Pin Connectors Manufacturer in China

Pin Connectors Are A Kind Of Precision Metal Connector! We Are Pogo Pins & Pin Connectors Manufacturer!It is also called pogo pin connectors, or connectors. Realize the function of charging, power supply, signal conduction, power, and high-speed data! And, generally contains 2 basic sub-parts of pogo pins and housing. Widely applied in PCB, electronics, and other precision metal industries! We can design and produce their weight, appearance, and volume! Making them more refined, delicate, and beautiful!

1.  Pin Connectors Categories


  • 2 pin connector!
  • 3 pin connector!
  • 4 pin connector!
  • 5 pin connector!
  • 6 pin connector!
  • 7 pin connector!
  • 8 pin connector!
Pin Connectors_10001_6 Pin Connector
  • 9 pin connector!
  • 10 pin connector!
  • 12 pin connector!
  • Magnetic connector!
  • 7 pin trailer connector!
  • Other Pin connectors!

Male pin connectors and female pin connectors.

Pin Connectors_10002_6 Pin Connector Application

2.  Pin Connectors And Applications?

  • Pin connectors are usually customized electronic components! Which are made of the plunger, spring, barrel, and housing. Pin connector with a cable is also very important in connecting components! In the field of electronics, transformation, and so on.
  • Pin connectors have all kinds of shapes based on actual product applications! Including flat bottom, through-hole, double-ended, right angle, bending, and solder cup! Thread crew, extending plunger, magnetic, waterproof, magnetic waterproof, and so on.
  • Based on the function of the pin connector, we can provide our customer with 7 pin trailer connectors, and so on.

3.   Customers’ Feedback (0)

  • USA, Misael Miranda! Very good customer service. Parts arrived quickly. High quality and within the required tolerance.
  • Netherlands, José van de hoef! Quick and professional. Packing could be a bit better. One of the bags ripped during transport.
  • USA, Alex Pruitt! The items were exactly as ordered and of good quality. seller is trustworthy and highly recommended!
  • USA, William Dean! All the items I ordered arrived on time, and were of the exact quantities I ordered! And were made with quality materials and thus durable and of solid build. Mr. Alfred is really trustworthy and highly recommended! I will definitely order from him again.
pin connectors_7_4 pin connector
pin connectors_5_4 pin connector

3.   Customers’ Feedback (1)

  • Canada, Matt Davidson! Perfect, great job, this company is good and fair! Highly recommend this company for its good work and customer service
  • Hong Kong S.A.R. John Whitman! The dimension is the same as the drawings! High-quality finishing, Alfred is also very friendly and kept me updated every step of the way! And helped me with every detail. I will for sure continue to order here for long-term cooperation.
  • Bangladesh, Mouno Mostaq! High-quality product, with fast shipping, I will re-order it soon, thank you,
  • USA, Ryan Poulson! We purchased some pogo pins, high precision connectors! You are the best we have found from any manufacturer.

3.  Customers’ Feedback (2)

  • Russian Federation, Sophia Fiodorova! Absolutely satisfied with the product! Coordination, speed of responses! And all my wishes were taken into account and fulfilled. the goods were received on time and of excellent quality. I highly recommend cooperation.
  • Spain, patricia Álvarez! The customer service was excellent, very good contact with the supplier. All ordered products have very good quality. Fastly time the products and I love my products and I will be ordering again.
  • USA, Chiaki Mesenbrink! My parts were manufactured to my specifications and they came out great. Alfred was extremely helpful and answered all my questions! And kept me in the loop of manufacturing times! And even updated with photos during production.
pin connectors_6_4 pin connector
pin connectors_2_4 pin connector

3.  Customers’ Feedback (3)

  • Brazil, Jessica Aline Kajaroski! An excellent, caring seller and order fulfillment! The seller is always in touch! Highly recommend! Delivery time to St. Petersburg, Russia – very fast This is not the first time I order – I will order more!
  • Italy, Marco! Very good response speed! Good price and the best service! Ever experienced with other suppliers with timely deliveries and quality products as promised. Looking forward to placing new orders very soon.
  • Russian Federation, Evgeny! отличный изготовитель и продавец. широкий спектр возможностей, доставка до СПб – 18 дней. обсудили все детали заказа и получил желаемое изделие. ОЧЕНЬ доволен и рекомендую!!!!

