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Johoty Tech

1. Johoty Tech Overview:

  • Johoty Tech Establishment: Founded in 1987, based in Zhongshan City within Guangdong Province, China. Started with Swivel Clips and Badge Snap Hooks, now dedicated to providing top-notch precision hardware solutions.
  • Founder: Established by Mr. You, a seasoned electronic and hardware industry expert, and Six Sigma Black Belt.

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  • Along with Ms. Joice and Mr. ZM, bringing a depth of industry knowledge and a relentless pursuit of quality. Ensuring unparalleled products and services for our clients.

2. Primary Business Areas:

  • Business Description: Johoty Tech specializes in eight major categories of precision hardware. Including mechanical precision components and electronic parts.
  • Serving industries such as electronics, automation, aerospace, new energy, automotive, medical equipment, etc.
  • Committed to meeting clients’ needs from over 200 countries with innovative solutions and perfect precision hardware.

3. Market Position:

  • Industry Status: Johoty Tech has become a renowned leader in the design, customization, manufacturing, and service of precision hardware components.
  • Our precision components are widely recognized globally and used in core applications across various critical industries.

4. Technical Advantages:

  • Technology and Innovation: Johoty Tech’s technical prowess lies in utilizing technologies such as five-axis CNC, six-axis CNC, and advanced materials science.
  • Combined with our R&D team’s continuous drive for technological innovation, we ensure that every product meets the highest industrial standards.
  • Quality Assurance: High quality is our core commitment. Johoty Tech adheres to strict ISO 9001:2015 standards to ensure the success of each project and high satisfaction for every client.

5. Strengthening Cooperation:

  • At Johoty Tech, we look forward to collaborating with you to explore innovative solutions. Let us help you achieve success in your projects, surpassing expectations in quality and service.

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Innovation Milestone at Johoty Tech

1. Timeline Introduction:

  • Since its establishment in 1987, Johoty Tech has continuously pushed the boundaries of technology and innovation. This is in the field of hardware and precision hardware.
  • The timeline illustrates how we have evolved from a small family workshop to the leader in the precision hardware industry.

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2. Key Timeline Events:

  • 2021: Introduction of the Medical Screws series.
  • 2015: Launch of Precision CNC Parts, Ball Valve series.
  • 2014: Introduction of Pogo Pins, Pogo pin connector series.
  • 2007: Launch of Gas Springs series.
  • 2005: Introduction of Swivel clips series.
  • 2003: Start of badge clips series.
  • 1987: Founded in Zhongshan City as a family workshop, led by Mr. You’s small team, initially designing and producing umbrellas.

3. Technological Innovations (Total of 95):

  • From 2014 to 2024, a total of 95 invention patents were granted, significantly enhancing our ability to meet customer demands and bolstering Johoty Tech’s reputation and brand value.

4. Certifications:

  • We strictly adhere to quality standards, and standardized operating procedures, enhance efficiency, improve quality management, and strengthen environmental responsibility.
  • 2021: ISO45001, QC080000, ISO13485 2007: ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO/TS 16949

5. Latest Developments (2024):

  • Recently, we have made breakthroughs using six-axis CNC. Including the precision of medical screws and the tolerance of high-precision aerospace parts.
  • This further consolidates our position as an industry leader.

6. Future Outlook:

  • Looking ahead, Johoty Tech will continue to drive the development of cutting-edge technology in the field of precision hardware. Meeting global market requirements is our utmost priority through innovative solutions.

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Core Team and Training at Johoty Tech

1. Executive Team:

Mr. Alfred:

  • Partner, CFT Manager, with 25 years of experience. Previously worked at IBM servers, Microsoft XBOX360, Amazon e-book, German MUSIC Group, and domestic precision hardware manufacturing.
  • Background: Electronics Test Engineering, Electronics Test Development, Six Sigma Black Belt, LEAN Manufacturing PM, and Mechanical Engineering.
  • Received Microsoft Asia Vice President’s on-site display award. And led the company’s selection of high-end materials, validated by customers’ large currents, ultimately entering the Italian market.

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Mrs. Joyce:

  • Partner, Product Manager, with 15 years of experience. Previously worked at Amazon e-book and an educational group.
  • Background: Project Management, Product Management. Managed successful production and listing of multiple e-books, managed project processes, quality, progress, and market entry of educational electronic devices.
  • Currently responsible for products at Johoty Tech.

Mr. ZM:

  • Partner, Logistics Manager, with 20 years of experience. Previously worked at German MUSIC Group and Chinese customs.
  • Background: Customs affairs, international logistics, proficient in Chinese customs affairs, and familiar with customs policies.
  • Led the company to receive government awards multiple times, ensuring product export to customers for Johoty Tech.

2. Expert Team and Engineers:


  • Mr. Xiang, boasts a solid 25-year background in the intricacies of mechanical design. Proficient in AutoCAD, SolidWorks, and Creo for complex mechanical design and modeling.
  • Good knowledge of basic theories, such as mechanics, thermodynamics, materials science, fluid mechanics, and analytical ability.
  • As well as project management, innovation, efficiency improvement, and cost reduction. Good communication and collaboration, familiar with industry norms and standards, committed to continuous learning and skill updating.

