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Pogo pin connector and Pogo pins from Johoty. Every connection embodies Our commitment to reliability, efficiency, and innovation. Tailored unparalleled electrical connectivity solutions for your products. Cost-effectively support every project of yours.

Pogo Pin Connector is a device that establishes electrical connections based on the pogo pins. It consists of pogo pins and housing which protects internal circuits and provides mechanical support. Pogo pins, the key components, connect when compressed and disconnect when extended.
Pogo pin connector adapts to frequent connections in different positions and angles, exerting pressure to ensure good electrical contact. Known for reliable electrical connections, versatility, easy installation and maintenance, and high durability. The Pogo pin connector is an ideal connection solution for charging ports in mobile devices and testing equipment. As well as industrial automation systems, medical devices, and more.


Catalogs of Pogo Pin Pin Connector:

Categories of Pogo Pin Connector

Through-Hole Connector:

The pogo pin connector is vertically mounted into PCB holes or devices. Ideal for applications with ample space and requiring vertical connections.

Pogo Pin Connector_04300080_6 pin connector

Right-angle Connector:

Includes side-mount and bending types, typically used for horizontal connections or custom angles. Their bent design allows for connections on a flat plane, suitable for space-constrained applications.

pogo pin connectors_04300030_3 pin connector

SMT Connector:

Suitable for surface-mount technology, directly solderable onto soldering pads of circuit boards. Ideal for SMT automated production, widely used in modern electronics manufacturing.

Pogo pin connector_04300022_3 pin connector

Dual-head Connector:

Spring-loaded pin on both ends, allowing reliable bidirectional connections between components or board-to-board. Solderless, perfect for precision applications requiring bidirectional connections.

Pogo Pins_04300001_Double Ended Pogo Pins

Thread-locking Connector:

With external or internal threads, can be threaded into devices for more stable mechanical fixation. Suitable for vibrating environments or applications requiring strong mechanical stability.

Pogo Pins_04300005_Threaded Pogo Pins

High-current Connector:

Designed to carry higher currents, with a larger contact area and stronger spring force for stable current transmission. Commonly used in power connections and high-power devices.

High Current Pogo Pins_36596_800 amp

Wire-solder Connector:

Tail pins with customized solder cup size, often customized into USB cables, and male-female cables, offering flexible and stable applications. Also ideal for magnetic and waterproof cables.

pogo pin connector_4_2 pin connector

Long-travel Connector:

Pogo pins with longer compression travel, accommodating larger assembly tolerances, with strong flexibility and fault tolerance. Enhances connection reliability.

2 pin connector_2_pogo pin connector

Floating Connector:

With a certain floating range, can compensate for assembly errors to ensure more reliable connector contact. Often used in applications requiring high assembly accuracy.

Micro Connector:

Compact Pogo Pin Connector designed for micro-devices and precision electronics. Despite its small size, it provides reliable electrical connections.

pin connectors_0430003_10 pin connector

Self-locking Connector:

Locks into a specific position after connection, preventing accidental disconnection due to vibration or pulling force. Suitable for mobile devices or other applications requiring prevention of accidental disconnection.

Magnetic Connector:

Incorporates magnets for automatic alignment and adhesion, simplifying the connection process. Common in applications requiring frequent connections and disconnections, such as charging ports.

Pogo pin connector_04304.5_magnetic connector

High-frequency Connector:

Designed for high-frequency signals, with special structures and materials to reduce signal loss and interference, suitable for high-speed communication interfaces.

Waterproof Connector:

With a waterproof function, can be used in wet or water-exposed environments. These connectors ensure no water erosion at the connection through special sealing techniques.

Pogo pin connector_04305.9_magnetic connector

LED Lighting Connector:

Integrates LED lights, used for indicating connection status or as part of the user interface. Suitable for applications requiring visual feedback.

Multi-functional Composite Connector:

Integrates multiple functions, such as signals, power, and ground, into one, reducing space occupation and simplifying design. Suitable for devices with limited space but multiple functional requirements.

