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Pogo pins, Johoty offers nearly 50,000 customized solutions for aerospace, smart wearables, medical, autonomous vehicles, and high-speed communication devices. With high precision and exceptional electrical performance, Pogo pins are the preferred choice for perfect connectivity solutions.

Pogo pins, commonly connect electronic devices for electrical signals or power transmission. They consist of a built-in small spring and a matching plunger housed in a barrel.

When press pogo pins are down, the spring is compressed, extending the plunger to form an electrical connection with its contact point. Upon release of pressure, the spring pushes the plunger back to its original position, breaking the connection.

Pogo pins provide stable and reliable connections through multiple engagement cycles. Due to their unique spring-loaded mechanism, pogo pins can compensate for minor assembly errors. This can ensure good electrical contact in various usages. They are widely used in circuit board testing fixtures, chargers, communication devices, medical equipment, and other electronics requiring reliable connections.


Categories of Pogo Pins:  


Know Pogo Pins in Details:

High current pogo pins_24060401_pogo pins

Product Differences in Pogo Pins

Able to meet customer customization needs, offering a diverse range of product choices or innovative solutions. Ensures high quality, and assists customers in resolving technical issues and challenges during usage.

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1. Material Selection and Manufacturing Process:

  • Johoty: Uses high-purity precious metals, such as palladium, platinum, gold, silver, and rhodium to ensure excellent electrical conductivity and long-term stability. The manufacturing process is also more precise, potentially involving more steps and rigorous quality control. To ensure each Pogo pin maintains a consistently high level of quality.
  • Other Companies: May use common metal alloys or small amounts of precious metals. Resulting in lower material costs and a relatively simpler manufacturing process. Which could lead to some manufacturing defects or inconsistencies.

threaded pogo pins_24060521_pogo pins

2. Electrical Performance:

  • Johoty: Boasts superior current-handling capability and minimized contact resistance. Maintaining stable electrical performance under high-frequency and high-voltage conditions. Suitable for applications demanding high signal transmission quality.
  • Other Companies: Might show typical electrical capabilities, including higher resistance or limited current-carrying capacity. Suitable for general electronic connection needs.

spring-loaded pin_24060503_pogo pins

3. Mechanical Durability and Stability:

  • Johoty: Uses high-strength materials and advanced surface treatment processes. Offering excellent mechanical durability and stability to withstand frequent insertions and challenging working environments.
  • Other Companies: May use ordinary materials or simpler surface treatments, resulting in durability and stability slightly inferior to top-tier products. Potentially leading to poor contact or failure after prolonged use.

Right angle pogo pin_24060458_pogo pins

4. Environmental Adaptability:

  • Johoty: Designed to maintain stable performance over a wide range of operating temperatures and possess excellent corrosion resistance. Suitable for complex and harsh working environments.
  • Other Companies: May have limited adaptability to environmental conditions, potentially performing poorly under extreme temperatures or high humidity.

Solder Cup Connector Pogo Pins_24060450_pogo pins

5. Design and Customization Capability:

  • Johoty: Typically offers greater design flexibility and customization capability, allowing customization of specific structures and specifications according to customer requirements.
  • Other Companies: Primarily provides standardized solutions with limited customization options, suitable for mass production and general application needs.

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spring test probes_24060307_pogo pins

Why Price Differences in Pogo Pins?

Price differentials cater to customers' budget and cost control needs, finding the most cost-effective solutions. Custom applications and performance optimization enhance the value of customers' products and market share.

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1. Material Cost:

  • Johoty: Uses high-purity precious metals, which are higher in material cost.
  • Other Companies: May use common metal alloys or small amounts of precious metals, resulting in lower material costs.

SMT Pogo Pins_24060335_pogo pins

2. Manufacturing Process:

  • Johoty: Has a more precise and complex manufacturing process, potentially involving more steps and stricter quality control. It ensures high-quality finished products.
  • Other Companies: Manufacturing processes may be simpler and standardized, resulting in lower costs.

