID card lanyards, to heavy-duty industrial, safety, and outdoor applications, widely applicable.
  • 360-degree rotation: Prevents rope or chain tangling, improving usability and safety.

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Customized Solutions:

  • Meeting specific needs: We provide customization services, such as different sizes, materials, load capacities, and colors. It is to adapt to specific business or brand requirements.
  • Brand personalization: Support customized logos or colors, aiding in business branding for customers.

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  • High-quality manufacturing standards: Adhering to industry safety standards, ensuring the safety of personnel, the swivel clip, and customer items.
  • Special design considerations: Such as self-locking mechanisms, easy-to-operate unlock buttons, and enhancing safety and convenience during use.

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  • Reduced replacement frequency: High durability and reliability reduce the need for replacements and repairs, thereby lowering long-term costs.
  • Bulk purchase discounts: Providing bulk purchase discounts for customers, further lowering procurement costs.

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Environmental Friendliness:

  • Recyclable materials: Using recyclable materials reduces environmental impact.
  • Long lifespan: Reducing waste generation, supporting sustainable development strategies.

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Valued customers of the swivel clip

Electronics and Communication:

  • Mobile phone and electronic device manufacturers: Utilize our swivel clips as attachments for phone lanyards or other portable electronic products.
  • Electronics accessories and consumer electronics retailers: Offer various electronic accessories with our swivel clips, such as headphone cable clips.

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Outdoor and Sports Equipment:

  • Outdoor activity equipment brands: Manufacturers of backpacks, climbing gear, and camping equipment use our swivel clips to enhance product utility and safety.
  • Sports equipment companies: Applied in sports equipment and accessories, such as fitness gear and athlete equipment.

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Safety and Rescue:

  • Safety equipment suppliers: Furnish industries like construction, manufacturing, and mining with necessary personal protective equipment.
  • Rescue and emergency services: High-strength and reliable swivel clip is needed in rescue equipment used by firefighting and search and rescue teams.

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Fashion and Accessories:

  • Clothing and accessory brands: Incorporate our swivel clip into handbags, keychains, and other fashion accessories.
  • Jewelry and accessory designers: Integrate our swivel clip into designs to increase the diversity and utility of accessories.

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Pet Supplies:

  • Pet product manufacturers and retailers: Widely use our swivel clips in pet leashes, collars, and toys to enhance safety and comfort.

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Industrial and Manufacturing:

  • Tool and machinery manufacturers: Provide our high-strength swivel clips for tool hooks and safety harnesses.
  • Freight and logistics companies: Apply our swivel clips in transportation equipment and cargo fastening to improve efficiency and safety.

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Corporate and Promotional Products Market:

  • Advertising and promotional product companies: Customize our swivel clips with customer corporate logos for promotional and branding activities.

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Benefits of swivel clip to customers

Enhanced Convenience and Efficiency:

Our swivel clip allows users to quickly attach or replace items such as tools, keys, ID cards, etc. Significantly improving the convenience and efficiency of work and daily life. Its 360-degree rotation feature also prevents items from tangling, making usage smoother.

Improved Safety:

For safety equipment, such as life-saving gear and safety harnesses, our high-quality swivel clip provides reliable connection strength. This can ensure the safety of users in high-risk environments. Its quick-release function also enables rapid detachment in emergencies, further enhancing safety.

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Enhanced Customer's Product Quality and Value:

For manufacturers and brands, use our high-quality swivel clip as product components. This can significantly enhance the quality, utility, and aesthetics of the customer's final product. Thereby increasing its competitiveness and appeal in the market.

Customization and Brand Promotion:

Our swivel clip offers a wide range of customization options, including material, size, color, and printing of corporate logos. Which meets specific functional needs, serves as a tool for brand promotion, enhancing corporate image.

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The design of our swivel clip allows it to be used in various applications, from personal accessories to professional equipment. This versatility makes them a practical tool needed in various industries.

Long-Term Economic Benefits:

Although the initial investment in our high-quality swivel clip may be higher a bit. Its durability and reliability mean that it can reduce the frequency of replacement and maintenance in the long term. This can save costs for users, and in the long run, it offers good economic benefits.

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Customer feedback on our swivel clip

Large Manufacturing:

  • Background: The customer is a large automotive parts manufacturer. They faced inefficiencies in tool management on their production lines. They needed a solution for quick and safe attachment and replacement of various tools to enhance production efficiency.
  • Solution: We customized a batch of high-strength stainless steel swivel clips for the client. With reinforced rotation mechanisms and easy-to-operate locking functions, ensure rapid tool changes while safeguarding worker safety.
  • Production Department Head Comments: "Since introducing the customized swivel clip, our tool management efficiency has significantly improved. And, the workflow on the production line has become smoother. The durability and safety of the swivel clip exceeded our expectations, becoming a key factor in increasing our production efficiency."

swivel snap hooks_24032915_swivel clip swivel snap hooks

Outdoor Sports Equipment Brand

  • Background: The customer is a well-known outdoor sports equipment brand from France. They were developing a new multifunctional backpack and sought a supplier of the swivel clip. Which is capable of withstanding extreme outdoor environments and offering high customizability.
  • Solution: We provided a range of lightweight aluminum alloy swivel clips with high corrosion resistance and customizable colors. they can meet the backpack's diverse attachment needs and brand recognition requirements.
  • Manager of Product Development Department: "The customized swivel clips seamlessly integrate into our backpack design. Not only enhancing product utility but also reinforcing our brand's visual identity. We greatly appreciate Johoty's professional support and efficient service."