Pogo pin connector_04305.6_magnetic connector

Custom Connector:

Designed according to specific requirements, with special shapes, sizes, spring forces, and materials. Custom Pogo Pin Connector offer flexible solutions to meet unique design requirements or solve specific technical challenges.

pogo pin connector_2023112903_7 pin connector

Spec Range of Pogo Pin Connector

Current Rating Capacity:

Ranges from mA to several A. The current capacity depends on the diameter, material, and design of pogo pins. With larger diameters, pogo pins are typically able to carry higher currents.

Operating Voltage:

Ranges from low voltages, e.g., 3.3V or 5V, to several hundred volts. Choosing the appropriate operating voltage level is crucial for ensuring device safety and performance.

pogo pin connector_10001_6 Pin Connector

Contact Impedance:

Impacts the quality of electrical connections, with lower contact impedance indicating better connection performance. The contact impedance of pogo pins typically goes from just a couple of milliohms to up into the tens range.


Refers to the number of insertion and withdrawal cycles a pogo pin can withstand. The durability of pogo pins varies from 10,000 to 100,000 cycles, directly affecting the connector's lifespan.

pin connectors_0430005_10 pin connector

Spring Force:

Determines the contact pressure between the pogo pin and the corresponding contact surface, usually expressed in grams (g) or newtons (N). The magnitude of spring force affects the stability and durability of the connection.

Operating Temperature Range:

Pinpoints the temperature range for the pogo pin connector's normal operation. Ranging from -40°C to +85°C, up to 125°C or higher for devices used in extreme environments.

pogo pin connector_2_6 pin connector

Dimensional Specifications:

Include the diameter, length, working stroke, pitch, and other physical dimensions of pogo pins. The pogo pin connector can be very small to accommodate compact electronic device design requirements.

Materials and Surface Treatment:

Copper alloy, stainless steel, etc., with surface plating such as gold, nickel, palladium, platinum, rhodium, ruthenium, or other materials. They can improve corrosion resistance and conductivity.

pogo pin connector_0_6 pin connector

Protection Rating:

For specific applications like outdoor or medical devices, meeting high protection ratings such as IP68 for waterproof and dustproof capabilities.

pogo pin connector_5.9_magnetic waterproof connector

Customizations of Pogo Pin Connector

Client Requirements Analysis:

Understand the customer’s requirements for the Pogo Pin connector completely. Including electrical performance, such as current, voltage, contact impedance, and insulation impedance. Physical dimensions, including external size, shapes, diameter, stroke, and pitch. Operating environment, temperature, humidity, operating duration. Durability, such as insertion cycles, and any special requirements, such as waterproof and dustproof ratings.

pogo pin connector_4.7_magnetic waterproof connector

Design and Development:

With the requirements analysis in hand, proceed with the initial design and development. This stage involves 3D modeling, material selection, spring force calculations, etc. It is to ensure the design meets all technical specifications and performance requirements.

Rapid Prototyping:

Utilize rapid prototyping techniques to produce samples for quick validation of design concepts and performance. It's essential to go through this step to catch any issues in advance and make initial enhancements.

pogo pin connector_4.8_magnetic connector

Performance Testing and Verification:

Conduct comprehensive performance testing on prototypes, including electrical tests, such as contact impedance, isolation impedance, and current capacity. Mechanical tests, such as insertion force, durability, surface roughness, and retention force tests. And environmental tests, such as temperature, humidity, and salt spray tests. This ensures the pogo pin connector meets the customer's usage requirements.

Pre-production Sample Confirmation:

Before mass production, provide small batches of samples to clients for final confirmation, ensuring samples fully meet their requirements.

pogo pin connector_3_pogo pins

Mass Production and Quality Control:

Implement rigorous quality control during mass production to ensure every pogo pin connector meets high-quality standards. This includes incoming inspection, production process monitoring, finished product testing, etc.

Logistics and After-sales Support:

Offer flexible logistics solutions to ensure the pogo pin connector is delivered safely and on time to clients. Meanwhile, our CFT team and ASS team address any usage issues and provide necessary technical support and services.

pogo pin connector_5_pogo pins

Continuous Improvement and Feedback:

Regularly gather feedback from clients to continuously improve Pogo Pin connector and services, adapting to new customer needs.