SMT Pogo Pins_24060332_pogo pins

3. Design Complexity:

  • Johoty: Designs with more complex structures and precise contact points to ensure stable performance in various complex environments. Leading to higher design and development costs.
  • Other Companies: Designs may be simpler, using more traditional or standardized structures and materials, thus lowering design and development costs.

Through Hole Pogo Pins_24060320_pogo pins

4. Brand and Market Positioning:

  • Johoty: As a professional manufacturer, we enjoy higher market recognition and brand reputation, hence our products are priced relatively higher.
  • Other Companies: These may come from smaller manufacturers or emerging brands with lower market competitiveness, resulting in relatively lower product pricing.

Through Hole Pogo Pins_24060318_pogo pins

5. Application Requirements:

  • Johoty: Designed for high-demand applications such as medical devices, aerospace, etc., requiring long-term stable performance and high reliability. These applications have higher quality requirements, supporting higher pricing.
  • Other Companies: Primarily used in general consumer electronics or low-demand industrial applications, with relatively lower performance requirements and corresponding lower prices.

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Pogo Pins_051102_Pogo Pin

Categories of Pogo Pins

This can precisely meet customer needs. Enhance clients' product reliability and performance significantly in design flexibility, durability, and electrical capabilities. Ensure stable connectivity solutions.

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1.  By structures:

  • Standard Straight Type: The most basic Pogo Pin, consisting of a plunger, barrel, and spring, is suitable for most standard connection needs.
  • Bias Type: Plunger tip designed at an angle, suitable for applications requiring angled connections.
  • Back Drilling Type: Plunger with back drilling, suitable for the shortest Pogo Pin length.
  • Tail Wire Type: One end of the Pogo Pin has a standard plunger tip, while the other end connects to a wire, suitable for wire-to-board connections.
  • High Current Type: Designed to carry higher currents by increasing pin diameter and optimizing internal structure.
  • Three-piece Type: The most common internal structure, including plunger tip, barrel, and spring.
  • Four-piece Type: A bead or T-pin is added between the plunger and spring internally to improve current-carrying capacity.
  • Five-piece Type: Both beads and T-pin are added between the plunger tail and spring internally, another internal structure to enhance current-carrying capacity.

Pogo Pins_04300006_Right Angle Pogo Pin

2.  By electrical performance:

  • High Current Type: Used for carrying larger currents, with larger diameters to reduce contact resistance and heat loss. Suitable for chargers, power connections, etc.
  • High-Frequency Type: Reduces signal attenuation and improves signal transmission quality, particularly focused on protecting signal integrity. Suitable for USB, HDMI interfaces, etc.
  • Low Resistance Type: With extremely low contact resistance, ensuring efficient electrical connections and minimal energy loss. Used in precision electronic devices, measuring instruments, etc.
  • High Voltage Type: Withstands high voltage operation, featuring enhanced insulation materials and structural design. Used in power equipment, industrial control systems, etc.
  • Low Noise Type: Reduces electrical noise interference and improves signal transmission clarity. Suitable for audio equipment, medical instruments, and high-precision measuring devices.
  • EMI/RFI Type: Shields electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference with special materials and designs, protecting sensitive signals. Suitable for communication equipment, aerospace electronics, etc.

IC spring test probes_500010_Pogo Pins

3.  By size specifications:


  • Micro Size: Diameter less than 1.00mm, suitable for extremely compact design spaces.
  • Standard Size: Diameter ranging from 1.00mm to 3.00mm, the most common size range suitable for most applications.
  • Large Diameter: Diameter >3.00mm, used for applications requiring larger contact area and/or higher current carrying capacity.

Pogo Pins_04300005_Threaded Pogo Pins

4.  By Length

  • Customize the length according to applications, ranging from a few mm to tens of mm, It can accommodate different installation depths and contact pressure needs.

Pogo Pins_050410014_ICT Test Probe

5.  By Plunger Tip Shape

  • Round Head: Suitable for most standard connection needs, providing a stable contact area.
  • Pointed Head: Used for precise connections such as test points or connections with smaller contact areas.
  • Cup Head: Customized based on the contact to provide stable connections.
  • Claw Head: Multiple-point high elasticity contact, commonly used for high-current pogo pins.
  • Flat Head: Provides a larger contact area, suitable for applications requiring lower contact resistance.

