Johoty, Precision Components Manufacturer, Supplier in China

Johoty is a Reputable Precision Products Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter Based in China, Renowned for Our Commitment to Excellence and Precision manufacturing. Our Extensive Product Range Includes High Precision Metal, Pogo Pins, Pogo Pin Connectors, Magnetic Waterproof Connector, Medical Implants, Lead Screw, CNG Connectors, Gas Springs, and Lobster Clasp. Welcome to Customization.


  • Johoty Tech, Exceptional Precision Components Manufacturing, is a leading Precision Metal Manufacturer dedicated to delivering exceptional metal products.

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  • With our commitment to precision engineering and cutting-edge technology,
  • we specialize in crafting high-quality, tailor-made metal components for a wide range of industries.
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Profile.  Johoty Technology was originated from a family-owned hardware company established in 1994,

Background.  Johoty, the company of precision components is led by Electronic TE, Electronic R&D, Mechanical R&D, Mechanical PM, Six Sigma Black Belt, International Trade & Logistics, and Chinese Customs Specialist.

Philosophy.  We do our best to solve various problems, help our customers save time and money, help our customers earn money, and send congratulations to our customers for success in solving problems.

Positioning.  Johoty business is to provide various precision components, from popular to high-end boutique, through our website, and our customers’ help.

Mission and Vision.  Our mission is to grow as a world-class supplier of precision components, help solve each problem, work out each effective solution, and find out what our customers ask Johoty to get.

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  • Adhere to the principle of good quality and cheap. Integrity, respect, proactive, quality, innovation, cooperation and win-win, customer-oriented, and promote the innovation and enhancement of products and services.

Development Plans

  • Johoty will continue to promote the Johoty brand, and continuously improve the quality of our products and services. Rapidly provide better products and services to customers.
  • At the same time, gradually realizing the personal plans of each employee, and earning a completely worry-free life for them.


  • High-tech Enterprise, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, QC080000,ISO13485, ISO/TS16949



  • Overall TQM at Johoty:
  • 20 years of precision components R&D,
  • 10 years of QA led by Six Sigma Black Belt,
  • 15 years of production with a background in R&D,
  • 15 years of PM based on electronics, mechanical, and Six Sigma,
  • 20 years of FAE, as well as highly stable production workers.


  • Complete supply chain from CNC, turning, milling, electroplating, assembly, inspection, and package.
  • At Johoty, First pass yield is >95%,
  • RTY is >90%, OEE is >91%,
  • We can minimize the production cost based on TQM, TPM with Cpk of >1.3 and DMMP of <400.


  • Effective production process, TQM, and complete supply chain, which ensures getting rapidly finished goods.
  • At Johoty, 20 years of international trade and logistics,
  • as well as senior Chinese Customs expert, who ensures a fast and smooth delivery.


  • CFT team focuses on providing customers with professional services,
  • ASS team focuses on after-sales services.
  • All of us can always provide our customers with professional services and can win customers’ satisfactions.
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What Provides You?   Precision Components, Precision Products, Medical Implants, Lead Screw, CNG, Pogo Pins, Pogo Pin Connector, Magnetic Waterproof Connector, Gas Springs, Lobster Clasp. Customization.

Who are Our Customers?   Factory and company owners, R&D heads, R&D engineers, purchasing heads, buyers, NPI heads, NPI engineers, Process heads, and Process engineers from all over the world, who are looking for precision hardware products. Sure, Johoty welcome all friends.

  • Johoty Story.  Some feedback from foreign customers, many domestic suppliers fail to understand the technical info sent by the R&D in electronics, or can’t meet the expected results before customers start to do tests or DOE, and thus can’t design and produce all kinds of precision components that customers want to get indeed.
  • For example, the pogo pin material is brass, and its outer diameter is only 1.27mm, how to realize a continuous 25A high current?
  • For example, how do customers believe that rating current will be able to pass the desired current value before they place an order?
  • Although there will be a 100% full inspection before shipment, we always simulate it based on our strong electronic R&D and software development, finally, customers believe that we can realize it and meet targets.
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What can Johoty Do

  • Johoty can provide customers with various best precision components, help seek for what customers want to get occasionally.


