Precision Hardware Solutions Expert, welcome to Johoty. Our precision parts can enhance your projects’ success. Whether they are innovative exploration in aerospace, technological breakthroughs in the automotive industry, or precise requirements in medical equipment. Our precise parts ensure excellent performance and reliability, safeguarding your profits and interests.

Precision hardware refers to precision parts with high dimensional accuracy and tolerance requirements. They are commonly used in various precision machinery and instruments. Precision parts often require machining accuracy down to the micron level. In some high-end applications, it needs to reach the nanometer level.
Precision hardware includes various gears, lead screws, bolts, nuts, bearings, pogo pins, pogo pin connectors, fittings, etc. CNC machine tools, precision grinders, precision lathes, etc., are used in the manufacturing process. Also, precision hardware relies on advanced inspection equipment to guarantee accuracy and quality.
Precision parts are widely used in aerospace, automotive industry, medical equipment, electronic products, communication equipment, precision instruments, etc. These fields have extremely strict requirements for the accuracy, reliability, and stability of components. Precise parts’ quality directly influences overall product performance and reliability.

Product Categories:

Categories of precision hardware

Precision Mechanical Components

  • Gears: Precision components used to change speed and torque in transmission.
  • Bearings: Support rotating parts, reducing friction during movement.
  • Shafts: Transmit torque, and support rotating parts.
  • Guides: Guide and support moving parts, ensuring they move along predetermined paths.

lead screws_231700623_ Double Ended Non-Standard Thread Rod

 Accurate Connecting Components

  • Screws, Bolts, and Nuts: Precision-threaded components used for fastening or connecting parts.
  • Pins, Plugs, and Sockets: Including dowel pins, cylindrical pins, etc., used for connecting or positioning parts.
  • Pogo Pins: High-precision elastic components used for electronic connections.
  • Pogo Pin Connector: High-precision electronic connector with multiple pogo pins for stable transition of power and signal
  • Keys: Used to connect shafts and other parts, such as gears or pulleys, to transmit torque.

10 pin connector_24031311_pogo pins

Precision Sealing Components

  • O-rings: Rubber sealing rings are used to prevent gas or liquid leakage.
  • Oil Seals: Seals used at shafts and bearings to prevent lubricant leakage.

4 pin connector_88039_precision metal magnetic connector

Precision Elastic Elements

  • Springs: Compression, extension, and torsion springs fulfill roles in energy storage, shock absorption, or resetting mechanisms.
  • Gas Springs: gas springs, and gas struts for automobiles, furniture, industries, and medical devices.

Gas springs_78303_gas spring

Electronic Hardware Components

  • Connectors: Such as plugs, sockets, connectors, etc., used for the connection of electronic or electrical equipment.
  • Heat Sinks: Aids in cooling electronics, keeping things at the perfect heat.
  • Switches: Components used in electronic or electrical control systems to open or close circuits.
  • Electronic Mounts: Hardware components used to secure electronic components or boards.

Pogo Pins_99903_Right Angle Pogo Pin

Precision Stamping Parts

  • Metal Casings: Casings for electronic devices such as mobile phones, computers, etc.
  • Precision Metal Sheets: Precision metal connecting components used in circuit boards, relays, etc.

Precision Hardware_231700963_CNC Parts

Other Precision Components

  • Micro Screws: Micro connecting components used in precision equipment.
  • Customized Parts: Precision components customized according to specific applications, include complex geometries and special materials.

Precision Parts_0429231700723_Bone Screws Dental Implant Screws

What constitutes precision in precision hardware?

Dimensional Accuracy:

Refers to the alignment of actual dimensions with the designed dimensions of precision hardware. High precise parts have very small deviations in size. Which is crucial for ensuring the precise fit between precision parts and overall assembly accuracy.

Tolerance Range:

Tolerance refers to the maximum allowable size variation during the manufacturing process. Precision hardware typically has very strict tolerance requirements to ensure it can accurately fit and operate within complex systems.

pogo pins_2023120601_threaded screw pogo pins

Surface Finish:

Refers to the surface smoothness of precision components. High-precision machining requires accurate dimensions demands smooth, defect-free surfaces. Which helps reduce wear, extend part life, and improve dynamic performance in some applications.

Material Consistency:

Consistency in high-quality materials and material processing is critical for precision hardware. This ensures precision parts maintain the stability of their physical and chemical properties in dimensions and throughout their entire service life.

medical screws_231700660_Dental Implants

Reproducibility and Reliability:

In mass production, the consistency or reproducibility between each precise part and the reliability of its performance. They over the expected lifespan are vital components of the “precision” concept.