3.  Customers’ Feedback (4)

  • USA, James Oraliza! Great product exactly as I ordered! Friendly and willing to help with fast response and super-fast shipping. I will order again from him!
  • Australia, David Ronhovdee! Parts arrived correctly and have worked very well! The best and fast service ever, good quality, and very good prices.
pin connectors_4_4 pin connector
  • Kenya, Eddy Kabocha! Perfect quality product at a competitive cost! Very professional, and the shipping is on time! I am very happy with the quality. Thanks, will reorder! I will cooperate with you for a long time!
  • USA, Steven DeVinaspre! This vendor showed a great professional approach to our custom order and made it perfect. Good quality standoff in the size we need. We will order again from them for sure.
pin connectors_5.8_magnetic connector

4. Pin Connectors Quality (0)

  • 1 is to prevent dust of OD 50.00mm! 2 is to prevent dust of OD 12.50mm! 3 is to prevent dust of OD 2.50mm! 4 is to prevent dust of OD 1.00mm! and 5 is to prevent most of the dust! 6 is no entrance of dust.
  • 0 of y has no waterproof! 1 is to prevent vertical dripping of water! 2 is to prevent dripping water in the 15 °! 3 is to prevent spraying water in the 60 °! 4 is to prevent splashing water, and 5 is to prevent spraying water! 6 is to prevent strong spraying water, and 7 is safe to immerse in water in the short term! 8 is safe to immerse in water at a fixed depth in the long term.

4. Pin Connectors Quality (1)

  • Second!  About magnetic force. The magnets in pin connectors are Nd-Fe-B Magnets! The highest level is N55, which is a strong 5%~6% than the secondary N52! N55 is too strong with a certain degree of danger! Usually, the magnets in our pin connector are N52.
  • Third!  Based on the foregoing descriptions of raw materials for pogo pin! The other is about the quality of the housing! We need to check if the pin connector is environment-friendly! Most customers from most countries tend to request it.
  • Fourth!  Strong flexibility! Is the property of not easily breaking after deformation under force! When the housing of pin connector is very long! Strong flexibility is a significant advantage to preventing the pin connector themselves! And the magnets within the pin connector.
pin connectors_5.2_magnetic connector

4. Pin Connectors Quality (2)

  • Fifth, good voltage resistance of the pin connector! The major discussion is about the voltage value among pin connectors pitch! It is a critical voltage and does not break down the pin connector when it is higher than the rating voltage.
pin connectors_5.7_magnetic connector

Sixth!  A Good flame resistance of pin connectors! It will reduce the safety risks of hazards and risks! We know that quality and safety are more important than the cost. Further, good resistance to high and low-temperature!

Has good adaptability in the temperature range from -65℃ to 200℃! Which is generated by device temperature based on environment temperature! This will greatly improve the safety of devices.

4. Pin Connectors Quality (3)

  • Seventh!  Good insulation of pin connectors, which means the leakage of current is low, it is safe then.
  • Eighth, good salt spray-resistant, good wear-resistant, and good corrosion-resistant of pin connector! It is very important, especially, for those pin connectors used outdoors! in water! or in seawater for the long term.


  • Ninth!  Good vibration resistance and impact resistance of pin connectors! pin connector failed due to this! So, we usually increase the gap between male and female connectors!
  • Increase a slot in the bottom of the pin connector! Strengthen the thickness of the housing and the barrel of pogo pins, and so on.


