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Gas Spring Leading Manufacturer Welcomes You! Provides Self-locking, Adjustable, Damping Gas Springs! Committed to customized solutions, quality assurance, and prompt response and support. Widely applied in automotive, aerospace, medical, furniture, industrial automation, etc.

The gas spring utilizes the compression and expansion of nitrogen gas to provide pushing, pulling, or supporting force. Compared to traditional coil and disc springs, the gas spring offers smooth force output, strong adjustability, and easy installation.

A gas spring contains a piston, nitrogen, rod, and cylinder. The cylinder is filled with nitrogen gas, and the piston rod is separated from the gas by the piston. One end of the piston rod protrudes and is connected to the object that needs support or propulsion. When the piston rod is pushed into the cylinder, the nitrogen gas inside the cylinder is compressed, generating outward thrust. When external force is removed, the compressed nitrogen gas pushes the piston rod back to its original position.

The gas spring is widely used in supporting tailgates and hoods in cars. Adjusting the height of office chairs, damping, and shock absorption in mechanical equipment. And assisting in the opening and closing of furniture doors. Depending on specific requirements, we design the gas spring as free type, self-locking, damping, or adjustable.


Categories of gas spring

Freestyle gas spring:

This type of gas spring is primarily used for support and can stop freely at any position. It compresses air or nitrogen as the spring medium inside. The support force can be adjusted by changing the internal air pressure. Widely used in applications such as supporting car trunk lids and mechanical equipment covers. Gas spring_77305_industrial gas springs

Self-locking gas spring:

Building upon the free-style gas springs, the self-locking gas springs add a locking feature. It can be locked at specific positions through the built-in locking mechanism. Requires unlocking through the operation of the unlocking mechanism to move. Used in situations requiring fixed position support and adjustment, such as medical beds and fitness equipment.

Traction gas spring:

Unlike free-style and self-locking gas springs, traction gas springs provide support during stretching and require external force for contraction. Suitable for applications requiring stretching support, such as opening doors and windows. gas spring_78702_gas struts

Damping gas spring:

The damping gas springs provide a damping effect during movement. It is widely used in applications requiring cushioning and shock absorption. Such as seat adjustment in cars and shock absorption devices in industrial machinery.

Adjustable gas spring:

The adjustable gas springs allow adjustment of its spring force. Enable users to adjust the support force according to their needs. Suitable for applications with special requirements for support force. Gas springs_77002_gas spring

Rotating gas spring:

The rotating gas springs provide support for rotational movement. It is commonly found in furniture or mechanical devices that require rotation.

Lockable gas spring:

Gas springs with lockable positions. Typically found in multi-point adjustment applications, such as medical beds and adjustable chairs. Gas springs_1403_gas spring

Spec range of gas spring


The force range can vary from 100N to 5000N or higher. It can accommodate requirements ranging from light-duty to heavy-duty applications.


Stroke lengths typically range from 20mm to 600mm, chosen based on the opening height or displacement requirements of the application. gas spring3904_gas struts

Installation Length:

The total length under no load usually ranges from 100mm to 1000mm, adapting to different assembly spaces and applications.


This includes cylinder diameter and piston rod diameter. Cylinder diameter may range from 15mm to 100mm, while piston rod diameter ranges from 4mm to 14mm. This depends on load-bearing capacity and stability requirements.


gas struts_4001_furniture gas spring

Operating Temperature Range:

Our gas spring can operate within a temperature of -40°C to +80°C. Special materials and designs can extend this range for more extreme temperature conditions.


Common materials include stainless steel and high-strength carbon steel. Stainless steel is particularly important for corrosion resistance or food-grade applications. gas struts_4004_furniture gas spring

Sealing Performance:

High-performance sealing technology ensures long-term gas retention, crucial for maintaining gas spring performance and extending lifespan.

Adjustability and Customization Options:

Pressure adjustment features in adjustable gas springs, along with the possibility of customization for specific applications. Such as custom strokes, lengths, forces, or special gas strut end fittings.

gas spring_4902_gas struts

Advantages of gas spring

High-Performance Stability:

The gas springs deliver smooth and consistent force output, maintaining performance stability over prolonged use. Crucial for ensuring the reliability of mechanical equipment and extending its lifespan.


Compared to other control and damping solutions, the gas springs offer higher cost-effectiveness. Not only do they have lower initial investment, but also, due to their durability and low maintenance requirements. They can reduce overall operational costs.

Gas springs_4903_gas spring

Wide Applicability:

The flexible design and extensive range of specifications of the gas springs make them suitable for various industries and applications. From automotive, aviation, and furniture to medical devices and industrial machinery, meeting the diverse needs of different customers.

Custom Solutions:

We can offer custom services, designing and producing the gas springs according to specific customer requirements. Such as force, stroke length, size, and mounting method. This customization capability ensures the gas spring perfectly matches the application needs of customers. gas spring_5101_gas struts

Easy Installation and Replacement:

Gas spring design facilitates simple installation and replacement, this reduces downtime, improving production efficiency.