Team Dynamics:

  • In April, the team collaborated to solve the high-current connection problem in the Tesla hot water project. We’ve amped up the efficiency and safety features of the customer’s product.
  • Please have a look at the Solutions page on our website for more details.

3.  Training and Development:

  • Continuous Education: Invest in employees’ professional growth and skill enhancement through technical seminars, industry conferences, and higher education courses in collaboration.
  • Internal Training: Provide an internal training system, including onboarding training for new employees and advanced technical training for senior employees. Help employees improve performance in their current positions and establish a solid groundwork for shaping future career paths.
  • Promotion Pathway: Employees have the opportunity to advance from entry-level positions to management or senior technical positions. Support employee career planning and provide necessary resources and opportunities.
  • Success Story: Mr. Yang, a company handyman, successfully transitioned from a handyman to a financial accountant role. By diligently passing cooperative higher education accounting courses and training provided by the company.

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Facilities and Quality Control at Johoty Tech

1.  Factory Facilities Overview:

  • We focus on top-tier manufacturing processes, dedicated to producing highly precise parts. Equipped with cutting-edge automated machinery, including five-axis CNC, six-axis CNC, laser cutting, and high-precision mold manufacturing equipment.
  • Thickness gauge, environmental testing instrument, lifespan testing equipment, elastance impedance full inspection tester, CCD, and more. All are crucial for achieving efficient and precise production.

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  • The factory boasts comprehensive production lines capable of handling the entire process. From material cutting, forming, polishing, and surface treatment, to final assembly, and functional dimension appearance inspection. Daily production capacity is five million units.

2. Featured Technologies and Innovations:

  • Innovation Practices: We continually invest in R&D and have developed 95 patented technologies. Such as a water-saving electromagnetic valve, a spiral muffler, and an easy-to-assemble waterproof connector.
  • A long-life charging pin, a controllable gas spring, etc. They effectively address our customers’ specific or urgent needs.
  • Environmental Protection and Sustainable Production: We are committed to sustainable development, employing eco-friendly materials and processes to reduce environmental impact.

3.  Quality Control:

  • International Standard Certification: Our quality control complies with ISO 9001:2015, ensuring every product meets the highest quality requirements.
  • Continuous Quality Monitoring: Utilizing state-of-the-art quality monitoring technology, based on exhaustive engineering R&D and production processes.
  • We have the real-time manual or fully automatic CCD, thickness gauge, and environmental testing instrument.
  • As well as lifespan testing equipment, elastance impedance full inspection tester, etc. To ensure strict control at every step.

4.  Customer Feedback and Continuous Improvement:

  • Customer Feedback Mechanism: We value customer feedback as an integral part of continuous improvement. Through regular customer satisfaction surveys and product review meetings, we have established a system process for rapid response and optimization.
  • Quality Improvement Cases: We thoroughly confirm drawings with customers, ensuring mutual satisfaction. And finalization to meet both customers’ practical applications and our production processes. Strict adherence to drawings for production and testing ultimately enhances product performance and customer satisfaction.

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Pogo Pin Connector_043000130_14 pin connector

Products of Johoty Tech

1.Product Categories:

We specialize in designing and manufacturing high-quality precision parts, covering the following categories:

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2.Specific Product Examples:

  • Product Name: Lead Screws
  • Features: Utilizing advanced stainless steel or titanium alloy, produced through six-axis CNC machining and coated with gold, palladium, or platinum. Boast high wear resistance and precise dimensional control.
  • Technical Parameters: Pitch ranging from 1.00 mm to 10.00 mm or larger. Thread types include ACME, Trapezoidal, Square, and Buttress, with diameters ranging from 2.00 mm to 50.00 mm or larger. Hardness varies from 20HRC to 60HRC.
  • Applications: Widely used in aviation, precision machinery, medical equipment, and other industries.

3. Application Areas:

  • Application Areas: Each product is designed to meet the strict requirements of specific industries.
  • For instance, our pogo pins have found extensive applications in SOS smart wristbands, drones, and medical beauty devices.
  • Also, used in park sweeping robots, assist clients in boosting productivity while cutting down on maintenance expenses.

4. Product Advantages:

Our products stand out in the market with the following advantages:

  • High Performance: All products undergo rigorous testing to ensure high quality and long-term stable operation.
  • Customization Capability: We can provide fully customized solutions according to customer requirements.
  • Technical Support: Comprehensive technical support and services are provided to ensure optimal product performance.

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Customer Base of Johoty Tech

Our precision parts cater to various critical industries, including aviation, robotic automation, automotive, medical equipment, electronics manufacturing, and more. These industries demand high-quality and precision products, and our solutions are designed to meet these exacting standards.

Representative Customer Cases:

Success Stories: Our clientele includes industry leaders, such as Tesla in the United States. Below are specific cases showcasing the performance of our products in real-world applications and customer satisfaction:

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Customer Name: Tesla

Project Overview: Requested a solution for pogo pins measuring 5.00mm in length and 1.00mm in outer diameter to handle 10A current. Aiding in their prototype for a new project, the client was highly satisfied with the trial running.

