Catalogs of Threaded Rods:

lead screws_231700567_ Carbon Steel screws
Precision Metal_231700568_ Carbon Steel screws
lead screws_231700572_ Carbon Steel Threaded Rod

P/N: APM0103-20220306098

Name: Stainless steel threaded rod, non-standard tooth bar, alloy carbon steel tooth bar

Function: Non-standard, Stainless steel, alloy carbon steel, customization.

lead screws_231700022_screws
Precision Metal_231700021_screws
Precision Metal_231700023_screws

P/N: APM0103-20221224

Name: Reciprocating threaded rod for winding machine, 8-shafted bidirected lead screw,

Function: Non-standard, for winding machine,

Precision Metal_231700418_M2.0 Thread Rod APM0103-20221116
Precision Metal_231700422_M2.0 Thread Rod APM0103-20221116
Precision Metal_231700423_M2.0 Thread Rod APM0103-20221116

P/N: APM0103-20221116

Name: Trapezoidal lead screw,

Function: 3D printer accessories, threaded rod for T-Shape T8, stepper motor, Ptich 8mm,

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lead screws_231700411_M2.0 Threaded Rod APM0103-20181021
lead screws_231700412_M2.0 Threaded Rod APM0103-20181021
Precision Metal_231700413_M2.0 Threaded Rod APM0103-20181021

P/N: APM0103-20181021

Name: Trapezoidal lead screw for 3D printer, sepper motor,

Function: Lead screw

Precision Metal_231700415_M2.0 Threaded Rod APM0103-2019070902
Precision Metal_231700416_M2.0 Threaded Rod APM0103-2019070902
Precision Metal_231700417_M2.0 Threaded Rod APM0103-2019070902

P/N: APM0103-2019070902

Name:  3D printer thread rod

Function: Lead screw

Precision Metal_231700439_Round Threaded Nut
lead screws_231700440_Round Threaded Nut
Precision Metal_231700441_Round Threaded Nut

P/N: APM0103-2018121202

Name: Open-end round nut, cylindrical nut, extended round nuts,

Function: SUS201, non-standard,

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Precision Metal_231700444_Thread Rod Sets
lead screws_231700443_Thread Rod Sets
Precision Metal_231700446_Thread Rod Sets

P/N: APM0103-20230105

Name: Trapezoidal lead screw, multihead thread rod, reciprocating screws, Nut Sets, Left and Right Turn, single head studs,

Function: SUS304, non-standard, automation, automative equipment, industry,etc.

lead screws_231700431_Full Threaded Rod
Precision Metal_231700434_Full screws
Precision Metal_231700433_Full lead screw

P/N: APM0103-20190128

Name: Full thread screw, ceiling through threaded rod, zn-plated lead screw,  Class-4.8 galvanized threaded bar

Function: non-standard, ceiling

Precision Metal_231700579_ Thread Rod Axis
Precision Metal_231700576_ Thread Rod Axis
Precision Metal_231700578_ Thread Rod Axis

P/N: APM0103-2018102201

Name: Motorized shafts, precision shaft core, knurled shafts, long and short shafts, shaped shafts, flat milled shafts,

Function: non-standard, SUS304, SUS316, Stainless steel, for equipment, automation, instruments, industry.

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lead screws_231700463_screws
Precision Metal_231700464_screws
lead screws_231700465_screws

P/N: APM0103-2018102202

Name: Threaded screws, fully threaded rods, through threaded screws, headless bolt studs,

Function: non-standard, SUS304, for industry, 3D printer, equipment, automation, instruments,

lead screws_231700458_screws
Precision Metal_231700459_screws
Precision Metal_231700460_screws

P/N: APM0103-20181225

Name: headless bolt studs, fully threaded rods

Function: non-standard, SUS304, for equipment, industry, automation, instruments, etc.

lead screws_231700449_Headless Thread Rod
Precision Metal_231700452_Headless Thread Rod
Precision Metal_231700450_Headless Thread Rod

P/N: APM0103-2018102101

Name:  fully threaded rods

Function: non-standard, SUS304/316, stainless steel, for automative equipment, robot, industry, instruments, etc.

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Precision Metal_231700454_screws
lead screws_231700453_screws
Precision Metal_231700455_screws

P/N: APM0103-2018102102-1

Name: headless fully threaded rods, blots and studs, thread bars,

Function: non-standard, SUS304/316, for instruments, robot, industry, automative equipment, 3D printer, etc.