Advantages of Pogo Pin Connector

High Reliability:

Pogo Pin connector maintains stable electrical connections even in vibrating or moving environments. Thanks to built-in springs that provide constant contact pressure, greatly enhancing reliability.

pin connectors_04300035_14pin connector

Self-cleaning Function:

During insertion and removal, Pogo Pins frictionally clean their surfaces against corresponding contact surfaces. Removing contaminants to reduce contact impedance and improve connection quality.


Pogo Pin connector is made of materials and designs that ensure excellent durability. Enduring thousands of insertions and removals while keeping top-notch performance intact for the long haul.

pogo pin connector_7_7 pin connector

Compact Design:

With its small size and lightweight, the Pogo Pin connector is ideal for use in portable devices with limited space or weight constraints.

Easy Maintenance:

Due to its simple structure and self-cleaning properties, the Pogo Pin connector is easier to maintain and clean. Compared to traditional connection solutions.

pogo pin connector_5_pogo pins


The Pogo Pin connector can be designed for power, signal transmission, or both, offering high flexibility to meet various applications.

Quick Connection and Disconnection:

Pogo Pin connector allows for rapid insertion and removal without requiring extra force or other tools. Making assembly, maintenance, and upgrades of devices more convenient and efficient.

pogo pin connector_6_4 pin connector

Excellent Electrical Performance:

Pogo Pin connector can be designed to meet high current and high-frequency transmission requirements. With low contact impedance and excellent signal integrity.

Valued Customers of Our Pogo Pin Connector

Consumer Electronics Manufacturers:

Manufacturers of products such as tablets, smart smartwatches, smartphones, smart health monitors, and portable music players. Widely employ our Pogo Pin connector for charging ports, data transfer interfaces, and more.

pin connectors_0430004_10 pin connector

Computer and Peripheral Manufacturers:

Including laptops, printers, desktop computers, mice, and keyboards. Particularly in scenarios requiring modular design, easy assembly, and maintenance.

Communication Equipment Manufacturers:

Manufacturers of wireless base stations, switches, and routers. Utilize Pogo Pin connectors for rapid connection and replacement of modular components.

pogo pin connector_8_3 pogo pin connector

Automotive Manufacturers and Suppliers:

In the automotive industry, the Pogo Pin connector is used for inter-unit connections and sensor connections. As well as charging facilities for new energy vehicles.

Medical Device Manufacturers:

Applications of the Pogo Pin connector in medical devices include portable medical monitoring equipment, wearable medical technologies, and diagnostic devices. With high demands for reliability and durability in connections.

pin connectors_0430000_10 pin connector

Industrial Automation and Control System Manufacturers:

In industrial automation, the Pogo Pin connector is used for the rapid connection of sensors, and actuators. This achieves a modular design in control systems.

Aerospace and Military Equipment Manufacturers:

Demand high-performance connectors, including reliability, durability in extreme environments, and resistance to electromagnetic interference.

pogo pin connector_3_8 pin connector

Testing and Measurement Equipment Manufacturers:

Pogo Pin connector is used in various testing stations, measuring instruments, and equipment to achieve precise and reliable electrical connections. Especially in testing scenarios requiring frequent mating.

Consumer Charging Device Manufacturers:

Including wireless chargers, and charging docks. These manufacturers use our Pogo Pin connectors to enhance the charging efficiency and durability of charging interfaces.

pin connectors_0430005_8 pin connector

Benefits of Pogo Pin Connector

Enhanced Product Reliability:

Our Pogo Pin connector, with its built-in springs, ensures constant contact pressure. Minimizing electrical interruptions due to vibration or movement, significantly improving overall product reliability.

Increased Durability and Lifespan:

Designed for thousands of insertion and removal cycles, our Pogo Pin connectors maintain good performance throughout its lifecycle. Cutting down on maintenance and replacements, thus lowering long-term usage costs.

Pogo Pin Connector_043000130_14 pin connector

Enhanced Design Flexibility:

With compact size and diverse designs, the Pogo Pin connector provides greater flexibility in customer's product design. Allowing product designers to arrange internal space more freely, creating thinner, lighter, and more attractive products.