  • For precision
4 pin connector_88039_precision metal magnetic connector
  • components provided by Johoty, all are fully inspected before shipment to ensure high consistency in every batch.
  • For products from third partners, we double-check based on product specifications, and replace them without any excuses, when any faults are found.
Pogo Pins_66601_SMT Pogo Pins Johoty

Price.  The best offer is based on the highest quality, and, different price is based on different order volume. Lower offer, higher volume. We always provide a laddered quote. We also offer the prices of different quality levels for different applications. Price is optional for customers.

Services.  Johoty can provide perfect technology solutions for customers besides high-quality precision components, timely updates to customers about the latest status, and proposes optimal logistics routes and freight rates.

Delivery.  Johoty always proposes selectable delivery for customer reference, including freight rates, and transportation time, as well as air, sea, train, and truck, and common air delivery includes DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, and EMS. Also, we send the packages to customer’s designed location.

Features.  Diameter is >0.12mm, length is >1.39mm, pitch is >1.0mm, spring force is >15gf, contact resistance is >15mΩ,rating current is <600A, working stroke is >0.15mm, working Temperature:-30℃~+80℃. Salt spray: 72h, 96h, 120h, 144h.

Waterproof IP65, IP66, IP67, IP68. Color: silver, golden, black, grey, white, blue, orange, green, customize. Materials: brass, Becu, SUS, titanium, etc. Customization.

Advantages.  Cost Saving, improving user experience, high mechanical life cycle, high accuracy, high durability, high stability, wear and tear resistance, can be small batch, rich applications.

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Why Can Johoty Do

  • Because we can help solve customers’ problems, can help save time, brainstorming, and money, and can help earn money. It is very convenient to do business with Johoty.
  • Quality.  We have not received complaints
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  •  from our customers due to poor quality, because our Six Sigma Black Belt quality team is able to effectively control product quality by implementing TQM.
  • And the most importantly,all of us have the TQM concept to prevent quality accidents as much as possible, detect each problem.


  • Johoty knows good quality must be based on affordable prices. We hope to do long-term business with our customers.
  • Based on sufficient design time and the spirit of craftsmanship, we design perfect products.
  • With the concerted efforts of IE, PE, and production departments, we can minimize product costs and provide customers with the most competitive offer.


  • It is an integrated experience. Reflects Johoty CFT team’s communication smoothness with customers,
  • It really reflects the overall coordination between our CFT team and factory R&D, FAE, FIN, production plan, QA, supply chain, IE, PE, ME, production, warehouse, ship, and ASS.
  • Johoty Factory always fully supports CFT, who always provides our customers with the best services.


  • Because we have a ship team with 20 years of international logistics, customs clearance, and expertise in Chinese Customs affairs.
  • The ship team can fully support our customers together with the CFT team and can provide our customers with the best delivery.
  • That is also one of the reasons why pretty many customers choose Johoty.
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How Does Johoty Do

We present how Johoty can achieve our high quality, best price, professional service, and good delivery, based on just design assessment, risks assessment, DFM, FMEA, Cpk process analysis.

Quality:  – Design

Double check 60 items according to design assessment to ensure drawing perfect.

  • Can design specification of Mechanical and Electronics meet customer’s requirements?
  • Are materials environmentally friendly?
  • Whether or not the design fits the customer’s application?
  • Double check mechanical dimensions and sizes, for example, bias is ±3°, holding force 100N, etc.
  • Surface roughness is Ra 0.8?

Quality:  – Risks

Johoty always implement the quality risk assessment, including:

  • Alignment with customer on the same acceptance,
  • Strictly implement FAI, IPQC per 2 hours, 
  • QC based on AQL0.4,
  • Strictly implement IQC, IPQC, FQC, OQC,
  • Strictly implement IQC, IPQC, FQC, OQC,

Quality:  – DFM

Johoty study the manufacturing and assembly of our precision components, improve the quality, and reduce the cost.

