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CNC parts like milling, machining, and turning. Tailored flexibility, high precision, competitive pricing, fast delivery, advanced tech, and ongoing innovation. Expert support from prototype to mass production at Precision Hardware Factory: Johoty

CNC Parts refer to precision components produced by CNC machines. It involves processes such as cutting, milling, drilling, and polishing to produce highly accurate parts and assemblies.

The key lies in using pre-set programs to guide the tool’s motion path and processing parameters. Ensuring that CNC parts meet stringent specifications for dimensions, shapes, and surface quality.


Categories of CNC Parts:


Know CNC Parts In Details:

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Characteristics of CNC machining

Clients grasp the flexibility, precision, and quality control capabilities of CNC machining. This enables access to more complex parts or assemblies without sacrificing quality or production efficiency. They refine batch production processes, elevating output efficiency and mitigating human error risks. Rapid adjustments and optimizations in clients' product design support agile product iterations and market responsiveness, maximizing return on investment.

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1.  High precision and consistency:

Since the machining process is entirely computer-controlled, CNC parts exhibit extremely high dimensional accuracy and good consistency. Allow for precise production even of complex geometries. Precision Parts_0429231700916_CNC Partsl

2.  Flexibility and repeatability:

CNC technology enables quick changes to production settings and programs. Effortlessly accommodating different design and batch production requirements while maintaining high-quality standards.

3.  High efficiency:

Computer control maximizes production efficiency. Reducing the need for manual operations and allowing for rapid production from prototyping to large-scale production. Precision Parts_0429231700894_CNC Parts

4.  Wide material applicability:

CNC machining can be applied to aluminum, steel, copper, titanium, plastics, and composite materials.

5.  Capability for manufacturing complex parts:

CNC technology can produce intricately shaped, rigorously demanded parts, providing vast possibilities for modern engineering design. Precision Parts_0429231700885_CNC Parts

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Categories of CNC Parts and CNC Machined Parts

Clients understanding CNC parts' product categories can select the most suitable types. Aiding clients in customizing for specific technical or design needs like high-precision parts or specific materials. Collaborating with us on new product development or improving existing designs helps optimize clients' supply chain management. Fostering differentiation and competitive advantages of clients' products.

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1.  By Materials:

  • Aluminum alloy parts: Suitable for aerospace, automotive, electronics, etc.
  • Stainless steel parts: Used in applications requiring high corrosion resistance, such as medical instruments, food processing machinery, etc.
  • Titanium alloy parts: High strength, lightweight, suitable for aerospace and high-end sports equipment.
  • Copper and brass parts: Good electrical conductivity is frequently found in electrical fixtures and as decorative elements.

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2. By Machining Techniques:

  • CNC milling parts: Suitable for complex flat or three-dimensional shaped parts.
  • CNC turning parts: Specifically used for producing shafts, and cylindrical parts.
  • CNC drilling and tapping parts: Precise hole and thread machining.
  • 5-axis CNC machining parts: Suitable for manufacturing complex and high-precision parts.

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3.   By Application Industries:

  • Aerospace parts: Parts with high performance and reliability requirements.
  • Automotive parts: Encompassing various chassis parts, engine parts, and more.
  • Medical device parts: Precision parts used in various medical equipment and instruments.
  • Electronic product parts: Precision small parts utilized in laptops, smartphones, and various other electronic gadgets.
  • Machinery and automation parts: Parts for various industrial machinery and automation equipment.

Precision Parts_0429231700026_High Precision Part

4.  By Function:

  • Structural parts: Parts constituting the main body structure of mechanical equipment.
  • Transmission parts: Such as gears, shafts, couplings, etc., are utilized for the transmission of both motion and power.
  • Sealing parts: Ensure the sealing of mechanical components, preventing liquid or gas leakage.
  • Heat dissipation parts: Used for heat dissipation of electronic devices, such as radiators, heat sinks, etc.

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Technical Specification Categories of CNC Parts

Clients can clearly define their specific CNC parts needs. And tailor design and process decisions to maximize cost efficiency and performance. Superior supply chain management aids in implementing effective quality control and inspection benchmarks. And accurately assess cost-effectiveness among different vendors or process options.