  • Tenth!  Good production technique process of the housing! The foregoing nine ways are all relative to the housing of pin connectors! It is very important for the production technique process to make sure the housing is in spec.
  • For the housing, there are 3 major functions, including good sealing, good isolation, and good conduction.

5. Quality Requirements (0)

  • First!  Meet all functional requirements of pin connectors! Which customers break down. And actively speak up about the potential risks to our customers. All raw materials of pin connectors must according to their function and performance!
pin connectors_5.4_magnetic connector



  • To ensure reliable contact after insertion or engagement! The housing material should first ensure the requests on strength and stiffness! While also meeting the molding process requirements.
  • Insulator materials must have excellent electrical performance! And mechanical performance! That structural pin connectors request!
pin connectors_5.3_magnetic connector

5. Quality Requirements (1)

  • Second!  The reliability of pin connectors includes reliable design on raw materials! Inner structure! surface protection! and dynamic performance. Reliable technologies include housing, insulation, pogo pins, and their assembly. Reliable inspection, includes consistency, scheduled calibration, buy-off, and so on.
  • Third!   The usage reliability of pin connector includes selection reliability on electronic performance! Working environment, magnetic force, waterproof level, engagement frequency, quality level, and so on. Storage reliability on the environment of temperature! humidity, cleanliness, storage period, scheduled inspection, and so on. Operation reliability on labor training and examination! understanding the characteristics of pin connector and pogo pins, and correct operation.

5. Quality Requirements (2)

  • Fourth!  The usage of pin connectors! includes voltage rating, current rating, and contact resistance. Appearance and sensory performance requirements! Include surface quality, dimensions and their tolerance, and visual & hand feeling.
  • Safety requirements, voltage resistance, insulation resistance, fire resistance! complement with RoHS, REACH, Halogen-free, and others requested by customers.
pin connectors_5.0_magnetic connector
pin connectors_5_2 pin connector

5. Quality Requirements (3)

  • Fifth!  The flexibility of pin connectors, and stability requirements include operational suitability! Poka-Yoke, and positioning locking. Environment requirements include Temperature! Humidity, air pressure! Radiation, electromagnetic interference, salt spray, vibration, impact, collision, and so on.
  • Sixth!  Cost-effective, reasonably select different raw materials! And quality levels based on the usage and actual applications.
  • Seventh!  Just-In-Time in Delivery! Includes delivery duration & cycle! Progress, after-sales service, and repair quality & cycle, and so on. When our customers receive the products! Our ASS team and CFT team always follow up on the order status! All are to let our customers satisfaction!
pin connectors_4.0_magnetic connector

6.  Pin Connectors Advantages (0)

  • With the development and upgrading of technology! More and more customers pursue not only the versatility of the pin connectors! but also fashionable, small, and thin shapes. Now, pin connectors are a special connection technology! That has been accepted and successfully used!
  • By some world-class manufacturers in over 100 electronic devices! Including mobile phone batteries! Antenna connections, GPS systems, laptops! TV game consoles, outdoor street lights! Hearing aids, radio reception devices, and so on.
pin connectors_4.2_magnetic connector

6.  Pin Connectors Advantages (1)

  • First!  Pin connectors have significant advantages according to structural space! Assembly costs, life cycle, durability, sample cycle, cost, and so on. Though the production of pin connectors needs to prepare the tooling and aux fixture! Can also produce pin connector and pogo pins in small batches!
  • Which will greatly reduce costs for our customers! Pin connector and pogo pins can greatly simplify the production process of electronic devices! Simplify the assembly process of electronic devices, and quickly achieve mass production.

6.  Pin Connectors Advantages (2)

  • Second, how do pin connectors solve the problem of vibration? For mobile phones, sports bracelets! Smartwatches, smart wearables, etc. Based on their usage characteristics!
  • Need to think about vibration issues during the design. it is to use compression technology to replace SMT soldering mounting!
pin connectors_4.3_magnetic connector


  • Or add pads to avoid damaging PCBs and solder joints! Battery connectors of the pin connectors are also a good solution!
  • Adding effective contacts, for example, double contacts! similar to the popular laptop battery connectors.