Fit and Functionality:

The precision fit of precision hardware within a system greatly impacts its functional performance. This involves dimensional and shape accuracy and characteristics such as load-bearing capacity, smooth rotation, and fatigue resistance.

High Current Pogo Pins_36596_800 amp

Manufacturing Techniques:

Advanced manufacturing equipment and processes can achieve accuracy in precision hardware. Such as CNC machining, laser cutting, precision casting, and micro-machining technologies.

High Current Pogo Pins_37814_500 amp

Spec range of precision hardware

Dimensions range

  • Length, Width, Height: Ranging from a few mm to several hundred mm, depending on specific application requirements.
  • Wall Thickness: For precision hardware with walls, wall thickness is a critical parameter. Typically ranging from tens of micrometers to several millimeters.

Pogo pin connectors_24031404_pogo pins

Tolerances range

  • Size Tolerance: Depending on different machining methods and precision requirements, size tolerances can vary from ±0.01mm to ±0.1mm.
  • Geometric and Positional Tolerances: Including straightness, roundness, coaxiality, etc., tolerance ranges are determined based on design requirements and machining capabilities.

10 pin connector_24031307_pogo pins

Surface Roughness

  • The Ra value typically ranges from 0.1μm to 6.3μm, with specific values depending on machining methods and application requirements.

pogo pins_200116018.pogo pin

Machining Methods

  • Mechanical Machining: Including turning, milling, drilling, grinding, etc., applicable to various metal materials.Non-traditional
  • Machining: Common methods include electrical discharge machining, laser machining, and chemical etching. Utilized for precision parts that pose challenges for conventional machining methods.
  • Heat Treatment: Improves material hardness and wear resistance, common methods include quenching, annealing, tempering, etc.

IC spring test probes_20240208010_IC Pogo Pins


  • Metal Materials: Including stainless steel, copper, aluminum, titanium alloys, nickel alloys, etc. When choosing materials, factor in mechanical traits, corrosion resistance, machinability, and expenses.
  • Surface Treatment: Such as anodizing, galvanizing, gold plating, chromium plating, gold plating, silver plating, and coating. Aimed at improving appearance, enhancing corrosion resistance, and increasing hardness.

Pogo Pins_66601_SMT Pogo Pins Johoty

Inspection and Certification

  • Dimensional Inspection: Using tools such as calipers, micrometers, and height gauges, as well as automated equipment like Coordinate Measuring Machines.
  • Material and Surface Treatment Inspection: Including hardness testing, salt spray testing, coating thickness testing, etc.
    Certification: For specific industries such as aerospace, medical, etc., precision hardware complies with ISO, ASTM, DIN, etc.

IC spring test probes_1040_precision metal

Customizations of precision hardware

Customer Requirements Analysis and Initial Communication

  • Customer Requirements: Thoroughly understand the customer’s needs, including the product’s application environment, functionality, dimensional specifications, material requirements, etc.
  • Feasibility Analysis: Evaluate the feasibility of the design, including material availability, applicability of manufacturing techniques, cost estimation, etc.
  • Preliminary Proposal: Propose preliminary design schemes and quotations, and communicate with the customer to confirm or adjust requirements.

IC spring test probes_1043_precision metal

Design and Engineering

  • Detailed Design: Utilize CAD software for detailed design to ensure compliance with all specifications.
  • Engineering Review: Conduct engineering reviews to ensure manufacturability of the design, and if necessary, perform design optimization.
  • Prototype Production: Produce prototypes based on design documents to validate the correctness and functionality of the design.

Johoty Gas struts_17021_precision hardware

Manufacturing and Processing

  • Selection of Suitable Manufacturing Techniques: Choose the most suitable manufacturing techniques based on the complexity of the product and material characteristics. For example injection molding, CNC machining, laser cutting, etc.
  • Material Procurement: Procure appropriate materials according to product requirements, including special alloys or materials with specific properties.
  • Production Processing: Carry out production processing according to engineering drawings, ensuring that each step meets quality standards.

Precision hardware_1025_CNC parts

Quality Control and Testing

  • Process Inspection: Do checks at all phases to keep up with standards.
  • Final Inspection: Perform final quality inspection on the finished product, including dimension, surface treatment, material performance testing, etc.
  • Functional Testing: Conduct functional testing on the product to ensure it meets usage requirements.