Precision Metal_231700435_Hexagon screws
Precision Metal_231700436_Hexagon screws
Precision Metal_231700438_Hexagon Thread Rod

P/N: APM0103-20190106-01

Name: Blackened hexagon lead screw, Hexagon head cap screws

Function: non-standard, SUS304, for mechanical industry, industrial equipment, food machining, plastics machining, etc.

lead screws_231700472_Double Ended screws
Precision Metal_231700473_Double Ended screws
Precision Metal_231700474_Double Ended Thread Rod

P/N: APM0103-2018121203

Name: Double head lead screw, stainless steel threaded rod

Function: non-standard, SUS, for food machining, chemical industry, plastics machining, industrial equipment, etc.

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Precision Metal_231700469_M16 screws
Precision Metal_231700468_M16 screws
Precision Metal_231700471_M16 screws

P/N: APM0103-20181021-2

Name: M16 extended hexagon socket head bolts, U.S. system all-thread screws

Function: non-standard, SUS304, 1214, for industry, industrial equipment, etc.

Precision Metal_231700485_T8 Thread Rod
Precision Metal_231700486_T8 Thread Rod
Precision Metal_231700487_T8 Thread Rod

P/N: APM0103-20190709

Name: 3D Printer lead screw, T8 screw, stepper motor lead screw, Trapezoidal Screws, T-shaped screw,

Function: non-standard, SUS304, for 3D printer, stepper moter, automation,etc.

lead screws_231700480_Precision Reciprocating screws
Precision Metal_231700481_Precision Reciprocating screws
Precision Metal_231700482_Precision Reciprocating screws

P/N: APM0103-2018102102-2

Name: Precision reciprocating threaded rod

Function: non-standard, Titanium, Ti-alloy, SUS304/316, for automation equipment,etc

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Precision Metal_231700476_Full Thread Screw Rod
lead screws_231700477_Full Thread Screw Rod
Precision Metal_231700479_Full Thread Screw Rod

P/N: APM0103-20190106-02

Name: Full thread screw rod, trapezoidal thread rod,

Function: non-standard, Galvanized, SUS304/316, for mechanical industries, automation equipment,etc

lead screws_231700498_SUS Ai CU screws
Precision Metal_231700499_SUS Ai CU screws
Precision Metal_231700500_SUS Ai CU screws

P/N: APM0103-2018102104

Name: Stainless steel non-standard parts, precision parts,

Function: non-standard, stainless steel, copper parts machining, Aluminum parts machining,

Precision Metal_231700582_ 304 316 Full Thread Rod
Precision Metal_231700581_ 304 316 Full Thread Rod
Precision Metal_231700583_ 304 316 Full Thread Rod

P/N: APM0103-2018102202-1

Name: non-standard SUS316 tooth bar, SUS304 thread rod, adjustable full thread rod, shaft screw

Function: non-standard, SUS316/304, adjustable, shaft screw, for industries, automation, equipment,3D printer,etc.

Precision Metal_231700494_Conveyer screws
lead screws_231700493_Conveyer screws
Precision Metal_231700495_Conveyer screws

P/N: APM0103-2018111102

Name: Conveyer thread rod, reciprocating screws, Bi-directional reciprocating shafts,

Function: non-standard, SUS316/304,cross shafts, winding screws, drive screw, feeder rod

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lead screws_231700606_ Eight-axis winding thread rod
Precision Metal_231700605_ Eight-axis winding thread rod
Precision Metal_231700607_ Eight-axis winding thread rod

P/N: APM0103-2018102106

Name: Bi-directional screws,Eight shafts back and forth winding screws

Function: non-standard, SUS316/304, winding machine, industrial equipment, automation,

Precision Metal_231700609_ 304 316 Axis lead screw
lead screws_231700612_ 304 316 Axis lead screw
Precision Metal_231700611_ 304 316 Axis lead screw

P/N: AMP0103-20221121

Name: Hexagonal shaft, Iron rubbing shafts, toy car shafts, SUS 304 shaft core,

Function: non-standard, Iron, SUS316/304, for shaft, axis, toy, equipment, etc,

Precision Metal_231700602_ Silent ball screw
Precision Metal_231700600_ Silent ball screw
lead screws_231700603_ Silent ball screw

P/N: APM0103-2018111101

Name: Silent ball screw, reciprocating ball screw, Bi-directional reciprocating screws, guideway ball screws -,

Function: non-standard, Titanium, Titanium alloy, SUS316/304, for robot, automation, high-end equipment, 3D printer, industries, etc.