6.  Pin Connectors Advantages (3)

  • Third!  It is necessary for us to consider the coordination! Between the structural framework of these smart devices! and the connector with the pin connector! The increasingly diverse application of these smart devices! has put forward strict requirements for the occupied space of pin connectors! requiring the product volume to continuously shrink.
  • At present, requiring pin connectors to be more precise! smaller in size, and more stable in current! and faster in signal transmission, pin connector and pogo pins can meet the targets.
pin connectors_4.5_magnetic connector
pin connectors_4.6_magnetic connector

6.  Pin Connectors Advantages (4)

  • Fourth!   Upgrading the pin connectors is very convenient! with the advancement of the technology of pin connector and pogo pins! connector with a pin connector can update components! and replace old ones with new and more perfect pin connectors.
  • When an electronic component fails!  A connector with a pin connector can quickly replace the failed component! making it very convenient for customers to maintain the devices.

6.  Pin Connectors Advantages (5)

  • Fifth!   Pin connectors have great flexibility in designs! Allowing engineers to have greater flexibility in designing and integrating new products! As well as using various components to form systems! thereby better saving the space of devices.
  • The pin connector has multiple functions! and an interface of the pin connector can be compatible! with fast charging and data transmission, with fast insertion and removal speed. However, traditional Micro-USB and DC-Jack need additional data interfaces.
pin connectors_4.11_magnetic connector
pin connectors_4.12_magnetic connector

6.  Pin Connectors Advantages (6)

  • Sixth!  The pin connector has a large compression capacity! and the pressure variance of its springs is very small too. the dimensions of the pin connector is very small! beneficial for saving space during the customer designs the devices! pin connector has very precise and stable contact points.
  • Pin connector has a very long life cycle. pin connectors have a very fashionable appearance and excellent texture! suitable for application in high-end electronic devices! pin connectors have very fast production speed and low investment costs.

6.  Pin Connectors Advantages (7)

  • Seventh, pin connectors can effectively transmit high-frequency signals to the antenna! pin connector can achieve continuous solutions with high currents! pin connector easily achieves the structures of magnets, waterproof, and magnetic waterproof!
  • The accurate and stable connection of a pin connector is conducive to the transmission! of RF signals, pin connectors take up very less space on electronic devices.
pin connectors_4.7_magnetic connector

7.  Pin Connectors Structure (0)

  • Based on customers’ pursuit of fashion, small size, and thin Pin connectors! we have the ability to provide customers with pin connectors!
  • with significant advantages in structural space, and assembly costs! service life, sample cycle, and cost!
pin connectors_4.9_magnetic connector
  • Based on our engineer’s experiences and dedicated research! which can completely meet the targets of our customers.
  • The pin connectors consist of pogo pins and housing! sometimes, add a cap for automatic SMT with T&R! based on our customer’s requirements. All sub-parts apply with the requirements of RoHS, REACH, and halogen-free.

7.  Pin Connectors Structure (1)

  • First!  Pin connectors with SMD/SMT pogo pins in one row, two rows, three rows, or more!
  • Pairs of male and female, good stability, easily mounted onto PCB. The pitch is >1.20mm, length is >4.90mm!
pin connectors_4.10_magnetic connector
  • width is >2.25mm, height is > 1.55mm, and the total length of pogo pins is >1.55mm!
  • working height is >0.35mm, and plunger OD is >0.55mm! barrel OD is >0.68mm, the spring force is >15gf!
  • Current rating is >0.5A, customize cap or position in line with our customer’s requirements.

