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Benefits of Gas Spring for Our Customers

Solve Customers' Problems.     Solve the problems encountered by our customers, such as frequent equipment damage, instability, noisy working environment, and insufficient equipment life cycles.

Gas spring_6801_furniture gas spring
  • Solve various difficulties to smoothly support heavy objects to a certain height and position,
  • Solve unbearable noise and vibration when the equipment is running, and difficult to adjust to a comfortable height and softness.
Gas springs_2501_gas spring gas struts
  • Equipment inefficiency due to high friction and resistance.Make sure smoothness and efficiency of equipment and the safety of operators and workers, improve the protection of the health and safety of workers.

Earn Money.  Our gas spring always is rationally designed based on actual functions, requirements, applications and fields, they are the most appropriate solutions for customer's devices.

  • Which will improve customer’s project ROI and investment. Earning money for our customers

Save money and Time.   Gas springs have obvious strength on saving money, can greatly reduce the wear and tear as well as maintenance costs of machinery and equipment, and improve their life cycles, durability and stability.

  • Reduce the energy consumption, improve the efficiency of energy utilization. We are a leading gas springs manufacturer, and familiar with design, lean manufacturing, six sigma quality control, foreign trade logistics and customs process, do business with us, you will save time, be happy physically and mentally!
Gas spring_1401_gas struts

Features of Gas Spring

  • Gas springs are called gas struts too. Gas springs are the device that achieve elastic deformation by gas pressure.
  • They consist of a sealed container and a certain amount of gas and special oil, realizing the expansion and deformation of the spring by changing the gas pressure.
  • According to gas struts feature and application, gas springs are also known as gas struts, gas shocks, lift support, lift gas support, gas traction springs, lockable gas springs, balanced gas springs, damper, and so on.
  • Categorized according to their structure and function, there are lift gas springs, lockable gas springs, traction gas springs, stop-at-will gas springs, chair gas springs, gas pressure rods, dampers, and others.
  • Gas springs have effective functions of support, cushioning, braking, height adjustment, and angle adjustment. gas springs consist of a pressure cylinder, piston rod, piston, sealing guide sleeve, filler (inert gas, or mixture of oil and gas), in-cylinder control element, out-cylinder control element, connectors, etc.
  • Gas Springs have a wide range of applications in automotive, aviation, medical equipment, furniture, machinery manufacturing, etc.
  • Differences between gas spring, and conventional springs.
  • The later is to control the spring force by the distance of stretching and the diameter size, with more stretching, the spring force will be significantly reduced.
Gas springs_1404_gas spring
  • For gas springs, the force is from compressing gas, which is zero in terms of wear and tear, with ten times the life cycles of the later, but with little difference in cost.
  • Importantly, about their working environment, gas springs are virtually unlimited, and they are almost a godsend on appearance!

Lift gas springs. They have the widest range of applications, It mainly serves as a support and has only two positions, the shortest and the longest, and cannot stop itself during its travel.

Lockable gas springs. can be stopped at any position in the stroke, and has a high locking force of up to 10,000N or above after stopping. They are most used in medical devices.

Stop-at-will gas springs.   It can stop at any position in the stroke by handle or cable without additional locking force. They are most used in furniture and medical devices.

Traction gas springs. They are special. In free state, they are in the shortest position, and move from the shortest position to the longest position when getting traction. But other gas springs are reversed.

Chair gas spring.   They are mainly used in swivel chairs to adjust the position. they are controllable and have a high demand.

Dampers. They are mainly used for cushioning, the resistance is changed with movement speed, bigger resistance faster movement, conversely, the resistance is almost non-existing when moving slowly.

Gas springs_1301_gas struts

Materials of Gas Spring: SUS304, SUS316, Carbon steel, selectable.

Joints of Gas Springs: Available in single piece, single ear, double ear, and universal ball joints

Diameter of Gas Springs:  12mmx4mm, 15mmx6mm, 18mmx8mm, 22mmx10mm, 25mmx12mm, 28mmx14mm, 28mmx16mm, 40mmx20mm, 12mm~40mm, Customize.