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1.  Material Specifications:

  • Material Types: Including aluminum, steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, titanium, titanium alloy, etc.
  • Material Levels: Such as aluminum alloy 6061, 304, 316, 316L stainless steel, etc., which are crucial for the performance and durability of the parts.

Precision Parts_0429231700704_Orthopedic External Fixation Frame

2.  Dimensional Accuracy:

  • Tolerance Range: The machining precision achievable by CNC parts, such as ±0.0005mm, is crucial for ensuring part fit and functionality.
  • Surface Roughness: The quality of surface treatment, usually represented by the Ra value, affects the appearance and friction characteristics of the parts.

Precision Parts_0429231700726_Quick Change Adapter

3.  Machining Capability:

  • Maximum/Minimum Dimensions: The size range of parts that can be machined, ensuring that parts meet specific size requirements.
  • Complexity: The complexity of parts achievable through CNC machining, including internal structures, thin-walled sections, and complex shapes.

Accurate Hardware_231700953_precision products

4.  Design Compatibility:

  • CAD/CAM Software Support: File formats we can handle, such as STEP, IGES, DXF, etc. Which relates to the efficiency and accuracy of design data transfer.

5.  Surface Treatment:

  • Coatings and Surface Treatments: Such processes encompass painting, polishing, anodizing, electroplating, and similar methods. Which not only affect the appearance of the parts but also relate to properties like corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

Precision parts_231700951_Best CNC Machining POM Flange

6.  Testing and Quality Control:

  • Inspection Equipment: Such as CMM, hardness gauge, etc., ensuring that part quality meets specification requirements.
  • Quality Certification: ISO 9001, reflecting the management and control capability of the production process.

7.  Batch Production Capability:

  • Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): The ability to handle small and large batch orders, influencing customer procurement strategies. Coordinate with our CFT team.
  • Production Lead Time: The time from order placement to delivery, affects project progress management.

Precision Parts_0429231700706_Orthopedic External Fixation Frame

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Advantages of CNC Parts and cusotm CNC parts

Aids clients in technical decision-making, optimizing product design, and enhancing functionality and performance. Enables precise cost-benefit analysis and more rational economic decisions. Supports the establishment of rigorous quality management systems, and optimizes supply chain management. Selects reliable partners capable of delivering high-quality custom parts, enhancing production flexibility and responsiveness.

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1.  High Consistency and High Precision:

CNC machining ensures CNC parts have extremely high dimensional accuracy and good repeatability. Which is crucial for applications requiring precise fit and high performance.

2.  Material Diversity and Adaptability:

Through CNC machining, a wide range of materials can be used for production. Including aluminum, steel, copper, stain steel, titanium, plastics, and composite materials. Meeting the customers' needs. Precision Parts_0429231700788_6063 Aluminum Parts

3.  Implementation of Complex Shapes and Structures:

The capabilities of CNC technology extend to crafting various shapes and features. Surpassing the constraints posed by traditional machining techniques. Providing more design freedom and driving product innovation. Precision Parts_0429231700773_SUS304 External Hex Screw

4.  Surface Treatment and Aesthetics:

CNC parts can offer options for surface finishes such as painting, electroplating, anodizing, and similar techniques. Improve corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and enhance appearance.

5.  Rapid Prototyping and Short Lead Time:

CNC machining supports rapid prototyping, speeding up the product development process. Additionally, efficient production processes can shorten delivery times, meeting urgent demands. Precision Parts_0429231700798_Best Precision 3D Printer Parts

6.  Cost-effectiveness:

For small-batch production, CNC machining can produce CNC parts without the need for expensive molds. Reducing initial investment and per-piece costs, thus improving cost-effectiveness.

7.  Sustainability and Eco-friendliness:

CNC machining processes have high material utilization rates and generate minimal waste with more eco-friendliness. Moreover, optimizing design and material selection can further enhance CNC parts sustainability. Precision Parts_0429231700801_Best Aluminum Shell Adapter

8.  Technical Support and Services:

We provide high-quality CNC parts and offer technical consultation and ASS, helping customers solve production and application challenges.