Precision Hardware_1037_precision parts

Post-processing and Delivery

  • Surface Treatment: Perform surface treatment as required, such as painting, electroplating, etc. To boost the precision hardware’s looks and longevity.
  • Assembly and Packaging: Complete necessary assembly work, then perform appropriate packaging to protect the precision hardware during transportation.
  • Logistics and Delivery: Select suitable logistics services to ensure safe and timely delivery of the precision hardware to the customer.

Precision Hardware_1050_precision Parts

After-sales Service

  • Technical Support: Provide necessary technical support to assist customers in resolving issues during usage.
  • Quality Assurance: Provide a certain period of quality guarantee for the precision hardware. Taking responsibility for any quality issues that arise and providing solutions.

Precision Hardware_1019_precision Parts

Advantages of precision hardware

High Precision and Reliability

  • Precision: We produce precision hardware using high-precision machining techniques to meet strict dimensional and tolerance requirements. This can ensure high consistency and interchangeability between precision parts.
  • Reliability: By employing top-notch materials and cutting-edge machining methods, precision hardware can maintain its performance under extreme conditions. Such as high/low temperatures, high pressure, strong corrosive environments, etc.

Precision Parts_0429231700916_CNC Partsl

Material Diversity

  • Wide Selection: Different materials can be chosen based on application requirements. Including stainless steel, non-metal materials, copper alloys, aluminum alloys, and as well as specialty alloys. To achieve optimal performance and cost-effectiveness.

Precision Hardware_231700807_CNC Parts

Customized Solutions

  • Design Support: We provide one-stop services from concept to finished product. Including product design, prototype production, functional testing, etc. To hit the mark with application needs and performance goals.
  • Flexibility: We can quickly adjust production lines according to customer needs. Support small-batch production to adapt to market changes and personalized demands.

ball valves_231700793_Best Valve Parts

High-Cost Efficiency

  • Design Optimization: By efficient design optimization, reducing material and processing time, thus lowering costs.
  • Economies of Scale: Achieving cost control through increased production scale and efficient supply chain management. Providing customers with competitive prices.

Precision Parts_0429231700788_6063 Aluminum Parts

Rapid Delivery Capability

  • Efficient Production: Utilizing automated and semi-automated production facilities to shorten production cycles.
    Inventory Management: Adopting advanced inventory management and logistics systems to ensure rapid response and delivery.

Precision Hardware_17019_delivery

Technical and Service Support

  • Pre-sales Consultation: Providing professional technical consulting and project evaluation to help customers choose the most suitable solutions.
  • After-sales Service: Including technical support, maintenance guidance, and rapid replacement services to ensure customer satisfaction.

Precision Parts_0429231700743_Bone Screws Dental Implant Screws

Compatibility and Standardization

  • Compatibility in Design: Ensuring precision hardware is compatible with existing systems and other components, reducing integration difficulties and costs.
  • Compliance with Standards: Produced precision hardware complies with international standards and industry specifications, facilitating procurement and application on a global scale.

Precision Parts_0429231700679_TC4 Bone Plate

Valued customers of precision hardware

Electronics and Electrical Manufacturing:

  • Customers in this industry require precision hardware to manufacture various electronic devices. Tech gear, from laptops to phones and more. Precision hardware is used for circuit board mounting, enclosure assembly, heat sink installation, etc.

Automotive Manufacturing Industry:

  • Automotive manufacturers and their supply chains are significant buyers of precision hardware. Utilized in making engine parts, transmission systems, body hardware, and more.
  • High-performance cars and new energy vehicles particularly rely on precision metal technology to maintain lightweight and durability.

Gas spring_5306_gas struts

Aerospace Industry:

  • In aerospace, precision hardware is used in the assembly of aircraft, satellites, rockets, etc. Including engine components, structural parts, and internal mechanical systems. These components must meet extremely high quality and precision standards.

Medical Equipment Manufacturing Industry:

  • Precision hardware is vital for making different medical devices like therapy devices, surgical tools, and diagnostic gear. These devices often require high precision and reliability.

Gas springs gas struts_2405010084_gas spring gas strut

Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing Industry:

  • They require precision hardware for producing various machinery and tools, including machining centers, CNC machine tools, etc. The accuracy of precision components directly influences machine performance and efficiency.