Precision Metal_231700596_ Knurl Thread Rod
Precision Metal_231700597_ Knurl Thread Rod
Precision Metal_231700595_ Knurl Thread Rod

P/N: APM0103-2018102105

Name: Knurled thread rod, Knurled embossed shaft, Knurled shaft, Toy Shafts, Cylindrical pins.

Function: non-standard, SUS316/304, Stainless Steel, for automation, 3D printer, industries, etc.

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lead screws_231700623_ Double Ended Non-Standard Thread Rod
Precision Metal_231700624_ Double Ended Non-Standard Thread Rod
Precision Metal_231700622_ Double Ended Non-Standard Thread Rod

P/N: APM0103-20221119

Name: Non-standard galvanized double-head bolts, single-head studs, half-threaded screws, double-head screws, connecting screws,

Function: non-standard, galvanized, SUS316/304, Titanium, Titanium alloy, for automation, industrial equipment, 3D printer, etc.

lead screws_231700586_Stepping Motor Thread Rod
Precision Metal_231700585_Stepping Motor Thread Rod
Precision Metal_231700587_Stepping Motor Threaded Rod

P/N: APM0103-20221115

Name: T10 stepping motor screws, T-Shape Screw + Nut, Tr10 Trapezoidal Screw

Function: non-standard, SUS316/304, stainless steel, Titanium, Titanium alloy, for automation, industrial equipment, motor screws, 3D printer, etc.

Precision Metal_231700634_Micro T screws
Precision Metal_231700635_Micro T screws
Precision Metal_231700636_Micro T Thread Rod

P/N: AMP0103-20221124

Name: miniature trapezoidal high-strength screws, T-shaped screws

Function: non-standard, customized, SUS316/304,Titanium, Titanium alloy, stainless steel, for automation, industrial communication equipment, motor screws, automation equipment, 3D printer,  industries, etc.

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Precision Metal_231700630_Endless Screw Worm Gear
Precision Metal_231700631_Endless Screw Worm Gear
Precision Metal_231700633_Endless Screw Worm Gear

P/N: APM0103-2018102107

Name: endless worm gear, miniature worm gear, Copper Zi worm gear,

Function: non-standard, customized, copper.

Precision Metal_231700628_ Hex Thread Rod Nut
Precision Metal_231700627_ Hex Thread Rod Nut
Precision Metal_231700629_ Hex Thread Rod Nut

P/N: APM0103-20181211

Name:  Shaped nuts, joint nuts, Galvanized extended hexagon nuts, extended round coupling nuts

Function: non-standard, Galvanized, customized, copper.

Precision Metal_231700614_ Trapezoidal Thread Rod
Precision Metal_231700618_ Trapezoidal Thread Rod
Precision Metal_231700619_ Trapezoidal Thread Rod

P/N: APM0103-2018121201

Name: Trapezoidal threaded rod, Trapezoidal thick threaded screws,

Function: non-standard, customized, SUS304/316/316L, for mechanical equipment, industrial equipment

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Precision Metal_231700614_ Trapezoidal Thread Rod
Precision Metal_231700618_ Trapezoidal Thread Rod
Precision Metal_231700619_ Trapezoidal Thread Rod

P/N: APM0103-2018121201

Name: Trapezoidal threaded rod, Trapezoidal thick threaded screws,

Function: non-standard, customized, SUS304/316/316L, for mechanical equipment, industrial equipment

Accurate Hardware_231700988_Best Double-headed Hollow screws
Accurate Hardware_231700987_Best Double-headed Hollow screws
Accurate Hardware_231700989_Best Double-headed Hollow screws

P/N: APM0101-20230628

Name: Stainless steel bolts, double head bolts, hollow bolt, long threaded rod.

Function: non-standard, SUS304/316/316L, stainless steel, customized for automation, mechanical and industrial equipment, etc.

Precision Metal_231700489_Adjustable screws
lead screws_231700488_Adjustable screws
Precision Metal_231700490_Adjustable screws

P/N: APM0103-2018102103

Name: Adjustable lift T-screw + nuts, full threaded studs/rods,

Function: non-standard, SUS304/316/316L, customization for 3D printer, automation, robot, mechanical and industrial equipment, and so on.

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lead screws_231700426_POM Thread Nut
Precision Metal_231700428_POM Thread Nut
Precision Metal_231700427_POM Thread Nut

P/N: AMP0103-20181212

Name: Premium POM nuts, 3D printer lead screw, Z-axis trapezoidal motor screw + nuts,

Function: non-standard, SUS304/316/316L, for 3D printer, motor, automation, and so on.