  • Confirm dimensions, sizes, and tolerance,
  • Part thickness analysis,
  • Confirm layout,
  • Confirm surface pavement, color, and delicacy, etc,
  • Confirm cavity arrangement

Quality:  – DFMEA

Johoty assess the design risks of function, performance, compliance, special requirements, repairability, usability, etc

  • Can’t go through rating current. 
  • Solutions: a) improve roughness up to Ra 0.2,  b) change the slope to 12°,
  • Unstable contact resistance. 
  • Solutions: a) change to bias to improve contact force,   b) increase coating thickness.
  • Unstable contact resistance. 
  • Solutions: a) change to bias to improve contact force,   b) increase coating thickness.
  • Assembly bending.   
  • Solutions.  a) re-design assembly fixture,   b) adjust the deviation of hole position.
  • Surface oxidation.     
  • Solutions.  a) increase coating thickness from 3u” to 5u”

Quality:  – PFMEA

Johoty assess the process risks of purchasing raw materials, producing parts, assembly, moving, delivery, shipment, etc

  • Missing inspection of key dimensions.  
  • Solutions: a) retrain SOP,   b) full inspecting cosmetic,  c) FQC
  • Missing inspection of surface knifing.  
  • Solutions: a) retrain SIP and SOP,   b) full inspecting cosmetic,  c) FQC
  • Missing inspection of scratched, plating peeling.  
  • Solutions: a) retrain SOP as well as SIP,   b) full inspecting cosmetic,  c) FQC
  • Missing inspection of crush.  
  • Solutions: a) retrain SOP,   b) full inspecting cosmetic,  c) FQC
  • Insufficient packaging.    
  • Solutions: a) training self-inspection,   b) IPQC

Quality:  – Cpk

Johoty study process capacity indicator of high order volume, the request is to get a Cpk of >1.33 or above.

  • Formular.   Cpk=min{(usl-mean)/3δ, (mean-lsl)/3δ }
  • 3δ (Cpk is ≥1.33) is required at least,
  • 3δ percentage is 93.32% for FPY, DPMO is 66810,
  • Our Cpk is 5δ or above, DPMO is <400 for shipment.
  • Our Cpk target is 6δ,  DPMO is 3.4
Johoty Gas struts_17021_precision Components

Price.  How do we do it? or how to achieve it? it is a very professional knowledge and testing method. For our customers, it is better to ultimately reflect in excellent quality and competitive prices. and, we can do it, that is, we can provide our customers with the best price based on our professionals and capacity.

Services.  Johoty CFT team receives your requirements, and serves you all the moment, including technical discussion, best price, lead time, production follow-up, quality control, logistics, timely sending the latest status to customers, and so on. Johty CFT team will definitely make customers easy, worry-free, and comfortable.

Delivery.  Johoty logistics team can ship all packages to our customers at the lowest delivery fee in the shortest time.

Customer Cases

Quality Requirements

  • An U.S. customer sent Johoty a few pogo pin samples, requesting the design of pogo pin that are continue stabilized at a high current of 25A for over 3 minutes, 
Johoty Pogo Pins_55503_Solder Cup Pogo Pins
  • The pogo pin shape is solder cup type. Spring force is 150gf.

Price Requirements

  • A higher price is acceptable for sample order, will have to restore to normal price when request mass production goods.

Services. – Analysis

  • Based on analyzing the pogo pins samples, the current size (go through only φ1.3mm plunger) and material of brass,
  • It is almost impossible to pass a high current of 25A, much less get a continuous and stable high current of 25A.

Services. – Study

  • Based on our design experiences, brass can’t meet target at all, suspected BeCu is okay.
  • So, we adopted 2 steps, the first was to estimate BeCu rating current by simulation software based on the dimensions of samples, the preliminary conclusion is okay.

Services. – DOE

  • The second was to test temperature rise of new samples, that is, we produced a few new samples made of BeCu,
  • And found each sample can go through 25A for 3 minutes, or 30A in short seconds, and the temperature raise is less than 20℃.