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Safety Equipment Supplier

  • Background: The customer specializing in high-end safety equipment sought reliable swivel clip solutions for their clients, including firefighting and rescue teams. It is to be used in safety harnesses and rescue gear.
  • Solution: The customized stainless steel swivel clips have high load-bearing capacity and special locking mechanisms. This can meet the demands of extreme rescue environments.
  • Procurement Department Head: "The customized swivel clips have proven their reliability and strength in numerous field rescue operations. It has become an indispensable part of our safety equipment, ensuring the safety and efficiency of rescue personnel."

badge clips_24032918_swivel clip swivel snap hooks

Electronic Product Accessories Supplier

  • Background: The domestic customer is an electronic product accessories supplier. They faced growing demand for high-quality, reliable phone lanyards, seeking innovative swivel clip solutions to enhance their product competitiveness.
  • Solution: We customized a series of lightweight, durable aluminum alloy swivel clips for the customer. Focusing on smooth rotation and sturdy structure in design to accommodate various electronic devices' lanyards.
  • Research and Development Department Head: "These customized swivel clips greatly enhance the utility and market appeal of our products. They've garnered unanimous customer praise for durability and stylish design. Thanks, Johoty!"

Swivel snap hooks_24050424_badge clips

Corporate Gift Customization Company

  • Background: The customer is a company specializing in providing high-end corporate gifts. They sought accessories that could add unique value to their customized gifts, especially high-quality keychains for office and personal use.
  • Solution: We provided the stainless steel swivel clip with an exquisite appearance and customizable branding capabilities to the company. Meeting their needs for brand display and personalized design.
  • Marketing Department Head: "The customized swivel clips add unique value to our corporate gift series, making each product appear more upscale and tasteful. Our customers are very satisfied with this attention to detail. Thanks so much, Johoty"

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Applications of the swivel clip

ID Card Lanyards

In corporations, schools, and large-scale events, the swivel clips connect lanyards and ID cards. Facilitating wearing and display while preventing card rotation and tangling.


As part of keychains, the swivel clip can facilitate key management and carrying, and prevent key tangling due to its rotating function.

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Electronic Device Accessories

For phones, cameras, and other electronic device lanyards. The swivel clips make device carrying more convenient while reducing the risk of damage caused by tangling.

Pet Supplies

Using the swivel clips in pet leashes allows pets to move freely without tangling the leash. Enhancing the comfort of both pets and owners.

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Apparel and Accessories

The swivel clips are applied in various apparel and accessories, such as backpack fasteners and shoelace clips. Enhancing product functionality and design.

Sports Equipment

In fitness and sports equipment, the swivel clip serves as a component connecting different parts. It can provide more flexibility and range of motion.

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Medical Equipment Manufacturers:

Used to secure small accessories on medical devices, such as monitoring instruments, IV tubing, etc. Ensuring equipment stability and safety.

Home Goods Manufacturers:

Used for home decor items, hanging fixtures, etc., to enhance product utility and aesthetics.

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Toy Manufacturers:

Utilized for toy accessories or decorations, providing versatility and interactivity.

Sporting Goods Manufacturers:

Employed for fine details on sports equipment, such as sports bracelets, running vests, etc., to enhance product comfort and functionality.

Swivel snap hooks_24050411_badge clips

Apparel Industry:

Utilized for clothing labels, hang tags, etc., providing convenient hanging and display options.

Jewelry and Accessories Manufacturers:

Used for jewelry accessories or clasps, offering intricate design and high-quality connection.

Swivel snap hooks_24050405_badge clips

Book and File Management Industry:

Utilized for binders, notebooks, etc., as straps or fasteners, providing convenient use and organization.

Food and Beverage Industry:

Used for small packaging bags, hanging tags, etc. Providing convenient hanging and display options to enhance product appeal and sales performance.

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Our swivel clip undergoes rigorous quality processes, including material selection, production processing, and final inspection. We adhere to ISO standards and provide quality assurance for all products. Promise to replace or repair any issues caused by manufacturing defects.
The standard delivery time for our swivel clip is typically within 2-3 weeks after order confirmation. Delivery times for custom orders can vary due to specific needs and complexity. Upon confirmation of your order, we'll furnish a detailed delivery time. And, update our customers on the latest status.
You can directly contact our CFT team through our official website, customer service email, or phone to get a quote. The quote will depend on your product specs, order quantity, and customization needs.
Our MOQ varies depending on the swivel clip model and customization requirements. The MOQ for standard products is usually 100 pieces. For highly customized products, the MOQ may be adjusted.


Yes, we offer extensive customization services. Including the swivel clip size, material, surface treatment, color, and imprinting of your company logos.
We control costs by optimizing production processes, material procurement, and logistics distribution. Ensure that our customers can obtain high-quality swivel clips at competitive prices. We are also happy to provide different solutions according to your budget to meet your needs.
We provide comprehensive ASS support. If the swivel clip experiences issues under normal usage conditions, please contact our CFT team. We'll swiftly evaluate the issue and offer solutions like replacement, repair, or refund to guarantee your satisfaction.
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