IC spring test probes_50008_Pogo Pins

6.  By Spring Force

  • Spring force is also an important specification, different spring forces adapt to different mechanical and electrical performance requirements. Usually measured in grams (g) or Newtons (N), spring force directly affects contact pressure and durability.

Pogo Pins_043066603_SMT Pogo Pins

7.  By shapes and installation method:

  • Surface Mount (SMT) Type: Suitable for surface mount technology, facilitating automated batch installation on PCBs.
  • Through-Hole (DIP) Type: Requires installation through PCB holes, suitable for designs requiring through-hole connections.
  • Solder Cup Type: Specifically designed for soldering and fixing, providing a more stable connection.
  • High Current Type: Pogo pin with a current rating of ≥3A, with anti-rotation locking, capable of providing up to 800A high current pogo pins.
  • Dual Head Type: Both ends can extend and retract, designed for solderless connections.
  • Right Angle Type: Installed on the side of the PCB, best suited for space-constrained designs.
  • Bending Type: Tail pin designed at various angles, suitable for different spatial scenarios and constraints.
  • Threaded Type: The tail, barrel, or needle tip can be designed with different specifications of threads.

IC spring test probes_2023120201_pogo pins

8.  By magnetic properties:

  • Non-magnetic Pogo Pin: Don't contain magnetic materials and don't rely on magnetism for connection or positioning. Widely used in applications where magnetic attraction or specific magnetic field environments are not required.
  • Pogo Pin compatible with magnetic docking: They are not magnetic, but they work with magnetic connectors to achieve quick and convenient docking and positioning. Suitable for charging interfaces on wearable devices, data transfer, and charging ports on consumer electronics products. With magnetic force, users can easily place devices on charging docks or connection points without precise alignment.
  • Magnetic Pogo Pin: Integrated with magnetic materials, these pogo pins can attract metal surfaces or work with magnetic docking surfaces. Used in precision instruments or devices where connection stability and correct docking need to be ensured through magnetic force.

Pogo pin connector_04305.8_magnetic connector

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Right angle pogo pin_24060455_pogo pins

Spec Range of Pogo Pins

An extensive range of specifications can effectively reduce customer design costs and time. Guarantee high performance and reliability of clients' products. The flexibility and customization aid customers in innovating across various project applications.

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1. Size Specifications:

  • Diameter: Typically ranging from 0.50mm to 3.00mm, with the finest at 0.13mm. Choose according to space constraints and current requirements.
  • Length: Customizable from 2.00mm to several tens of millimeters based on installation space and spring compression requirements.
  • Tip Types: Include round, pointed, flat, claw, etc. Select based on the contact surface and compression force requirements.

Pogo Pins_666010_SMT Pogo Pin

2. Electrical Performance:

  • Rated Current: Ranges from 1A to 5A or higher, up to 800A depending on pin diameter and material.
  • Contact Resistance: Generally below 50 milliohms, high-quality Pogo Pins can achieve below 10 milliohms.
  • Voltage Resistance: This can reach several hundred volts, depending on the design and application environment.

Pogo pins_2023120401_solder cup pogo pins

3. Materials and Surface Treatment:

  • Materials: Copper alloy or stainless steel for plunger and barrel, stainless steel for springs.
  • Surface Treatment: Gold plating, nickel plating, tin plating, or composite coatings to enhance conductivity and corrosion resistance.

pogo pins_2023120601_threaded screw pogo pins

4. Mechanical Performance:

  • Durability: Ranges from 10,000 to 100,000 compression cycles.
  • Operating Temperature Range: From -40°C to +85°C, can reach up to +125°C or higher for certain special designs suitable for extreme temperature conditions.

Bending spring-loaded pin_25031601_pogo pins

5. Installation and Configuration:

  • Installation Methods: Include surface mount (SMT), through-hole (DIP), soldering, solderless, and so on.
  • Arrangement Configuration: Single-use or multiple Pogo Pins combined into arrays to meet complex connection requirements.