Customer Relationships:

Customer Support: We provide round-the-clock customer support to ensure every client receives timely assistance. Our support team comprises technical experts and customer service representatives who undergo professional training to address various issues.

Customized Services: Understanding each client’s unique requirements, we offer customized services. Ensuring that every step, from product design to final delivery, aligns with the client’s specific specifications and expectations.

Continuous Relationship Development

Customer Feedback: We highly regard customer feedback, utilizing it as the bedrock for enhancements and continuous improvement. Customer satisfaction surveys and one-on-one customer interviews help us understand customer needs and challenges. Enabling us to provide more tailored solutions.

Long-term Partnerships: We are committed to establishing long-term partnerships with our clients, serving not just as suppliers but as reliable collaborators. We aim to assist clients in achieving long-term business growth and prosperity through ongoing service and support.

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Culture and Values of Johoty Tech

1. Johoty Tech Core Values:

  • At Johoty Tech, our core values are Creativity, Integrity, Collaboration, Equality, and Win-Win. These not only shape our corporate culture but also guide every business decision and customer interaction.

2. Cultural Features

  • Team Culture: We foster teamwork and open communication, believing that every employee’s contribution is key to our success. Our work environment supports innovative thinking and problem-solving strategies.

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  • Our culture promotes active participation, motivating every team member to bring forth ideas or novel solutions.
  • Innovation-Driven: Innovation is at the heart of our business for our clients. We invest in R&D improvements, constantly seeking methods that go beyond existing industry standards. To ensure our continued leadership in the precision hardware field.

3. Practical Applications

Commitment to Customers

  • Customer First: Johoty Tech is committed to exceeding customer expectations, treating every project as a partnership with our clients. To ensure our solutions fully meet customers’ needs and expectations.

Social Responsibility

  • Sustainable Development and Community Engagement: This is part of our decision-making process. We not only adopt eco-friendly methods and materials in production but also actively participate in community activities.
  • Supporting environmental projects and local development.

Employee Development and Welfare

  • Employee Care: We believe employees are our most valuable asset and the greatest source of innovation.
  • By providing training and career development opportunities, as well as a supportive, caring, and equal work environment. We ensure that every employee can achieve their career goals.

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Industry Contribution and Responsibility

1. Industry Contribution

Innovation and Technological Development

  • Technological Leadership: In the precision parts production field, Johoty Tech has spearheaded numerous technological innovations. Including a water-saving electromagnetic valve, long-life charging pins, controllable gas springs, and more, setting new industry standards.

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  • R&D Investment: We continually increase R&D investment, committed to enhancing production efficiency and product performance through automation, material science innovation, and more.

Quality Standards and Certifications

  • Industry Standards: We not only comply with ISO 9001 but also advocate for the adoption of higher standards within the industry. Guaranteeing top-notch product quality for our customers at all times.

2. Social Responsibility

Environmental Protection

  • Sustainable Practices: We recognize the importance of environmental protection and implement sustainable production practices. This includes utilizing recycled materials and minimizing waste and energy usage,and implementing environmentally friendly processes.

Community Engagement

  • Community Service: In addition to our core business, Joho Tech actively participates in community development projects. Supporting education initiatives, and public health campaigns, bringing positive impacts to our community.

Employee Care

  • Employee Development: We believe employees are our greatest asset. Providing comprehensive training programs, health and welfare plans. We not only enhance employees’ professional skills but also focus on their well-being and job satisfaction.

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pogo pins_200116020.pogo pin

Ever since we started using Johoty Tech’s pogo pins, our product quality has significantly improved, and the failure rate has plummeted.

Johoty Tech not only provides high-quality pogo pins that meet our stringent specifications but also offers unparalleled customer service.

Their CFT team always responds promptly to our needs, ensuring the smooth operation of our production line.

-John Doe, Quality Manager, France

pogo pins_24012308_pin connectors

Before partnering with Johoty Tech, we were continuously searching for a reliable supplier that could deliver top-notch precision pogo pins.

Since choosing Johoty Tech as our primary supplier, the reliability and efficiency of our product line have significantly increased.

Not only does Johoty Tech provide high-quality components, but their customer service and technical support are always top-notch.

Their CFT team’s attention to detail and problem-solving abilities have been impressive and instrumental in our business expansion.

– Michael Robinson, CTO, USA

pogo pin connectors_24012301_pin connectors

The decision to select Johoty Tech as our precision CNC parts supplier marked a turning point in our company’s history.

Not only do they deliver first-class product quality. Their engineering team’s expertise and commitment to innovation have greatly accelerated our product development cycle.

Johoty Tech’s responsiveness and relentless pursuit of quality make it an indispensable partner for us. Our success stories include several key projects developed in collaboration with them.

Each exceeds industry standards and significantly enhances our competitiveness in the market.

–  Aloysius, Senior Project Manager, Italy