7.  Pin Connectors Structure (2)

  • Second!   Pin connectors with DIP pogo pins in one row, two rows, three rows, or more! pairs of male and female, good position without any deviations due to a tailpin in a through hole in PCB! The pitch is >1.20mm, length is >3.50mm! width is >2.00mm, and height is > 3.00mm!
  • The total length of pogo pins is >2.54mm! working height is >0.35mm, and plunger OD is >0.45mm! barrel OD is >0.68mm, the spring force is >15gf! current rating is >0.5A, cap or position is customized in line with our customer’s requirements.
pin connectors_1_5 pin connector
pin connectors_2_5 pin connector

7.  Pin Connectors Structure (3)

  • Third!  Pin connectors with double-ended pogo pins in one row! two rows, three rows, or more, male pin connectors, more space for a two-way connection of board to board. Pitch is >2.00mm, length is >5.60mm, width is >2.50mm, and height is > 3.30mm!
  • the total length of pogo pins is >4.1mm, the working height is >0.90mm, plunger OD is >0.50mm! barrel OD is >1.00mm, the spring force is >30gf, the current rating is >1.0A! define cap or position in line with our customer’s requirements.

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7.  Pin Connectors Structure (4)

  • Fourth!  Pin connectors with high-current pogo pins in one row, two rows, three rows, or more! pairs of male and female of SMT/SMD, DIP, solder up, right angle, bending! double-ended, extending plunger, magnetic or magnetic waterproof.
  • Pitch is >0.80mm, length is >2.65mm, width is >2.00mm, and the height is > 1.15mm! the total length of pogo pins is >1.15mm, working height is >0.15mm! plunger OD is >0.40mm, barrel OD is >0.48mm, the spring force is >15gf! current rating is >0.5A, cap or position is defined in line with our customer’s requirements.
pin connectors_3_5 pin connector
pin connectors_0_5 pin connector

7.  Pin Connectors Structure (5)

  • Fifth!  Pin connectors with right-angle pogo pins in one row! Soldering the tail of the barrel can provide more options! for the effective utilization of space height. Pitch is >1.80mm, length is >5.80mm, width is >5.50mm, and the height is > 1.90mm!
  • the total length of pogo pins is >3.65mm, the working height is >0.30mm, the plunger OD is >0.90mm, barrel OD is >1.43mm! the spring force is >45gf, current rating is >1.0A! the number of the position is customized in line with our customer’s requirements.
pin connectors_4_5 pin connector

7.  Pin Connectors Structure (6)

Sixth, pin connectors with bending pogo pins in one row, two rows, or more. the bending tail pins can provide more options! for the effective utilization of space. Pitch is >1.27mm, length is >7.60mm, width is >2.50mm, and height is > 1.70mm! the total length of pogo pins is >5.60mm, working height is >0.60mm! plunger OD is >0.55mm, barrel OD is >0.90mm! the spring force is >55gf, the current rating is >1.0A! the number of the position is determined in line with our customer’s requirements.

pin connectors_5_5 pin connector

7.  Pin Connectors Structure (7)

Seventh!  Pin connectors with solder-cup pogo pins in one row, two rows, or more. easy to solder with wire. Pitch is >0.80mm, length is >2.65mm, width is >2.00mm, the height is > 1.15mm! the total length of pogo pins is >1.15mm, the working height is >0.15mm, and the plunger OD is >0.40mm! the barrel OD is >0.48mm, the spring force is >20gf, the current rating is >0.5A! the number of the position and cap is customized in line with our customer’s requirements.

pin connectors_6_5 pin connector

7.  Pin Connectors Structure (8)

Eighth!  Magnetic, waterproof, or magnetic waterproof pin connectors! in one row, two rows, or more with male and female! Of SMT, DIP, solder up, bending! Pitch is >1.00mm, length is >5.60mm, width is >2.50mm, the height is > 2.50mm! the total length of pogo pins is >3.00mm, working height is >0.40mm! plunger OD is >0.40mm, barrel OD is >0.57mm, the spring force is >30gf! current rating is >0.5A, the number of the position is customized in line with our customer’s requirements.

pin connectors_4_6 pin connector
pin connectors_5_6 pin connector
pin connectors_6_6 pin connector

8. Pin Connectors Function (0)

Pin connectors are becoming larger and larger! in the market at home and abroad. indicating various pin connectors are highly favored by world-class customers! For example, Apple, Amphenol, Huawei, Xiaomi, and so on! They are just small components or accessories! They play a significant role and are widely used.