Bending spring-loaded pin_25031603_pogo pins

6. Other Special Requirements:

  • Waterproof and Dustproof: Specifically designed Pogo Pins can provide IP-rated waterproof and dustproof protection, up to IP68.
  • Custom Design: We always offer customization services to design Pogo Pin according to specific application requirements.

through hole pogo pins_77701_spring loaded pin

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Solder Cup Connector Pogo Pins_24060452_pogo pins

Advantages of Pogo Pins

Pogo Pins excel with highly reliable connectivity and flexible design options. Enhancing product reliability and performance while effectively reducing design costs and time.

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1. High Reliability:

  • Stable Electrical Connection: Pogo Pin is designed to maintain stable electrical connections even under vibration or movement conditions. It is crucial for fields like mobile devices and automotive electronics.
  • Durability: High-quality springs and contact materials enable Pogo Pin to withstand thousands of connection and disconnection cycles. Thus extending the pogo pin lifespan.

through hole pogo pins_77700_Pogo Pins

2. Flexibility and Compatibility:

  • Diverse Designs and Sizes: Pogo Pins offer various diameters, lengths, and shapes to adapt to different design requirements and application scenarios.
  • Easy Integration: Whether on complex circuit boards or in compact spaces, Pogo Pin can be easily integrated, providing flexible design choices.

Pogo Pins_66601_SMT Pogo Pins Johoty

3. High Performance:

  • Low Contact Resistance: Pogo Pins have low contact resistance, helping to reduce energy loss and improve overall electrical performance.
  • Support for High Current Transmission: Specifically designed Pogo Pin can support currents of several amperes, suitable for high-power transmission applications.

High Current Pogo Pins_032_high current probe

4. Easy Maintenance:

  • Easy Replacement: When maintenance or replacement is needed, Pogo Pin can be easily removed and installed from devices, reducing maintenance costs.
  • Self-Cleaning Properties: Tiny movements during connection and disconnection can help clear contaminants from contact surfaces, maintaining good electrical performance.

High Current Pogo Pins_030_high current probe

5. Strong Adaptability:

  • Wide Range of Applications: From medical devices to consumer electronics, automotive to military and aerospace. Pogo Pins are suitable for various harsh environments and complex applications.
  • Customization Capability: We always offer customization services, allowing the design and manufacture of Pogo Pin according to customer requirements. Further expanding their application fields.

High Current Pogo Pins_026_200 amp high current probe

6. Cost Savings:

  • Reduced Manufacturing Complexity: Using Pogo Pin can simplify product design, and reduce complexity during assembly and testing processes, thereby saving costs.
  • Improved Manufacturing Efficiency: Pogo Pin can accelerate assembly speed on production lines, enhancing production efficiency.

High Current Pogo Pins_014_200 amp high current probe

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SMT Pogo Pins_24060336_pogo pins

Customizations of Pogo Pins

Customization options cater precisely to unique customer needs, significantly boosting product reliability and performance. This helps lower customer design and production costs, speeding up time to market.

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1. Design Consultation and Support:

  • Requirements Assessment: Dive deep into client discussions to know the customer’s requirements completely. Including working environment, required current and voltage levels, space constraints, etc.
  • Design Recommendations: Provide professional design recommendations based on client requirements. Including optimal sizes, shapes, and material selections for Pogo Pin.

Pogo Pins_33309_precision components

2. Customization Options:

  • Size Customization: Clients can specify the length, diameter, and tip shape of Pogo Pin to adapt to specific space or connection requirements.
  • Material Selection: Choose suitable materials and surface treatments, such as gold plating, nickel plating, or tin plating. Based on environment and performance requirements for improving conductivity and boosting resistance to corrosion.
  • Electrical Performance: Customize Pogo Pins to meet specific current and voltage requirements, including optimizing contact resistance and voltage resistance.
  • Mechanical Characteristics: Adjust the mechanical properties of the spring as needed to ensure appropriate contact pressure and durability.