Streamlined Assembly Process:

Easy to install and connect, our Pogo Pin connector simplifies assembly processes, boosting production efficiency, and reducing production costs. Its quick connect and disconnect feature also facilitates maintenance and upgrades.

pogo pin connector_3_pogo pins

Improved Maintenance and Serviceability:

With high durability and easy replacement characteristics, our Pogo Pin connectors streamline maintenance processes. Reduces service costs, and improves maintenance efficiency.

Enhanced User Experience:

End-users of devices using our Pogo Pin connector experience more stable and reliable performance. Especially in devices requiring frequent charging or data transfer, greatly enhancing user experience.

Pogo Pin Connector_043000120_12 pin connector

Increased Environmental Adaptability:

Specifically designed Pogo Pin connectors can resist moisture, dust, and other environmental factors. Suitable for various harsh environments, thus expanding the product's application range.

Support for Rapid Prototyping and Testing:

The quick-connect feature of our Pogo Pin connectors enables rapid assembly and prototype modification during the development and testing phases. Accelerate customers' product's journey from concept to market.

Pogo Pin Connector_043000110_10 pin connector

Customer Feedback of Pogo Pin Connector

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

  • Case: Our client is an electric vehicle charging equipment manufacturer. They adopted our Pogo Pin connectors to enhance the efficiency and durability of their charging stations. After providing stable and reliable current transmission, they significantly improved the safety and efficiency of the charging process.
  • Charging Technology Supervisor: "After implementing Johoty's Pogo Pin connector, our charging stations have shown significant improvements in durability and reliability. Users are loving it, and they're saying their charging experiences have never been better. This helps boost our brand's market position. Thank you, Johoty."

Pogo Pin Connector_043000701_5 pin connector

High-End Audio Equipment

  • Case: Our client is a past employer, a company that specializes in professional audio equipment, and is headquartered in Germany. They incorporated our Pogo Pin connectors into their latest series of speakers and receivers. This ensures lossless transmission of audio signals and simplifies inter-device connections.
  • Product Development Manager: "Introducing Johoty's Pogo Pin connector has propelled our audio equipment forward in terms of performance. The market has unanimously praised the clarity of sound and the convenience of connections. Solidifying our position as an industry innovation leader."

Pogo Pin Connector_043000501_4 pin connector

Rapid Diagnostic Medical Equipment

  • Case: A Brazilian medical device company adopted our Pogo Pin connectors for their portable diagnostic equipment. This allows medical professionals to quickly interchange different testing modules. Enable them to perform multiple tests in a short amount of time.
  • Director of Innovative Technology: "By using Johoty's Pogo Pin connectors, our portable diagnostic equipment has reached new heights in flexibility, reliability, and user convenience. This improvement greatly enhances our competitive advantage, allowing us to better serve customers in rapid and accurate medical diagnostics."

Pogo Pin Connector_043000100_8 pin connector

Reliable Data Transmission for High-Performance Computing Modules

  • Case: A technology company from a Canadian client, specializing in high-performance computing solutions. They adopted our Pogo Pin connector in their latest computing modules to achieve high-speed data transmission. This design ensures reliable data transmission and low latency and simplifies the physical connections between modules.
  • Technical Director: "Johoty's Pogo Pin connectors are crucial in our high-performance computing projects. It ensures data transmission is both dependable and efficient. Also greatly simplifies the hardware maintenance and upgrade processes, providing tremendous value to our customers."

pogo pin connector_4.9_magnetic waterproof connector

Quick Charging Solution for Smartwatches

  • Case: The customer is a leading smartwatch manufacturer from Poland. They decided to use our Pogo Pin connectors as the charging interface for their latest smartwatch model. This design not only simplifies the connection method for the charging dock but also improves charging efficiency and durability.
  • Product Manager: "With Johoty's Pogo Pin connector, the charging efficiency of our smartwatches has significantly improved, with extremely positive user feedback. It's critical that these connectors are durable and reliable for enhancing user experience and product longevity."