Enhanced User Experience:

Incorporating the gas springs in final products significantly enhances the user experience. Such as providing smooth switching actions, reducing vibration and noise, and improving product comfort and ease of operation. Gas spring_5304_gas struts

Environmental Safety:

The gas springs use eco-friendly nitrogen, free from harmful substances, making it safe and eco-friendly. Complying with modern environmental standards.

Technical and After-Sales Support:

Robust technical and after-sales support is crucial for customers. Reliable suppliers not only offer high-quality gas springs but also provide professional technical consultation, installation guidance, and after-sales service. Ensure customers fully leverage the performance advantages of the gas springs. Gas spring_5904_gas struts

Customizations of gas spring

Custom Specifications:

This involves force, stroke, and dimensions to ensure gas springs precisely match specific applications and performance requirements. Essential for precise control applications, such as medical equipment and precision machinery.

Material Selection:

Offer various material options based on temperature, humidity, corrosive environments, etc. Including different types of metals and plastics, as well as special coatings. It is to enhance the durability and applicability of the gas springs. gas spring_6203_mechanical gas struts

Custom Gas Spring End Fittings:

Tailor gas spring end fittings according to installation requirements, such as ball sockets, eye mounts, fork heads, etc. It is to achieve seamless connection with customer equipment. Correct gas spring end fittings can simplify the installation process and enhance overall structural stability and safety. gas spring_6201_mechanical gas struts

Special Function Customization:

Provide special functions such as self-locking, damping control, speed adjustment, etc, to meet specific application requirements. These functions offer users more control options, optimizing the operational experience.

Brand Customization:

Offer branding customization services for labels, packaging, and product appearance to help customers strengthen their brand image. Particularly suitable for customers with high demands for brand recognition. industrial gas springs_6403_mechanical gas spring

Valued customers of gas spring

Automotive Industry:

Automotive OEMs and parts suppliers are key customers. The gas springs are used in automobiles for various purposes to support tailgates, hoods, and seat adjustments.

Furniture Manufacturing:

Furniture manufacturers, especially those producing office and kitchen furniture. They use gas springs to enhance functionality, such as adjustable-height desks and soft-closing cabinet doors.

industrial gas springs_6502_mechanical bed gas spring

Medical Equipment Manufacturers:

Hospital beds, surgical tables, and medical examination equipment often require the gas spring for height and angle adjustments. Improve patient and caregiver comfort and convenience.

Industrial Machinery and Equipment:

The gas spring is used for cushioning, shock absorption, and position adjustment of control components in mechanical devices. Serve industries like manufacturing and automated production lines.

industrial gas spring_6204_mechanical gas struts

Construction and Building Materials:

Companies involved in producing doors, windows, sunshade systems, and ventilation facilities in the construction industry. They also utilize the gas spring to enhance product usability and safety.


The gas spring is used in aerospace applications such as aircraft cargo doors and seat adjustments. Require high-quality and highly reliable gas spring products. industrial gas spring_6505_mechanical gas struts

Sports and Fitness Equipment Manufacturers:

Sports and fitness equipment, such as adjustable exercise machines. They use the gas spring to adjust equipment height and resistance, enhancing user experience.

Electronics and Appliance Manufacturing:

Some electronic products and household appliances, such as TV lifts and kitchen appliances. The gas spring helps achieve smooth opening and closing. gas spring_6703_mechanical gas struts

Benefits of gas spring to customers

Enhanced Safety and Reliability:

The gas springs provide stable and controllable force, helping to prevent accidents caused by improper operation. Especially when controlling the slow descents of heavy objects or supporting heavy loads.

Improved User Experience:

The smooth operation of the gas springs significantly enhances the usability of products. Such as the effortless opening of car tailgates and silent closing of furniture, increasing the product's added value. gas struts_6801_furniture gas spring

Increased Operational Efficiency:

The gas springs can reduce the need for manual labor, especially when adjusting the position or height of heavy objects. Such as medical beds and adjustable desks, making operations more convenient and efficient.

Reduced Maintenance Costs:

The gas springs have simple structures, are durable, and require low maintenance. Which helps reduce long-term maintenance costs and frequency of replacements, providing better economic benefits. Gas springs_7604_gas spring


The gas springs use eco-friendly nitrogen as a working medium, avoiding substances like oils that could potentially pollute the environment. Aligning with current environmental trends.

Design Flexibility:

We can customize the gas springs according to specific customer requirements, including force, stroke, dimensions, etc. Provide greater flexibility in product design. Gas springs_9503_gas spring

Wide Applicability:

The gas springs have various applications, covering almost all areas that require the smooth and safe operation of moving parts. From industrial and automotive to household applications.

Noise Reduction:

In contrast to conventional springs or controls, the gas springs operate with minimal noise, contributing to overall environmental comfort. Gas springs_77306_gas spring

Long-lasting Durability:

The high-quality gas springs exhibit excellent durability, maintaining stable performance even under harsh conditions. Such as extreme temperatures, or corrosive environments.

