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Pogo pin factory, we grew up in a small family hardware workshop over 30 years ago! Focusing on the design, manufacturing & technology servicing. Of Pogo Pin, Pin Connectors, based on our complete supply chain. Providing our customers with cost-effective and premium products, and professional services!

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Premium Quality

Including Pogo Pin serials. Pin Connectors serials. Test Probe serials, Medical Precision Metal. Lobster Clasp serials. Gas Spring serials. Magnets serials, all are in spec and have long life cycles.

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It is a comprehensive service capability. Based on our R&D capability. New materials, New technology. Resourcing, Manufacturing, Communication, and Loyalty, We have a good USP on Cost Reduction!

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It is based on the most premium product quality. Perfect Production process with high FPY, RTY, and OEE. And customer order volume, as well as order urgency of requirements. Available for occasional urgent orders too.

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The Most Professional Services During Supporting Our Customers! Which are very significant and interesting business experiences. So, our customers will have pretty many happy buys.

What Solutions of Pogo Pin Can We Provide

Focus on Designing and Manufacturing Pogo Pin and Pin Connectors! Test Probes, Medical Precision Metal, Solid Pins, And so on! And, Will meet the targets of our customers on Rating Current, Contact Resistance. Spring Force,  Various Shapes & Dimensions! As well as all kinds of common electroplating, Super AP, or others. The objectives are to solve our customers’ problems.

In more cases, we can suggest to our customer to optimize the design of devices based on SMT, and wave soldering. And the component space around the pogo pin, pin connectors in out customer’s device,

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Solving the Issus of Lateral Force of Pogo Pins!

  • Many times, our customers meet some problems. Say,  The force direction of the plunger tip is not along the direction of the plunger’s sliding. the angle of the lateral force is more than 10°, sure, it is often less than 50°.
  • We know, for a pogo pin, the best working condition about force direction. Is to completely follow the working direction of the plunger. Which will avoid the friction between the plunger and the inner wall of the barrel. Because the friction will greatly drop the life cycle of the pogo pins.
  • Then, how to solve the issue of lateral force?
Problem Statements from our customer

Pogo Pin Problem Statements

  • Our customer ordered some Pogo pins samples at the beginning of this year. But, our customers hope the pogo pins samples can also meet new requests. With 45° lateral force in another new project.
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  • Remark: you can click on the two images to see the video sent by our customer.
Root Cause

Root Cause for Pogo Pin Problem

  • For the pogo pins, if the angle is less than 10° between UUT and the pogo pin, it is acceptable. if the angle is 15°, the life cycle of the pogo pins will be less than 2000. Which is one-fifth of the standard life-cycle 10,000 times.
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  • The root cause is the friction, wear & tear between the plunger and the inner wall of the barrel.
Proposals, Solutions

Solution for Pogo Pin Problem

  • How to solve the angle issue? which brings us an obvious lateral force. And reduce the life cycle, even, damaging the pogo pin.
  • A better solution is to design a plunger tip with a ball. Which can reduce the lateral force by rolling the ball.
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snap hook_88028_gas struts
  • And conduct the plunger to move along the working direction of the plunger. No life-cycle reduction!
  • Overall, Can solve lateral force problems within 50°
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Minimize the interference of magnetic force to components on the PCB board.

  • The case is about magnetic waterproof connectors. Our customer’s device is perfect. The magnetic waterproof connector is perfect too. With strong N52 magnets and waterproof IP67. But, the magnetic force is too strong and impacts the components on the PCB board.
  • That is, we need to keep the strong magnetic force and reduce the interference of magnetic force to components on the PCB board.
Problem Statements
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Pogo Pin Problem Statements

  • The magnetic force of the Pogo pin is enough. But, during the tests, we had some troubles, caused by the interferences of the magnet on our board.
  • We need electrical insulation on the surfaces of the runway magnet.
  • Just for info, is there the possibility to shield also the magnetic field with foils or other systems? To avoid also magnetic interferences with components in the boards.
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  • For the surface of the magnet!  
  • We work out how to paint it and protect the surface with electrical insulation.
  • The proposed max thickness is 0.1mm.
  • For the green and blue areas, don’t need to insulate the surface. But insulation is ok.
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  • After confirming, our customer doesn’t care about the magnet color.
  • So, our solution is to electroplate
  •  the magnet with black epoxy resin. After modifying the magnet size.
  • The finalized pin connector is the figure with a black magnet!  it is very clean without any paint residual on the housing or waterproof area! The solution gets our customer’s approval!
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Outdoor Device with Magnetic Waterproof Pogo Pin Connector Pairs.

  • It is a design from a concept to 2 kinds of outdoor devices! One is the outdoor sensor with 4-pin connectors!  The other is the outdoor sensor with 6-pin connectors.
  • Both are magnetic waterproof Pogo pin connectors! Magnets are N52, and waterproof is IP67.
  • For the project, we are fully involved in the customer’s design of the project! And provide our customers with the entire process from BOM! Gerber file! To the finished products.
Customer's Requirements


  • We are looking for a small 4 and 6-pin waterproof magnetic pogo connector! For the development of a device! That consists of multiple parts connected with pogo connectors.
  • It will be fitted in cases with insert molding and the width will be max 2 cm.
  • We are trying to create a prototype for a sensor for outdoor use with IPX7!
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  • And we will insert over-molding it with most likely just a common thermoplastic.
  • The sensor parts have a male pogo connector on 1 side and 1 female pogo connector on the other side.
  • Is it possible to achieve a height of 1 cm, so with PCB and 2 connectors?


  • Daily discussion with our customer about the proposal for the actual application! And, all of us tend to accept a 2-row bending pogo pins and its female pins. Soldering the tail pin of pogo pins onto PCB first!
  • And then, fix the housing of the pin connectors with 2 guide pins.
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Pogo pin_06230018_pogo pin
Pogo pin_06230016_pogo pin
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  • Designed 2 layers of waterproofing! With pogo pin waterproofing through the waterproof glue! And O-ring waterproofing.


  • 2 beautiful sensor boxes are functional after our customer qualification run!
  • They can meet our customer’s requirements for product applications.
  • Sure, clear requirements more
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  • is more helpful for us to design!
  • And, more discussion is very important also! Welcome you to contact us!
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