pogo pin connector_5.0_5 pin connector magnetic connector

Medical Devices

  • Case: A French medical device company incorporated our Pogo Pin connectors into their portable blood glucose monitoring device. This achieves quick and accurate connections between the monitor and test strips.
  • Product Development Supervisor: "The adoption of Johoty's Pogo Pin connectors are in our blood glucose monitoring device. It has not only enhanced the accuracy and repeatability of tests but also greatly improved the user experience for patients. The addition of the Pogo Pin connector has been instrumental in the success of our product. This makes us shine in our competitive market."

pin connectors_5_pogo pin connector

Applications of Pogo Pin Connector

Smartphone Fast Charging Dock:

Utilizing our Pogo Pin connectors to create a stable and efficient charging solution. Letting users charge their devices with ease, without any hassle of traditional USB charging cables.

Wearable Devices:

Our Pogo Pin connector is used in wearable devices such as smartwatches as well as health-monitoring wristbands. Because they're compact and super reliable, facilitate device charging and data transfer.

Johoty pogo pin connector_11_5 pin connector

Laptop Magnetic Power Connector:

Our Pogo Pin connectors are employed in magnetic power plugs for laptops. Offer a secure and convenient charging connection method while preventing damage from drops or improper insertion.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations:

The Pogo Pin connector used in electric vehicle charging ports provides high durability and excellent electrical performance. Ensuring fast and safe charging processes.

High Current Pogo Pins_036_200 amp high current probe

Medical Instruments:

In portable medical monitoring and diagnostic devices, the Pogo Pin connectors ensure fast and accurate device connections. Support high-precision data collection and transmission.

Military Communication Equipment:

Due to its high durability and outstanding performance, the Pogo Pin connector is highly favored in military communication equipment. Maintain stable operation even in extreme conditions.

High Current Pogo Pins_019_200 amp high current probe

Aerospace Applications:

Pogo Pin connectors are utilized in satellites, drones, and other aerospace devices. It can provide reliable electrical connections, even when facing extreme pressure and temperatures.

Testing and Measurement Instruments:

Pogo Pin connector is extensively used in test probe beds, measurement equipment, and other precision instruments. It ensures high-precision and high-repeatability electrical connections between devices.

High Current Pogo Pins_15945_60 amp

Modular Design for Consumer Electronics:

In modular consumer electronics products such as camera modules and audio extensions. Pogo Pin connectors offer an efficient and flexible solution, allowing users to customize their device functionality.

Industrial Automation and Robotics:

Pogo Pin connectors are used in industrial automation production lines and robotic technology for connections between sensors and controllers. Support efficient data communication and power supply.

High Current Pogo Pins_20370_80 amp


Yes, the Pogo Pin connector can transfer power and data. It can support various data transmission standards, such as USB, and HDMI, suitable for high-speed data communication.
It differs depending on the model and its specific design. Some Pogo Pin connectors, with special design and encapsulation, can achieve a certain level of waterproofing, such as IP67. Suitable for applications requiring waterproofing.
The lifespan of the Pogo Pin connector depends on usage conditions. Including insertion and removal frequency, current load, and environmental factors. A top-notch Pogo Pin connector can handle hundreds of thousands of insertions and removals without any issues.


The high-quality Pogo Pin connector has stable electrical performance, high durability, and good environmental adaptability. When choosing, consider product technical specifications, as well as third-party certifications or test reports.
The cost of our Pogo Pin connector is not set in stone. It's shaped by variables such as size, material type, design intricacy, and the amount you're ordering. You might find prices as low as a few cents or reaching several dollars or higher. Bulk purchases usually obtain better prices.
Price differences are usually related to the connector's performance indicators. We utilize materials such as precious metal coating including gold and silver.Manufacturing precision, and additional features, such as waterproofing, and high-frequency transmission capability. The Pogo pin connector needed for high-end applications typically commands higher prices.
For projects with limited budgets, it's recommended to clearly define core performance requirements and non-essential additional features. Choose cost-effective models without sacrificing key performance.Additionally, consider contacting multiple suppliers, and comparing quotations and minimum order quantities to find the most cost-effective solution.
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