8. Pin Connectors Function (1)

First!  Used as FPC pin connector! Which to connect LCD and PCB! At present, mainly used the pitch 0.4mm, and, widely use the pitch 0.35mm! From a longer-term perspective! Our customers tend to expect to integrate FPC pin connector into the LCD modules in the future.

8. Pin Connectors Function (2)

Second! Used as BTB pin connectors! Pin pitch and height have been becoming smaller and smaller! in BTB pin connector of many electronic products as the development. lower height and better shielding effect are also required step and step. So, the height of a BTB pin connector will also gradually decreases to 0.90mm from 1.15mm.

8.  Pin Connectors Function (3)

  • Third! Used as a I/O pin connector! which contains a connection of power and signal! requesting I/O pin connectors to be thinner! visually appealing, and waterproof at present! And both minimization in volume! and product standardization will be the main direction in the future.
  • Fourth!  Use as a card pin connector! which contain a 6-pin SIM card pin connector and T-flash pin connectors! the future development direction is mainly to improve the shielding function and thickness! Reaching an ultra-low thickness of 0.50mm! at the same time, oriented towards multi-function.
pin connectors_0_6 pin connector
pin connectors_2_6 pin connector

8.  Pin Connectors Function (4)

  • Fifth, used as a battery pin connector! can divide the battery pogo pin connectors into spring type and blade type. The main technological trends are miniaturization! new battery interfaces! low contact impedance, and high connection reliability.
  • Sixth, used as a camera socket pin connector! which can provide good electromagnetic shielding for camera modules! facilitating maintenance, standardization, and customization of camera modules. Of course, there are also strict requirements for the production! testing, plug resistance, and electromagnetic compatibility of a pin connector.

9. Reasonable Usage Of Pin Connectors (0)

  • We need to know the electrical contact continuity! of the pin connectors during vibration, impact, and collision! when the specified frequency and acceleration are fixed or changed.
pin connectors_2_6 pin connector
  • Under this dynamic stress! the pogo pins in pin connectors may experience instantaneous circuit breaking! the specified instantaneous break time is generally 1 μ s、10 μ s、100 μ s. 1ms and 10ms.

9. Reasonable Usage Of Pin Connectors (1)

  • It is important to pay attention to! how to determine the occurrence of a transient fault in the pin connectors. It is generally believed that! when the voltage drop exceeds 50% of the power electromotive force.
pin connectors_3_6 pin connector
  • Can determine that the pin connectors have failed. That is, there are two conditions! for whether a transient break occurs: duration and voltage drop. So,

9. Reasonable Usage Of Pin Connectors (2)

  • During using pin connectors! avoid applying a pin connector from lateral force and stress that are not perpendicular. Use the pin connector at the working stroke marked in the drawings! too little pressure and insufficient forward force can lead to unstable contact!
  • And pressing too much can cause damage to the pipe opening! Resulting in sticking pins in pin connectors. Avoiding damaging the pipe orifice. Battery contacts or FPC gold fingers should not have dirt, oxidation, and so on.
pin connectors_1_6 pin connector
pin connectors_7_6 pin connector

9. Reasonable Usage Of Pin Connectors (3)

  • About the storage of pin connectors! Can’t expose the pin connector to sunlight! can’t place pin connector in an environment of high temperature! low temperature! high humidity and full of chemicals.
  • Balance the force of ejection and pressure for the plunger as much as possible. the plunger and the barrel are against each other, which causes the burn or wear out. The plunger wears out more, and the barrel will peel off greatly! even cause the damaging a pogo pin or a pin connector,