9.  Customization Capability:

With our strong customization service capabilities, we can deliver personalized solutions meticulously tailored to meet each customer's requirements. Including special materials, precise tolerances, and complex part features. Precision Parts_0429231700827_Turning and Milling Composite Parts

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Customization of Johoty CNC Parts

Tailoring CNC parts greatly empowers engineers to oversee product design and manufacturing processes more effectively. It allows for adjusting material choices, dimensional precision, and methods for implementing complex structures based on specific needs. Thereby optimizing product performance and increasing production efficiency.

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1.  Customization Process Overview:

  • Needs Analysis: Your specific requirements, including such as material options, dimensional requirements, tolerance specifications, surface treatments, and more.
  • Design and Engineering Support: We provide professional design and engineering support. Utilizing state-of-the-art CAD/CAM to assist customers in refining designs, ensuring producibility.
  • Rapid Prototyping: Before formal mass production, we offer rapid prototyping services to validate the accuracy and functionality of the design.
  • Production and Quality Control: Utilizing advanced CNC to produce CNC parts while implementing rigorous quality control processes. Ensuring that the CNC machine parts meet the customer's precise specifications.
  • Post-processing and Testing: Providing a range of post-processing services including heat treatment, and surface treatment. Conducting comprehensive performance testing and inspections.
  • Logistics and After-sales Support: We offer flexible logistics solutions to ensure CNC parts are safely and punctually delivered to customers. Along with comprehensive after-sales support.

Precision Parts_0429231700329_Precision CNC Parts

2.  Materials and Technical Capabilities:

  • Wide Range of Material Selection: Our ability to process various metals and non-metal materials, as well as the capability to process special materials.
  • Advanced Machining Technology: Our advanced CNC machining technology and equipment include multi-axis machining, high-speed milling, precision turning, etc.

Precision Parts_0429231700410_SUS Precision CNC Parts

3.  Unique Value of Customization Services:

  • Flexibility and Responsiveness: We demonstrate high flexibility and speed in responding to customer needs and adjusting production plans.
  • Technological and Design Optimization: We always strive for cost reduction and product performance improvement through technological and design optimization.
  • Long-term Partnerships: We are not just suppliers; we are long-term partners of our customers, actively involved in project development and innovation.

Precision Parts_0429231700375_SUS Non-standard Part

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Valued Customers of Our CNC Parts

Our important customers for CNC parts validate our product quality and performance, serve as a driving force for continuous improvement and innovation. Through collaboration and feedback from these customers, engineers gain valuable insights into product design, material selection, manufacturing processes, and more.

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1.  Manufacturing Industry:

  • Machinery Manufacturing: Companies requiring CNC parts for mechanical assembly and maintenance.
  • Automotive Manufacturing: The automotive industry demands precision CNC parts for critical components, such as engines, transmissions, and suspension systems.
  • Aerospace Companies: High precision and quality standards are required for parts, often necessitating custom CNC parts for aircraft, satellites, etc.

Precision Parts_0429231700943_Super Precision Automotive Parts

2.  Electronics and Technology Companies:

  • Electronics Equipment Manufacturers: Including smartphone, computer, and other consumer electronics manufacturers. Requiring CNC parts for casings, heat dissipation components, etc.
  • Emerging Technology Companies: Innovative enterprises in fields such as robotics, drones, artificial intelligence hardware, etc. Need CNC parts for prototyping and product manufacturing.

Precision Parts_0429231700965_High Quality SUS Precision Parts

3.  Medical Equipment Companies:

  • Medical Device Manufacturing: Requiring CNC parts to produce precision medical equipment and tools. Such as surgical instruments, diagnostic equipment, etc.

4.  Energy Companies:

  • Energy Equipment Manufacturing: Manufacturers of energy equipment such as petroleum, natural gas, and renewable energy devices of wind, and solar. Require CNC parts for energy exploration, extraction, and conversion equipment production.

