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What is a 120 amp high current probe?

We are pleased to introduce you to the 120 amp high current probe. It is an electronic component or a tool designed for professionals. They need high accuracy and reliability in current measurements!

It utilizes advanced technology and is capable of passing currents of up to 120 amp. This not only ensures accurate measurements but also greatly improves efficiency.

Considering the diversity of working environments, we have enhanced its durability and safety features. It is to ensure stable work under all kinds of harsh conditions.

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Where is it applied?

Whether in heavy industrial applications, power system monitoring, or precision electrical engineering, this probe demonstrates outstanding performance. Its versatility makes it an ideal working partner for electricians and engineers.

We understand that ease of operation is of paramount importance to the user. That’s why, even with such high performance, we’ve designed it to be easy to operate, with no complicated procedure.

Overall, this 120 amp high current probe is powerful and reliable for a wide range of demanding current supplies and measurements!

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Benefits of a 120 amp high current probe

In fast-paced and demanding industrial environments, it is the key to engineers’ success to have a reliable and efficient 120 Amp High Current Probe. We designed it to meet these requirements.

High precision and consistency

This is critical for plants that need to monitor and control fine electrical parameters. Also, it is very important for high-power applications and high-current systems.

Ultimate durability and reliability

We pay special attention to its performance in harsh industrial environments. As a result, it remains stable in high temperatures, high humidity, dust, and other extreme conditions.

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Enhanced Security

We understand the safety challenges in industrial environments and have integrated several safety features into our probes. Such as overload protection, quality insulation, and anti-rotation. it can minimize the risk of electrical accidents.

Energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness

With it, you can monitor and control your energy use more effectively. Optimize energy use and avoid unnecessary waste. Its high durability means less frequent replacement and lower maintenance costs! Overall, it can help reduce operation costs and improve energy efficiency.

Easy to operate

We are committed to customizing user-friendly high-current probes. They are simple, intuitive, and can be quickly integrated into your existing workflow.

Wide range of applications

It provides critical support for your projects, for example: motor control, energy distribution, or automation systems, etc. Its flexibility and versatility make it ideal for a wide range of industrial applications.

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Thermal management

Its flexibility and versatility make it ideal for a wide range of industrial applications. With adding a sensor pin, it can solve the problem of high temperature.

Design flexibility for easy integration

For electronics designers, the 120 amp high current probe expands the range of design parameters. It allows them to design new complex products for a wider range of applications. At the same time, we also design it to make it easier to integrate into more complex electronic systems. Then, it can provide engineers with easier design, installation, and use.

R&D and Innovation

The 120 amp high current probe is essential for experimental and prototype testing during the R&D phase of new technologies. Especially when developing high-current or high-power electronic devices.

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Features of a 120 amp high current probe

It has quality features that become very useful in many high-end and specialized electronic applications. They are designed not only to handle high currents, but also with precision, reliability, ease of use, and versatility in mind.

Design feature

Anti-rotation locking. The temperature rise is less than 15℃ after continuing work for 4 hours. All sub-parts are intact during working at 120℃ for one year. Fire resistance is UL94V-0. Its contact resistance is <0.30mΩ. The spring force is 80N at a working stroke of 5.00mm, and the full stroke is more than 10.00mm. 5% salt spray test passed in an acidic environment.

Size and weight

Medium size, easy to carry and operate. Suitable weight of about 230 grams, will not bring the user extra burden of use. Also, we can customize it in size and shape to suit different installations and space constraints.

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Durability and reliability

Made of robust and durable raw materials, for example, beryllium copper and phosphor bronze, etc. It can ensure stable performance under high temperatures, humidity, dust, etc.


It realizes overheating protection by a thermal sensor pin. Based on the application, it comes with an anti-rotation locking. At the same time, it comes with a high-quality insulating mechanism. It ensures the safety of the user and the equipment during operation.

High-Frequency Response

It can accurately measure performance under rapidly varying current loads. it is very important in specific applications, such as testing of inverters or pulsed power supplies.

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EMC, electromagnetic compatibility

It is not susceptible to EMC in high-current environments, nor does it significantly interfere with surrounding equipment

Custom design

The 200 amp high current probe may have been custom-designed for a specific application. Such as providing optimized performance for a particular type of motor or power supply.

Multi-functional integration

It not only measures current, but may also incorporate voltage, temperature, or other sensing capabilities.

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Advantages of a 120 amp high current probe

The 120 Amp High Current Probe, in the foregoing benefits and features, we make clear its very obvious product advantages. Below you will find a few not-so-well-known product advantages. It will help you more fully evaluate its suitability for your specific application. Ensure that it meets your specific technical and applications.

Dynamic Response

In rapidly changing current environments, such as power transitions or motor startups. The 120 amp high current probe provides a fast and accurate response. Which is critical for diagnosing and protecting the system.

Noise suppression

In environments with high EMC, such as industrial sites, it may have excellent noise rejection to ensure the accuracy and reliability of high current

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Long-term stability and reliability

We’ll be looking at it for the long term. So, we make sure that its performance and accuracy will remain stable after use for a long time.

Environmental adaptability

We specially designed it to withstand harsh environments, such as high humidity, high temperatures, or strong magnetic fields. This is very important in certain industrial and outdoor applications.

Customization and Scalability

To meet special applications, we can offer customized options, such as special shapes, sizes, spring force, working stroke, and more.

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Use case of a 120 amp high current probe

It has a wide range of applications in different fields, highlighting its importance in ensuring performance, safety, and efficiency. Herein, let’s show you a few specific examples for your reference

Electric Vehicle Battery Test

In the electric vehicle manufacturer. The 120 amp high current probe can test and monitor the charging and discharging processes of battery packs. For example, it can measure the current response of a battery during rapid charging. It’s to ensure that the battery is operating within safe limits while evaluating its long-term performance.

Solar power systems

The 120 amp high current probe transfers the current from the solar panel to the inverter. It helps system operators ensure that the current is within safe and efficient limits. At the same time, it optimizes the efficiency of energy conversion.

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Industrial motor and its control systems

In heavy industry, the 120 amp high current probe transfers the current in large motors and drives. It also protects equipment from overload damage and optimizes motor performance and energy use.

Data center power management

It can also transfer the power supply system of servers and network equipment. it ensures that the current distribution is balanced and prevents overloading. Thus, it maintains the stable operation of the equipment.

Maintenance of ships’ electrical systems

On board ships, the 120 amp high current probe transfers and monitors the ship’s electrical system, including generators and power distribution systems, to ensure stable operation of the electrical system and safety of navigation.

High-power LED lighting testing

It can test high-power LED lighting systems, and transfer LED drive current to ensure efficiency and life.

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This article explores the benefits of the 120 Amp High Current Probe, revealing its high current transfer and detection capabilities, performance, benefits, features, accuracy, safety, advantages, a wide range of applications, and its case studies.

Unleash the limits of electrical engineering and explore uncharted territory! Explore the infinite possibilities of electrical engineering, and we’re confident that the 120 Amp High Current Probe can help you do just that! Contact us now!


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