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Our ball valve is turned by 5 or 6-shafted CNC. With high precision, small tolerance, high sealing, stability, and durability. We can provide you with CNG Connectors, CNG Valves, Best valve parts. CNG Aerospace Solenoid Valves, CNG silencers, Repair Kits, and so on.


What Benefits to Customers?

Helping customers avoid the potential risk of stuck ball valve, no function, and non-propur operation.

Helping guests minimize ball valve leakage over time.

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Minimize damage to sealing surfaces, sealing gaskets, and poor fasteners, and avoid poor installation too. Help customers avoid or minimize ball valve percolation or capillary leak. Which caused by aging damaged gaskets, or deformed ball valves.
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We can provide customers with the biggest safety. Our ball valve R&D team and production team, specializing in ball valves about gas for 20 years. Familiar with each technical detail and the most appropriate raw materials.

Their common raw materials are high quality, including SUS304, SUS316. 1214, stainless steel, Titanium, Titanium alloy, etc. They are compact structures, have good sealing, and have no gas or water leakage closed tightly.

Help customers from the oil, gas industry, and chemical industry to control the flow and pressure of oil and gas. Get ball valves with high quality and low price. And their various precision fittings and parts.

Assist customers in obtaining ball valves that can adapt to a greater temperature range of -200 ~ +450 ℃. And a greater pressure of PN320.

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Features of Ball Valve

High-quality stainless steel commonly produce variou ball valves. Such as SUS304, SUS316, titanium, or titanium alloys, etc. Which machine them on CNC. The hardness coefficient of its sealing ring reaches 65-70, so the ball valve is

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very wear-resistant. Reliable high sealing and slight switch. Its long life cycles have been verified in various sectors. Such as petroleum, chemical, power generation, papermaking, atomic energy, aviation. And rockets, as well as in people's daily lives.
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  • Ball valves have a fast opening, stable, reliable, and flexible operation, and wide applicability.
  • It can eliminate the static electricity generated during turn on and turn off. And the fluid resistance is very small.
  • The seal is very strong without easy damage. And the sealing ability increases with the increase of medium pressure, making the seal reliable.
  • The structure of a ball valve is very simple, its volume is not large. And its weight is also very light.

More Features

  • Convenient to operate, quick to open and close. With only a 90 ° rotation from full open to full close. Facilitating remote control.
  • When fully open or fully closed, can isolate the sealing surfaces of the ball and valve seat from the gas. And when gas passes through, it will not cause erosion of the valve sealing surface.
  • Widely applicable, with diameters ranging from a few millimeters to several meters. And pretty many customer use them in high vacuum to high pressure.
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  • From its structure, the ball valve has good sealing performance. But the ball bears all the load of gas, oil, or water. And transmits the load to the outlet sealing ring.
  • Therefore, whether the sealing ring can withstand the load or not. May cause the ball to shift when getting a high-pressure impact. Customers commonly use the structure in medium-pressure and low-pressure ball valves.
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  • Ball valves have been subjected to material erosion for a long time. Resulting in friction and severe impact wear, which cannot meet normal production requirements. And shorten the service life of equipment.
  • Therefore, wear-resistant materials such as polymer composites or high-quality alloys are often popular. Making them superior to steel in terms of wear resistance and physical impact resistance in the worst environments
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Advantages of Our Ball Valve

In addition, we can specially solve many problems based on the structural characteristics of the ball valve. We focus on the service advantages of the ball valve. On quality, each ball valve is premium. Based on our 20 years of R&D, production from 5-shafted CNC and 6-shafted CNC. And quality control by TQM and Six Sigma Black Belt.About its best offer, we have a complete supply chain. And production process based on SOP, SIP, TPM, and TQM. So, we can minimize waste and production costs with the highest FPY. And provide customers with the most competitive offer.As per communication and fast delivery. Our CFT team is very professional in supporting customers from 200 countries around the world. Our international logistics team has focused on the duty for 20 years and is fluent in Chinese customs affairs. All of them are senior experts.
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