  • We proposed customer the drawing with new material of BeCu, and attached all studies and DOE.
  • Finally, we got approval from customer, and helped customer produce 50pcs samples, as well as mass production goods later.



We sent the 50pcs samples to our customer by DHL. Lead time is 3 weeks. Sure, our customer was very satisfied at the samples, mass production goods, and Johoty.

Services, Solutions

Quality Requirements

  • A French customer sent us an uncompleted 3D of 6pin connector, including 5pcs short pogo pins, 1pcs long pogo pin, and 1pcs housing.
Johoty pin connectors_11_5 pin connector


  • Request was to assembly total 6 pogo pins into the housing.
  • The current problem was that customer couldn’t fit in it by 3D at the current size,
  • and it would be potentially unproductive to hardwire it.

Services.  – Analysis.

  • We found the 6-pin connector was really difficultly assembled well based on current dimensions.
  • We tried to fine tune barrel size of pogo pins and inner hole diameter of the housing in change of 0.1mm basic.

Services:  – Study

  • Because barrel OD was φ1.80 mm of long pogo pin, φ1.50mm of short pogo pin, and, the thickness from inner wall to outside was only 0.28mm for long pogo pin, which had potential risks to broke the housing,
  • At the same time, sufficient plunger OD was required of the long pogo pin for its actual application. That is, it was not good to greatly reduce φ1.80mm yet.


  • We suggested customer a 0.4mm thickness from 0.28mm for long pogo pin, which would securely hold the long pogo pin without any production risks.
  • Finally, we got the green lights from customer to finalize the drawing.


Price Requirements

  • Johoty always provides affordable price, and, he is our long-term customer.
Pogo Pins_66608_SMT Pogo Pin Johoty



  • It is very simple.
  • We ship 200 sets of samples to the customer by the customer’s DHL accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do Customers Do for an Offer?

Johoty Answers:  an offer is based on a finalized drawing, if not, customers need to send us 2D, 3D, samples, or your requirements, including mechanical dimensions & tolerance, electronic parameters, environment requirements, applications, etc. Johoty CFT team will send you the best offer in 24 hours.

Can Johoty Provide the Best Offer?

Johoty Answers:   Yes. We can provide the best offer based on our complete supply chain, excellent facilities, and LEAN manufacturing, TQM and TPM, and so on. We prefer to do a long-term business.

How About MOQ?

Johoty Answers:   MOQ is based on your actual demand. No obvious limit on MOQ, a few, a few dozen, or a few hundreds, it’s all right. Most customers ask Johoty for 50pcs samples first for a trial-run before ordering mass production goods.

How About Delivery?

Johoty Answers:   Air, Sea, Train, or Truck. For air, optional for DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, EMS. Customer will select the best!  Johoty can also handle the full logistics and delivery well to our customers. It is also possible for us to deliver to a specific location depending on the customer.

How About Lead Time?

Johoty Answers:   Sample is 2~3 weeks, bulky goods is 3~4 weeks. We will update customer timely about the latest status for special complex finished goods.

How About Payment?

Johoty Answers:   T/T, PayPal. Prepayment, paid in full before shipment.

How Can Johoty Guarantee Quality?

Johoty Answers:   Five-shaft CNC and six-shaft CNC, Design Assessment, DFM, DFMEA, PFMEA, Cpk process analysis, QA team led by Six Sigma Black Belt. Complete supply chain, stable production workers, ISO9001, and so on.

What is the Order Process?

Johoty Answers:   Customer Requirements, Finalized Solutions and Drawings, Best Offer, Issued Order, PI or CI, Prepayment, Productions, Pay in Full before shipment, Shipment, CFT and ASS follow up.

Can Johoty Produce Magnetic Waterproof of IP68?

Johoty Answers:   Yes. the strong waterproof level is IP68, we can do it. The strong magnet material is N52, we can do it.

Is Johoty a Financial Company?

Johoty Answers:   No, Johoty is not a financial company, Johoty is just a private manufacturer, solution supplier, and precision components exporter.