Consumer Goods Manufacturing Industry:

  • Including sports equipment, furniture, and kitchenware manufacturers. Who require precision hardware to ensure product quality and durability.

Connector_24021602_7 pin trailer plug

Defense and Military:

  • Military equipment manufacturers use precision hardware to produce weapon systems, vehicles, and other defense-related hardware. These components must meet strict military standards and durability requirements.

Construction and Engineering:

  • Although the construction industry’s precision requirements for hardware parts are not as high as those in the above-mentioned industries. Precision hardware still plays a role in high-end construction and fine engineering projects.

Connector_24021603_7 pin trailer plug

Benefits of precision hardware to customers

Enhancing Customer Product Quality and Reliability:

Utilizing precision hardware ensures that the final product possesses higher quality and durability. This is particularly crucial for machinery and equipment requiring long-term stable operation. Such as medical equipment, automobiles, and aerospace devices.

Increasing Customer Product Accuracy:

The high precision of precision hardware can enhance the performance of entire machines or systems, reducing errors. Especially in applications with high-precision requirements, such as scientific instruments and high-precision manufacturing.

pin connectors_2023112903_7 pin connector

Reducing Maintenance Costs:

Premium precision hardware is made with durability for the long term. Minimizing frequent part replacements and lowering maintenance and repair costs.

Improving Production Efficiency:

Using precision hardware on the production line can reduce machine failures and downtime, thus increasing production efficiency and output.

Pogo pin connector_04300020_magnetic connector

Strengthening Market Competitiveness:

By offering more reliable and durable products, customer businesses can gain a competitive edge in the market. Attracting more end-users and enhancing brand image.

Meeting Specific Industry Standards:

Medical, aerospace and automotive industries have strict industry standards and regulations. Using our precision hardware that meets specified high standards can help businesses easily meet these standards. Avoiding legal and compliance risks.

Pogo pin connector_04305.8_magnetic connector

Minimizing Environmental Impact:

High-quality precision hardware is typically manufactured using durable materials, which can reduce waste and replacement frequency. Thus minimizing their environmental impact.

Customization and Flexibility:

We often offer customization services for precision hardware to meet specific technical and design requirements. Providing customers with greater flexibility in product design and innovation.

Pogo pin connector_04305.9_magnetic connector

Customer feedback on precision hardware

Electric Vehicle Battery Components

  • Project: Precision components for securing and connecting batteries in electric vehicles. In the client’s electric vehicle manufacturing project, precision hardware is required for installing and securing battery modules. These precision parts must withstand high temperatures, and corrosion, and maintain stable connections and electrical safety.
  • Chief Technology Officer: “With Johoty’s customized precision parts, our battery assembly efficiency has increased by 30%. And, they have shown excellent durability in long-term operation tests. This represents a significant technological breakthrough for us.”

High Current Pogo Pins_15757_200 amp

Surgical Tools for Medical Equipment

  • Project: Components for precision surgical instruments in medical equipment. The client is an Israeli medical equipment company requiring specific precision hardware for their high-precision surgical tools. These tools are used for complex minimally invasive surgeries, demanding high precision and antibacterial properties.
  • Product Development Supervisor: “Johoty’s precise parts play a crucial role in our surgical tools. Their high precision and excellent antibacterial surface treatment greatly enhance surgical safety and success rates.”

Precision Parts_0504231700719_Bone Screws Dental Implant Screws

Aerospace Components

  • Project: Critical connections and support structures for spacecraft in aerospace applications. In a project in the aerospace industry, the client requires precision hardware. It can operate stably in extreme environments for connecting and supporting critical structural components of spacecraft. These precision parts need to withstand extreme temperature changes and intense vibrations.
  • Engineering Department Head: “These precision parts are essential for improving the structural stability and reliability of our spacecraft. Their performance has exceeded our expectations, greatly supporting the success of space missions.”