Precision Parts_0429231700977_Precision Stainless Steel Dental Nozzle

5.  Industrial Automation Companies:

  • Automation Equipment Manufacturing: Companies require a large number of CNC parts to produce various automation machinery and devices. Such as automated assembly lines, robots, etc.

6.  Research and Education:

  • Research Institutions and Universities: Institutions engaged in scientific research and technological development require customized CNC parts for experimental setups and research equipment.

Precision Parts_0429231701012_High-Quality Round Positioning Part

7.  Defense and Security

  • Defense Industry: Companies producing military equipment and security devices, requiring high-standard CNC parts for weapon systems, communication equipment, etc.

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CNC Parts_24061030_Precision Parts

Benefits of CNC Parts to Customers

CNC parts enable customers to customize material selection, dimensional accuracy, and the implementation of complex structures according to specific needs. Thus optimizing product performance and quality and other eight benefits. The high-precision machining of CNC parts helps customers respond quickly to changes in market demands and meet specific requirements.

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1.  Enhancing Product Quality and Reliability

High-precision CNC parts ensure that the final products exhibit better performance and longer lifespans. Reducing failure rates and thereby enhancing competitiveness and user satisfaction in the market. Precision Parts_0429231700789_CNC Parts

2.  Accelerating Product Development Cycles

CNC machining technology supports rapid prototyping, enabling customers to iterate designs and test them quickly. Shortening the time from concept to market and expediting product launches.

3.  Fostering Design Innovation

The flexibility and high precision of CNC machining enable customers to realize complex and highly customized designs. Driving product innovation to meet market demands for personalized and high-performance products. Precision Parts_0429231700792_CNC Parts

4.  Optimizing Production Efficiency

The robust automation features integrated into CNC machining allow for continuous unmanned operation. Significantly improving production efficiency and output while reducing the occurrence of human errors and defects.

5.  Cost Savings

While the initial outlay for CNC machining can be significant. Its advantages in production efficiency, material utilization, and waste reduction can help customers save costs in the long term. Precision Parts_0429231700816_CNC Parts

6.  Enhancing Supply Chain Stability

Collaborating with us as a reliable CNC parts supplier ensures the stability and timeliness of parts supply. Reducing production delays and ensuring projects proceed as planned.

7.  Strengthening Brand Reputation

Using high-quality CNC parts can enhance the quality of the final products for customers. Meeting or even exceeding customers' expectations, thereby reinforcing customers' brand reputation and market position. Precision Parts_0429231700826_CNC Parts

8.  Supporting Sustainable Development

Choosing eco-friendly materials and processes in CNC machining can help customers reduce environmental impact. Support sustainable development strategies, and enhance customers' CSR image.

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CNC Parts_24061031_Precision Parts

Customer Feedback of CNC Parts

Customer feedback provides a detailed assessment of product quality and performance, establishing trust in our company. Positive feedback not only confirms our product's competitiveness in the market but also strengthens customer confidence in our brand and services.

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1.  High Precision and Quality Assurance

  • CTO, Marcello Lolli: "Over the past year, our company has collaborated with Johoty to produce thousands of CNC parts. Each meets the precision and quality standards that align closely with our technical specifications and expectations. Their quality control processes are advanced, ensuring high consistency and a zero-defect rate."

Precision Parts_0429231700839_CNC Parts

2.  Excellent Customer Service and Technical Support

  • Sourcing, Tamapa: "Johoty's CFT team has shown great attention to our project requirements. Not only do they promptly address every inquiry and need we have, but they also provide professional technical advice. Significantly enhancing our product performance and reducing costs during the design phase."

Precision Parts_0429231700850_CNC Parts

3.  Quick Delivery and Flexibility

  • Project Manager, Karl Bicknell: "Faced with our urgent project needs, they were able to swiftly adjust production schedules, ensuring rapid delivery of CNC parts. Their flexibility and efficient execution are crucial in maintaining the progress of our projects."

Precision Parts_0429231700860_CNC Parts

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Precision Parts_24060201_CNC Parts

Use Cases of CNC Parts

Customers can see firsthand how CNC parts perform and excel across various industries. It validates the actual quality and performance of our products, establishing trust in our technology and solutions. This showcases the versatility and applicability of our CNC parts, strengthening collaboration and long-term relationships with our customers.