Pogo Pins_88804_Bending Spring loaded pin

3. Rapid Prototyping and Testing:

  • Sample Production: Quickly produce samples based on customized designs for client evaluation and testing.
  • Performance Testing: Conduct comprehensive performance tests, including electrical performance, mechanical durability, and environmental adaptability tests. To ensure that customized Pogo Pin meets specifications.

spring loaded pins_999010_Right Angle Pogo Pin

4. Production and Quality Control:

  • Small Batch Production: Provide small batch production services to support early-stage development and testing of projects.
  • Quality Assurance: Implement rigorous quality control processes to ensure that each customized Pogo Pin meets high standards.

Pogo Pins_99906_Right Angle Pogo Pin

5. After-Sales Support:

  • Technical Support: Offer technical support to assist clients in resolving any issues encountered during use.
  • Ongoing Services: Maintain continuous supply and support for mass production projects, including production adjustments and iterative updates support.

Spring loaded pin_555010_Solder Cup spring loaded pin

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spring test probes_24060311_pogo pins

Valued Customers of Pogo Pins

Pogo Pins are utilized by high-end customers, showcasing their advantages in connectivity performance and design flexibility. Customers can quickly adjust to market needs, stay ahead of competitors, and meet business targets.

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1. Consumer Electronics Manufacturers:

  • Smartphones and Tablets: Used for charging and data transfer interfaces.
  • Wearable Devices: Examples include health-monitoring wristbands and smartwatches, where Pogo Pin is used for charging and data sync.
  • Home Entertainment Systems: Such as game controller charging docks.

Spring loaded pin_55503_Solder Cup spring loaded pin

2. Telecommunications Equipment Manufacturers:

  • Base Stations and Network Equipment: Used for stable connections between modules to ensure reliable signal transmission.
  • Wireless Communication Devices: Including routers, and switches, for internal connections.

Pogo Pins_55500_precision components

3. Automotive Industry:

  • In-Vehicle Infotainment Systems: Used to connect displays, control units, etc.
  • Sensors and Actuators: In various sensor systems within vehicles, Pogo Pins ensure stable signal transmission.
  • Electric Vehicles: Used in charging docks and other charging-related equipment.

spring loaded pins_444010_spring loaded pin

4. Medical Equipment Manufacturers:

  • Portable Medical Devices: Such as portable ECG machines, and blood glucose meters, where Pogo Pins are used for charging and data transfer.
  • Medical Instruments: In various medical testing and treatment devices, are used to connect sensors and other electronic components.

Pogo Pin Connector_04300056_4 pin connector

5. Industrial and Automation:

  • Production Line Equipment: Used for quick connections of sensors and controllers on production lines.
  • Industrial Robots: Used on robot interchangeable tool heads for fast swapping and connection.

Pogo Pins_55501_Solder Cup Pogo Pins

6. Aerospace and Defense:

  • Satellites and Avionics: Pogo Pins are used to connect high-reliability avionics equipment.
  • Military Communication Equipment: Ensuring stable operation and signal transmission in harsh environments.

spring loaded pins_44403_spring loaded pin

7. Test and Measurement Equipment Manufacturers:

  • Electronic Testing Instruments: In test PCB boards and measurement equipment, Pogo Pins ensure precise signal transmission.
  • Programming Devices: Used to connect programming devices and circuit boards for firmware writing.

spring loaded pins_222016_spring loaded pin

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Through Hole Pogo Pins_24060318_pogo pins

Benefits of Pogo Pins

The various benefits Pogo Pins bring to customers. Including enhancing product reliability and performance, reducing design and production costs, and supporting rapid market responsiveness. Thereby assisting customers in achieving success across various applications.