Pogo Pins_24030903_Right Angle Pogo Pin

Aerospace Engine Components

  • Project: Turbine blade fasteners and connecting components for high-performance aerospace engines. Precision hardware is used to ensure the stable operation of engine components in extreme environments. It can withstand high temperatures, pressures, and high-speed rotation, with stringent requirements for materials and machining precision.
  • Engine Department Manager: “These precision parts significantly enhance the performance and reliability of our engines. Their high-temperature resistance and fatigue resistance are crucial for maintaining engine durability and safety.”

solder cup connector_24031005_pogo pins

Micro Screws for Smartphones

  • Project: Micro precision screws for internal fixation in smartphones. The client is a smartphone manufacturer requiring extremely small precision screws. They are for securing delicate internal components of smartphones. These screws must have high precision and mechanical performance to meet the demands of compact design and long-term use.
  • Product Development Manager: “With Johoty’s micro precision screws, our smartphone assembly process has become smoother. And the overall structural stability of the product has been significantly improved.”

medical screws_2317000235_Bone Screw

Precision Parts for Medical Equipment

  • Project: Key components for high-precision MRI machines and surgical robots in medical equipment. The client is a Swedish medical equipment manufacturing company. They need precision hardware to manufacture and maintain their high-end medical instruments. These precision parts require high precision and meet medical-grade cleanliness and corrosion resistance standards.
  • Chief Operating Officer: “Johoty’s precision parts play a core role in our medical equipment, ensuring precise operation and long-term reliability of our devices. Their high-standard production quality directly impacts the effectiveness of patient treatments.”

medical screws_231700283_Fixation Bone Screws

Applications of precision hardware

Automotive Industry:

Applied in engine components, transmission systems, and body assembly. Precision hardware can enhance the performance, safety, and durability of vehicles, particularly crucial in high-performance and electric vehicles.

Consumer Electronics:

Utilized in internal components of smartphones, computers, and other portable devices. Precision screws and connectors aid in achieving compact designs and long-term reliability of devices.

Pogo Pins_04300005_Threaded Pogo Pins


Employed in the manufacturing of aircraft and satellites, including structural assemblies and engine parts. Our precision parts can withstand extreme environmental conditions such as high temperatures and pressures.

Medical Equipment:

Precision hardware is employed in advanced medical equipment, such as surgical robots, diagnostic devices, and implants. Ensure precise and safe operation of the equipment.

Precision Hardware_231700974_CNC parts

Industrial Machinery and Automation:

Utilized in high-precision machine tools, robotic arms, and automated production lines. The precision of these precision components directly impacts production efficiency and product quality.

Energy Industry:

Used in wind turbines and solar panel installations, precision hardware can ensure the stable operation and durability of the equipment.

Precision Parts_0429231700620_ Lead Screws Threaded Rod

Defense and Military:

Precision hardware is used in weapon systems, military vehicles, and defense equipment. Meet the utmost durability and reliability standards.

Communication Equipment:

Precision hardware is crucial in infrastructure, such as communication towers and broadcasting equipment. Ensuring the stability and longevity of signal transmission devices.

Precision Parts_0429231700894_CNC Parts

Construction and Infrastructure:

High-quality precision hardware is used in bridge construction, high-rise buildings, and public facilities to ensure structural safety and longevity.

Scientific Research Equipment:

Employed in precision instruments such as microscopes, spectrometers, and laboratory automation equipment. The accuracy of precision hardware is crucial for the accuracy of experimental results.

ball valves_231700793_Best Valve Parts


We employ an ISO certificate with thorough overall quality control, from obtaining raw materials to production. Additionally, we utilize advanced inspection equipment and techniques to ensure each precision hardware meets both customer needs and international standards.

Delivery time relies on your order’s quantity and complexity. Generally, standard precision hardware has a delivery time of 2-3 weeks, while customized precision hardware may take 3-4 weeks. Specific timelines will be provided upon order confirmation.

We lower costs through optimized production processes, procurement management, and bulk production. Simultaneously, through continuous technological improvements and quality control. We ensure that precision hardware quality is not compromised while reducing costs.

We offer full ASS, including technical assistance, precision hardware repair, or replacement. Customers can send issues to our CFT team, we commit to providing a response within 24 hours of receiving feedback.


For urgent orders, we can prioritize production scheduling to meet the customer’s urgent needs. For special requirements, our engineering team and CFT team can provide customized solutions. This can ensure that the precision hardware completely satisfies the customer’s exact needs.

We have established stable partnerships with multiple raw material suppliers. And seek and certify alternative suppliers globally to ensure a reliable and consistent raw material supply. Additionally, our production capacity can be flexibly adjusted to accommodate changes in our customers’ demand.

Yes, our precision hardware has obtained ISO 9001, RoHS environmental certification, etc. Ensuring that our precision hardware meets the requirements and standards of global markets.

For large-volume orders, we do offer price discounts. The specific discount policy depends on the quantity of the order and the type of precision hardware. We welcome customers to inquire and discuss this matter with our CFT team.