Improved Working Environment:

By reducing labor intensity and enhancing operational safety. Gas springs contribute to safer, more humane workplaces. Gas spring_15305_industrial gas springs

Customer feedback on gas spring

Car Tailgate Support:

  • Background: The customer is a renowned car manufacturer from the USA, they incorporated advanced gas spring technology in its latest SUV. It is for automatic opening and smooth closing of the tailgate.
  • Tom Hall, head of the car's R&D department: "By adopting gas spring technology, the operation of our SUV's tailgate becomes easy and seamless. This improves user experience and boosts vehicle safety. The stability and reliability of Johoty’s gas springs are crucial for us to achieve this design goal."

Gas spring_6903_gas struts

Adjustable Office Desk:

  • Background: Our UK customer specializing in innovative office furniture developed an adjustable office desk with a gas spring. Allowing users to easily adjust the desktop height as needed.
  • Matthew Back, the product design director: "After introducing Johoty's gas spring technology, our adjustable office desk has been highly welcomed in the market. Users feedback that they feel more efficient and healthier at work. Because they can adjust the desktop height according to their comfort. The gas spring's inclusion is vital for our product's success. Thank you!"

Gas springs_77004_gas spring

Industrial Machinery Shock Absorption:

  • Background: The customer is an industrial equipment manufacturer from Germany. They introduced our gas springs on their production line as shock absorption measures. It is for important mechanical components to reduce vibration during equipment operation and improve production accuracy.
  • Jan Nientiedt, head of the engineering department: "Since we incorporated Johoty's gas springs into our mechanical design, the equipment operates more smoothly. And the product yield has significantly improved. Johoty's gas springs not only extend the equipment's lifespan effectively but also enhance production efficiency. It's an amazing improvement."

gas springs_06080_gas spring

Applications of gas spring

Vibration Dampening for Precision Instruments:

The gas springs are utilized in laboratory precision instruments to dampen vibrations, protecting sensitive equipment from external disturbances. Such as electron microscopes and precision balances.

Solar Panel Adjustment:

The gas springs adjust the angle of solar panels to maximize sunlight absorption efficiency. Especially in mobile solar tracking systems. gas spring_16305_Damper

Stage Equipment Control:

In the performing arts and entertainment industry, the gas springs control the lifting of stage equipment. Such as curtains and lighting fixtures, creating stunning visual effects.

Military Equipment:

The gas spring is employed in military equipment such as mobile communication devices and portable defense systems. It is to enhance equipment mobility and deployment speed.

gas spring_77601_Damper

Agricultural Machinery:

The gas spring adjusts the position of working components in agricultural machinery. Such as adjusting tillage depth or controlling the seed discharge of seeding machinery.

Concealed Car Door Handles:

In some high-end vehicles, the gas spring controls the retraction of door handles. It is to reduce air resistance and enhance vehicle aesthetics. Gas spring-3906-gas springs

Automated Storage Systems:

The gas spring is used in the material handling machinery of automated warehouses. This can smoothly adjust the position of retrieval arms, reducing cargo damage.

Life-saving Equipment:

The gas springs are applied in the rapid deployment of life rafts and emergency exits. It is to ensure quick response in emergencies. Gas spring_5306_gas struts

Seat Safety Systems:

The gas springs are incorporated into the seat design of public vehicles. Such as airplanes and high-speed trains to provide additional safety protection. Quickly adjust the seat recline to accommodate emergency landings or braking.

Medical Simulators:

The gas springs are used in medical education to simulate natural human movements such as breathing or heartbeat. Providing a more realistic training experience. Gas springs_1406_gas spring


1. How is quality ensured?
Our gas spring products are strictly produced according to international quality standards. With thorough quality control from materials to delivery. Additionally, we provide quality assurance or certificates that comply with industry standards.
2. How do you handle urgent orders?
For urgent orders, we can adjust production schedules or utilize expedited logistics services to meet customer demands. Please specify your urgent requirements when placing an order, and we will strive to accommodate them.
3. What are your advantages in cost control?
Through continuous production process optimization, procurement management, and economies of scale, we can offer competitive prices. Additionally, we provide the gas spring with different specifications and performance levels to meet various cost and budget requirements.
4. How do you ensure the timeliness and effectiveness of after-sales service?
We have a dedicated CFT team and ASS team responsible for handling all after-sales issues. Through WhatsApp, Skype, phone, email, or on-site services. We pledge to respond promptly to customer needs and ensure effective problem resolution.
5. Do you offer discounts for large-volume orders of your gas spring?
Yes, for large-quantity orders, we can provide price discounts or other preferential policies. The specific discount rate will be negotiated based on the scale and terms of the order. Please contact our CFT team.
6. What is the usual delivery time?
The standard delivery time for our gas spring is typically 2-3 weeks after order confirmation. While custom-made products may require a timeframe depending on specific specifications and quantities. Our focus is on refining production for timely delivery.
7. How do you address gas spring defects?
For any gas spring defects, we offer prompt after-sales service, including gas spring replacement, repair services, or refunds. We're devoted to customer satisfaction and will address any quality concerns promptly.
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