9. Reasonable Usage Of Pin Connectors (4)

  • The plunger tip should contact in an effective position! ensuring that it contacts the center of the test point. Typically, the distance between the plunger tip and the test point is 1.5mm. Avoid the plunger tip contacts with steps or sloping surfaces! and the contact surface should be as flat as possible.
  • Choose a larger diameter plunger tip. That is, with enough injection positions and contact areas! And, we suggest the plunger tip with a larger diameter. And keep the spring force enough during operation.
  • So, there should be a good working environment! to avoid damaging pin connectors from all kinds of dust or impurity.
pin connectors_2_3 pin connector
pin connectors_5_3 pin connector

10.  Why Choose Us? (0)

  • Our foreign customers often choose us over competitors else, the reason is our excellent product quality! competitive prices! and good communication and services!
pin connectors_4_3 pin connector


10.  Why Choose Us?  (1)

First! One of our partners is Six Sigma BB! with a background in electronics engineering at IBM and Microsoft. We know all kinds of measurement methods and quality standards. So, we can carry out a stricter product control system! To ensure that product quality reaches world-class standards!

Sure, our customers and we know, the price is based on the product quality! Overall, we always tell our customers a cost-efficient price of premium quality. Because we can’t skip one or more production processes! Or ship to our customers those products made by secondary row materials.

10.  Why Choose Us?  (2)

Second!  The price is very critical! Which determines if or not to issue an order to us or long-term business! We always send our customers the best price based on the cost and premium quality. Too high or too low a price is not real at all. We believe our customers can accept the best price based on the costs plus certain profits. This is the only way to pay our employees’ salaries and then to better serve our customers.

pin connectors_6_3 pin connector
pin connectors_4.8_magnetic connector

10.  Why Choose Us?  (3)

  • Third!  Good communication includes knowing our products well! fast and efficient delivery, convenient finance! appropriate MOQ, a broad range of products! strict and true quality control, and flexible order process! skilled export experience to save time and energy for communication!
  • Timely update our customers on the latest status! about design, solutions, production, and delivery! Able to consider longer-term and more comprehensive issues! that our customers do not expect! and provide services beyond our customers’ inherent responsibilities!

10. Why Choose Us? (4)

  • Forth! We ever worked at IBM, Microsoft, and other famous enterprises. We know our customers’ concerns about our Chinese suppliers and manufacturers.
pin connectors_2_7 pin connector
  • One point for us and our customers! We can 100% ensure that our production lines are safe and healthy enough!
  • We always pay more attention to commitment, respecting customers, and trusting customers! Kindly refer to our website for ABOUT US to know more!

11.  Pin Connectors Production Process: Engineering (0)

  • Our R&D always supports the whole project! from receiving our customers’ inquiries to after-sales. Clear requirements from our customers are essential and top important!
pin connectors_4_7 pin connector
  • Based on this information! Our R&D will know how to design and work out proposals and drawings!
  • So, it is very important for our customers and our R&D! to collect basic information and requirements first!
  • Then, the sequent design and manufacturing are relatively easy!

11.  Pin Connectors Production Process: Engineering (1)

  • For pin connectors! They usually contain pogo pins and the housing, or magnets! So, for our customers, what need to prepare for is to include,
  • first! For pogo pins including total length, and working stroke! spring force, OD for the plunger, barrel, and tail pins! Rating voltage and current! And contact resistance, other dimensions, and so on!
  • For the housing, including working temperature! Raw materials requirements! And color, and so on! For various field applications! We will further discuss the basic requirements with our customers!
  • With clear dimension information and application requirements from our customers! Our engineering R&D can work out a perfect proposal and drawing! Including potential risks evaluation, DFM, and so on!
  • In general, our sales discuss the project with our customer R&D engineer, manager, or CTO first! Then, our customer sourcing or logistics will follow up, including delivery.