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Extended Length of gas spring: 113mm, 128mm, 133mm, 137mm, 141mm, 148mm, 152mm, 160mm, 171mm, 172mm, 180N, 188mm, 190mm, 210mm, 212mm, 220mm, 228mm, 246mm, 253mm, 260mm, 265mm, 268mm, 280mm, 294mm, 300mm, 305mm, 330mm, 332mm, 340mm, 360mm, 380mm, 390mm, 400mm, 414mm, 420mm, 460mm, 493mm, 500mm, 520mm, 540mm, 580mm, 594mm, 600mm, 610mm, 710mm, 735mm, 810mm, 910mm, 935mm, 1135mm, 113mm~1200mm, 180mm~300mm, 300mm~500mm, 500mm~800mm, 800mm~1000mmm, 1200mm, 2300mm, Customize.

Gas springs_1405_gas struts
Gas springs_2802_gas struts

Stroke of gas spring

20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 40mm, 56mm, 60mm, 67mm, 70mm, 80mm, 85mm, 90mm, 100mm, 120mm, 125mm, 145mm, 150mm, 160mm, 175mm, 200mm, 205mm, 235mm, 250mm, 350mm, 400mm, 500mm, 30mm~900mm, 55mm~115mm, 110mm~210mm, 205mm~355mm, 345mm~445mm, 400mm~500mm, 500mm~600mm, 600mm~700mm, 700mm~900mm, Customize.

Load Capacity of gas spring:  7LB, 10LB, 20LB, 22LB, 25LB, 40LB, 44LB, 50LB, 55LB, 85LB, 90LB, 100LB, Customize.

Wire Gauge of gas springs:  6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 16, 18, 19, 20, 22, 23, 24,26, 28, 40, Customize.

Force of gas springs:  20N, 30N, 40N, 50N, 60N, 80N, 100N, 120N, 150N, 200N, 230N, 250N, 300N, 400N, 500N, 600N, 5N~100N, 10N~300N, 15N~250N, 50N~600N, 100N~1200N, 100N~1800N, 100N~2500N, 100N~3000N, 300N~4000N, Customize.

Gas struts_15104_gas spring
Gas struts_5101_gas spring

Style of gas springs:  Height adjustment, Up and down freely, swivel 360° freely

Connectors of gas springs:  ball connector, metal eye, clevis,

Gas of gas spring:     99.99% Nitogen Gas

Surface finish: QPQ (Quench—Polish-Quench), Zinc plated, chrome plated, spray painting for cylinder, QPQ for piston rod.

Color of gas springs:  Silver, Golden, Black, Grey, White, blue, orange, green, customize.

Quality of gas springs

  • High sealing without leaking of gas or oil, 180,000 life cycles are passed fatigue test, spring force tolerance is <2N, keep a stable force during moving, Customize.

Salt spray of gas spring

  • 72h, 96h, 120h, 144h, Customized according to your demand.

Working Temperature

  • -30℃~+80℃,Customize.

Package of gas spring:  

  • PE bag + carton box, 1pcs/bag, 50bags/carton, 32 cartons/pallet, or based on customer.

Application of gas spring

  • Car accessories, automotive, furniture,
  • Industry, Medical, Machines,
  • Mechanical equipment, Boat, Container,
  • Executive Chair, Lift Chair, Mesh Chair, Swivel Chair


Advantages of Gas Struts

  • Gas Spring has large load capacity, capable of carrying heavier weight,
  • Has wide adjustable range,
  • OEM, ODM support gas spring,


  • Has fast reaction speed, instantly cushioning and shock absorption,
  • Anti-rust, anti-deformation, anti-leakage,
  • Gas Spring has high pressure, high finish durable, not rust in high humidity,


  • Logo can be customized,
  • Gas Spring has best factory price, high quality, professional services, fast delivery,
  • Quality control, 100% inspection before shipment, failure rate is <0.4‰,
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