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1. Enhanced Product Reliability:

The spring-loaded mechanism of the Pogo Pin maintains stable mechanical and electrical contacts. Ensure reliable connections even under vibration or impact conditions. This is particularly crucial for applications, such as automotive, aerospace, and medical devices. Pogo Pins_222020_High Current Pogo Pin

2. Improved Product Durability:

Due to their self-cleaning properties, Pogo Pins naturally remove contaminants from the contact surfaces with each connection. Reduces contact resistance and extends product lifespan. spring loaded pins_222019_spring loaded pin

3. Design Flexibility:

The diverse designs of Pogo Pins, including various sizes, shapes, and spring forces, provide great flexibility in product design. Allows them to be used in various space-constrained conditions to meet different functional requirements. Pogo Pin_222011_Spring loaded pin

4. Simplified Assembly Processes:

Pogo Pins support rapid assembly without complex soldering processes, speeding up production efficiency and lowering production costs. Especially in SMT applications, Pogo Pin can be assembled automatically using standard pick-and-place equipment. Pogo Pins_0430222012_High Current Pogo Pin

5. Easy Maintenance and Upgrades:

For electronic products requiring regular maintenance or potential upgrades, such as testing equipment or modular electronic systems. Pogo Pins simplify component disassembly and replacement, greatly improving the convenience of maintenance and upgrades. Pogo Pins_0430222014_High Current Pogo Pin

6. Support for High-Performance Applications:

Pogo Pins are designed to support high-frequency transmission and high-current connections. This makes them ideal for high-performance electronic devices, such as high-speed data communication equipment and high-power charging applications. Pogo Pins_22204_High Current Pogo Pin

7. Reduced Design and Production Costs:

Pogo Pins can reduce the complexity of product design, and decrease the demand for precision mating parts. Thus reducing material and processing costs to some extent. Additionally, their high durability and reliability also reduce post-sale maintenance and replacement costs. Pogo Pins_043022202_High Current Pogo Pin

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threaded pogo pins_24060525_pogo pins

Customer Feedback of Pogo Pins

After referencing feedback from other customers, most agree that Pogo Pins are highly stable and reliable in high-frequency, high-pressure environments. They appreciate the precision and durability of the connections. The flexibility and customization capabilities in design, the efficiency in space usage, and integration advantages. They also value the cost-effectiveness and added value, as well as the assurance of quality and enhanced user experience.

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1. Smart Wearable Devices

  • Case: A smartwatch manufacturer from Germany faced challenges in improving the charging efficiency and connection stability of their watches. With our customized Pogo Pins in the watch's charging interface, they achieve a fast and reliable connection with the charging dock.
  • The product manager: "After adopting Johoty's Pogo Pins, the charging efficiency of our smartwatches significantly improved. User feedback also indicated that the connection process is both fast and stable. This improvement is crucial in enhancing our product's market competitiveness."

Pogo Pins_22205_High Current Spring loaded pin

2. Automotive Electronic Systems

  • Case: A UK car manufacturer needed to provide a reliable and easy-to-maintain sensor connection solution for their new-generation electric vehicles. The customer utilized our Pogo Pins in the vehicle's control modules and sensors. This ensured stable signal transmission even under harsh road conditions.
  • The chief engineer: "The introduction of Johoty's Pogo Pins has greatly enhanced the performance and reliability of our electric vehicles. They not only improve the overall safety of the vehicles but also simplify the maintenance process. Thanks a lot!"

Pogo Pins_66606_SMT Pogo Pins

3. Medical Equipment

  • Case: A customer, an Israeli medical equipment manufacturer, was developing a portable blood glucose monitor that required high accuracy and reliability. By using our Pogo Pins in the device's data transmission interface, the customer ensured accurate and fast data transmission. And, it is easy to use.
  • The head of R&D: "Your Pogo Pins not only ensure that our blood glucose monitor provides accurate and reliable readings. But also greatly enhances the patient's user experience through its excellent durability and ease of use."