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1.  Precision Components in the Aerospace Industry:

  • Case: Provided a batch of complex aircraft engine components for a well-known aerospace company in the United States. These components required extremely high precision and specific high-temperature resistant materials. Through the utilization of advanced 5-axis CNC machining technology and special heat treatment processes. Successfully delivered CNC parts meeting all performance and durability requirements.
  • Customer CTO's Evaluation: The quality of these CNC parts from Johoty exceeded our expectations, resulting in a certain improvement in our engine performance.

Accurate Hardware_231700407_CNC Parts

2.  Customized Parts in the Medical Device Field

  • Case: Catered to the needs of a Canadian innovative medical equipment manufacturer by custom-producing a series of precision surgical tools. These tools required very fine surface treatments and high-strength materials. Through close collaboration with the customer, accurately met design requirements. Enhancing the performance and safety of surgical tools.
  • Feedback from the Customer Company's Director: Johoty's CFT team and strict quality control have helped us gain a competitive advantage in the market.

Precision Metal_231700374_CNC Parts

3.  High-Performance Parts in the Automotive Industry

  • Case: Provided Italian client with customized lightweight aluminum alloy CNC parts for a high-performance racing car. Including engine components and suspension system parts. These CNC parts require excellent mechanical performance and precise dimensions. Through the use of high-quality aluminum alloy and precision CNC machining. Significantly improved the overall performance of the racing car.
  • Comments from the Customer's Engineering Manager: The car's performance has been significantly enhanced, especially in terms of durability and speed.

CNC Parts_231700363_charging pins

4.  Key Components for Energy Equipment

  • Case: Supplied critical rotor components for a wind energy generator manufacturer in the UK. These components required extremely high weather resistance and mechanical strength to withstand harsh external environments. Successfully applied special anti-corrosion materials and precision machining techniques. Enhancing the stability and lifespan of the power generation equipment.
  • Feedback from the Customer's Engineering Manager: Johoty's expertise and technical support have enabled our products to perform excellently in harsh environments."

Precision Parts_0429231700973_CNC Parts

5.  Precision Components in the Electronics Industry

  • Case: Provided miniature precision CNC parts for a new type of smart wearable device enterprise from Slovenia, with extremely high requirements for dimensional accuracy and surface quality. Through optimized machining processes and the use of high-precision CNC equipment. Successfully produced CNC parts meeting high standards, ensuring the end product's superior performance.
  • Feedback from the Customer's R&D manager: These precision parts are key to the success of our product. Thanks to Johoty for your high-quality production and timely delivery.

Precision Parts_0429231700340_Precision Metal Accessories APM0101-20181021

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Our CNC machining services can handle aluminum alloys, stainless steel, copper, titanium, plastics, and more. We can recommend the most suitable materials based on your specific requirements.
We understand that different customers have varying needs, including small-batch production. Our minimum order quantity depends on your project, and we are committed to providing flexible solutions to meet all needs. From prototyping to large-scale production.
We ensure part quality through strict quality control processes, including multiple-stage inspections using advanced measurement and testing equipment. We adhere to ISO9001, and all CNC parts undergo rigorous inspections to ensure they meet customer specifications.
Yes, we specialize in providing custom CNC parts services. The customization process includes requirement analysis, engineering assessment, quoting, design confirmation, prototype production, testing and validation, and final production. Our CFT team will work closely with you throughout the process to ensure the CNC parts fully meets your needs.
The delivery schedule fluctuates based on the production demands and the intricacy of each project. Once the design is confirmed and the order is received, we will provide an estimated production schedule. We also offer emergency machining services to meet urgent customer needs.
Getting a quote is straightforward; you simply need to email us CAD drawings or 3D models along with material, quantity, surface treatment, etc. Our engineers will conduct a detailed assessment of the project and provide a detailed quote in the shortest time possible. Once the quote is confirmed, orders can be placed based on mutually agreed terms.
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