11.  Pin Connectors Production Process: Engineering (2)

  • Many times, our customers have no clear specifications, or application requirements yet! Because our customers are from ODM! OEM! Traders! Distributors! Or non-R&D of ODM, and so on! So, it is possible to take long working days! to collect complete requirements or specifications! Sure, most customers can understand the communication period. For our engineering or R&D! it is okay to work out a proposal or drawing within 3 working days!
  • For example, for rating current! Pretty many customers worry about it! Because they are traders or distributors! That is, their concerns are to know how to make sure the rating current is in spec! We know all products will 100% fully inspect before delivery! But, how to define the rating current value at the stage of design? It is about simulation software! which can evaluate the range of rating current first. Then the function test will ensure each product in spec.

11.  Pin Connectors Production Process: Engineering (3)

  • And, our engineering R&D adheres to studying new materials! new technology process! and new electroplating technologies, including new patents! For example, most housing of pin connectors is in the range of -40℃~+85℃! Our R&D’s new study can meet the target of -40℃~+120℃ as working temperature!
  • So, if our customer’s requirements are clear! our R&D engineers can work out the proposal! DFM, and drawing as soon as possible.
pin connectors_6_7 pin connector

12.  Pin Connectors Production Process: IQC Raw Materials (0)

  • IQC raw materials are to inspect the bar and barrel before CNC! Its target is to ensure the quality of incoming raw materials!
pin connectors_7_7 pin connector
  • Can meet our company’s product quality requirements! and avoid using defective raw materials to produce NG turning parts.
  • Its range is all applicable to all raw materials of non-inspection-exempt. IQC department handles the inspection.

12. Pin Connectors Production Process: IQC Raw Material(1)

  • Place all raw materials in the designated inspection area. Place raw materials of the same specification in the same location!
pin connectors_3_7 pin connector


  • Especially, placing the mantissa together with the original packaging.
  • Place all materials labels outward. Handle them with care! It is necessary to focus on checking the quality of the final boxes of incoming raw materials!

12.  Pin Connectors Production Process: IQC Raw Materials (2)

  • First!  Check basic info! It is necessary to check whether the content is filled in on the delivery form! Which meets the requirements: Correct material P/N! Product names, and specifications. Suppliers, order numbers, quantities!
  • Verify whether the P/N and specifications match the drawings! in the BOM and acknowledgment letter. Verify whether the supplier on the delivery form is in the AVL. Check the initial incoming status of the raw material.
  • If there are any defects in the previous batch of incoming materials! It is necessary to continuously conduct strict inspections and verify three batches.
pin connectors_1_7 pin connector
pin connectors_8_7 pin connector

12.  Pin Connectors Production Process: IQC Raw Materials (3)

  • Second!  Material sampling! Refer to the content of the Incoming Inspection Sampling Plan! for the determination of sampling quantity and sampling method! AQL sampling rules, sampling quantity, sampling method! and other conversion rules.
  • Third!  Packaging inspection! Check whether there are obvious, easily identifiable, and correct material identification! such as P/N, product name, specification, and quantity! order number, supplier on the material size packaging box! and whether the packaging box is damaged.

12.  Pin Connectors Production Process: IQC Raw Materials (4)

  • Fourth!Cosmetic inspection!  Conduct a visual inspection of materials! by the requirements of the material acceptance certificate samples! and the Incoming Material Inspection Specification! Fifth! Dimension inspection! Measure the dimensions of raw materials! According to the requirements of the material acceptance certificate! samples, and the Incoming Material Inspection Specification.
  • Sixth!  Fill in the IQC form! Including detailed results for dimension inspection and other IQC checking!  Seventh! According to the Incoming Inspection Specification! determine whether to qualify or unqualify the raw materials! Accept it as qualified with the stamp of a green pass! Reject it as unqualified with the stamp of red NG!