Pogo Pins_0430001_High Current Pogo Pin

4. High-End Smartphone Fast Charging

  • Case: The customer, is a smartphone manufacturer from the USA. They aimed to provide a faster and more reliable charging solution for their smartphone series to meet the growing demand. The customer adopted our high-performance Pogo Pins as the charging interface. These Pogo Pins feature high corrosion resistance and excellent electrical conductivity. This enables support for higher charging currents, thus achieving fast charging.
  • Product Development Manager: "By integrating Johoty's Pogo Pin into our smartphone design, we achieved charging speeds faster than ever before, improved the durability of the charging interface, and overall user satisfaction."

through hole pogo pins_77705_spring loaded pin

5. Reliable Connection for Aerospace Electronic Equipment

  • Case: A US-based aerospace electronic equipment supplier needed to provide a high-reliability, easy-to-maintain connection solution for their customer aircraft's electronic equipment. The customer adopted our custom-designed Pogo Pins, which can ensure stable electrical connections in harsh flight environments. And facilitate quick and easy equipment replacement and upgrades.
  • Electronics Engineering Supervisor: "Johoty's Pogo Pin has significantly improved our electronic products' maintenance efficiency and reliability. Now, even in complex flight conditions, we can ensure the optimal performance of the equipment."

Pogo Pins_04300003_Solder Cup connector

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Johoty tech_88038_precision products

Applications of Pogo Pins

After understanding the applications of Pogo pins, most customers recognize their stability and reliability. They appreciate design flexibility, value cost-effectiveness, and prioritize user experience. They always contact Johoty for further support.

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1. Smartphones and Tablets

Pogo pins offer a durable and efficient connection solution for device charging ports and data transfer. Especially when applied in magnetic charging connectors.

2. Wearable Devices

In wearable technologies, like smartwatches and health trackers, Pogo Pin is used for charging and data synchronization. Enables more compact and waterproof device designs. Pogo Pins_04300001_Double Ended Pogo Pins

3. Medical Equipment

In portable diagnostic instruments, monitoring devices, and other medical equipment. Pogo pins ensure precise and reliable data transmission, this is critical for improving the medical service standards.

4. Automotive Electronics

Used for connections to in-vehicle internal sensors, control systems, etc. Pogo Pins are particularly suitable for automotive environments due to their high reliability and shock resistance. solder cup connector_24031003_pogo pins

5. Testing and Measurement Equipment

Pogo Pins are widely used in circuit board test fixtures, such as test beds, and multi-point testing instruments. This provides fast and repeatable electrical connections.


Pogo Pins are used as charging contact points in e-cigarette charging bases, offering a convenient and reliable charging solution. solder cup connector_24031008_pogo pins

6. Military and Defense

In the military communication equipment and control systems require high reliability and resilience to harsh environments. Pogo Pins ensure stable electrical connections. solder cup connector_24031001_pogo pins

7. Aerospace

Used in satellites and aircraft, Pogo Pins connect critical electronic systems, ensuring mission success even under extreme conditions.

8. Consumer Electronics Accessories

For wireless charging bases of accessories like trendy mice, versatile keyboards, and other peripherals. Pogo pins offer a convenient and quick power transmission method. Bending spring-loaded pin_25031604_pogo pins

9. Robotics Technology

In modular components of industrial robots, service robots, etc. Pogo Pins are used for fast replacement and upgrades, significantly enhancing flexibility and maintenance efficiency.

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Pogo Pins rely on built-in spring force to maintain a stable electrical connection between the pin and its contact point. When compressed, the spring compresses, creating reliable physical and electrical contact between the pin and the contact point. This enables stable signal or power transmission.
Pogo Pins are widely used in various electronic devices and systems. Including medical instruments, the charging ports of smartphones and tablets, testing and measurement equipment, and automotive electronics. Wearable devices, military and aerospace electronics, and robotics technology.
When selecting the appropriate Pogo Pin, include the required current carrying, and operating frequency dimensions, for example, diameter and length. Pin type, contact resistance, voltage rating, and environmental conditions, such as temperature range and waterproofing. It varies based on the application's specific requirements.
Include high reliability and stability, good durability, excellent electrical performance, design flexibility, and relatively simple maintenance and replacement processes. They can provide stable connections in various environmental conditions.
Yes, Pogo Pins are designed for multiple connections and disconnections, with good mechanical durability. Their lifespan is typically measured in cycles of connection/disconnection, ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. Depending on Pogo Pin's design and usage conditions.
Yes, some Pogo Pin designs support high-speed data transmission, making them suitable for USB, HDMI, and others. The specific transmission rate depends on the Pogo Pin design, including contact resistance and signal integrity.
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