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A magnetic Charger is an electrical connector. Its interface has a pair of magnetic adaptors that can self-adsorb or detach under external force. The magnetic adaptors usually contain a male part and a female part, which can automatically engage each other.

Connect the magnetic charger to the host in a magnetic way, making charging your device much easier. When the tension of the magnetic charger is too high, it can be safely disconnected from the host, which helps to prevent the host from falling off the shelf or table.

Also, a magnetic charger has several applications in today’s world and features that should be considered before purchasing one. In this article, we will talk about magnetic charger’s working, features, and applications. Let’s get started!

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How Does Magnetic Charger Work?

Magnetic charger includes fast charging and flash charging, the fast charging is to realize high current charging by enhancing the voltage. The flash charging prefers to realize quick charging by a low voltage and high current.

A pair of male and female magnetic connectors, which place an S-pole magnet and a Z-pole magnet in a housing with pogo pins and fix them. The 2 magnets generate magnetic attraction, guiding the male and female connectors together and ensuring correct alignment.

When you bring the magnetic charger close to its paired magnetic connector dock installed on the host, the magnets inside of 2 housings will align with each other and connect stably. When the male and female terminals of the magnetic charger are stably combined, the spring-loaded pins contact the conductive surface, forming a low-resistance circuit loop. This achieves fast charging, data transmission, and other electrical functions.

A magnetic charger is a method of charging through a magnetic connection, usually including a male end with magnetic suction and a female end with adsorption

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Its working principle

A magnetic charger is a device that adsorbs the magnetic charger and device together through magnetic force, achieving energy transmission and charging.

Its charging method, the magnetic charger needs to connect a charging head with a magnetic suction and a charging head with adsorption

Compared to magnetic wireless chargers, magnetic charger requires devices to have corresponding magnetic charging interfaces, so compatibility may be relatively limited.

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In terms of stability

A magnetic charger can maintain a very stable connection between the device and the magnetic charger through magnetic adsorption.

Regarding charging speed

Magnetic wireless charger is generally relatively slow, but magnetic charger can be combined with fast charging technology to provide a faster charging experience

Its transmission speed

Compared to an ordinary connector, a magnetic charger is not only a charging device but also a data signal transmission device. They are no different from ordinary connectors, except that the magnetic is changed from a plug-in connection to a magnetic connection, which has the same transmission speed and charging speed.

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Applications of Magnetic Charger

Magnetic chargers can be used in extremely small applications of automatic connection. Such as SOS wristbands, sports wristbands, electric toothbrushes, TWS, etc. They can also be used in large products such as giga factories. Automatic connection projects of high-power chargers for trailers, between trailer chargers and instruments. Various projects in new energy design companies, and so on. These applications are mostly from our customers in the USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, and so on.

Their common uses include consumer electronics, industries, medical, home appliances, telecommunication, automotive, security, aerospace, robots, 3D printing, new energy, and so on.

Herein, let’s introduce some use cases for your reference. Based on current transmission to signal data storage. Magnetic pogo pin connector ensures simple connection, safe machine use, and waterproof performance. Enhancing the value of your devices and providing you with a perfect experience.

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Firstly, Virtual Reality,

called VR which is one of the cutting-edge sciences in the world today. VR also uses our magnetic pogo pin connector. We can provide various affordable magnetic chargers with very small volume to VR companies. Sure, Similar VR devices already exist in the military fields, but they all face problems such as high cost, large volume, and heavyweight.

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Secondly, AR 3D Glass,

it is an abbreviation for Augmented Reality. It is a technology that cleverly integrates virtual information with the real world. AR is using our magnetic connector too. Welcome you who use various technologies such as multimedia! 3D modeling, real-time tracking and registration! Intelligent interaction, and sensing. Based on our magnetic connectors, you will simulate computer-generated virtual information such as text, images, 3D models, music, and videos. And apply them to the real world.

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Thirdly, Mix Reality,

MR is a combination of virtual and enhanced methods. The content may be actual, it may be discounted. Our magnetic charger provides crucial support in achieving MR precision connection. For example, HoloLens, Vision Pro.

Fourthly, Power Supply

we fully support customers with various shaped magnetic connectors. To assemble magnetic charging mobile power supply for the built-in batteries of 5,000mAh, and 10,000mAh. And 15W wireless charging and 18W,20W, and 22.5W wired fast charging.

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Features of a Magnetic Charger

The magnetic charger has 2 kinds of charging methods, one is wireless charging like MagSafe on iPhone, it is just for charging but not data transmission. The other is magnetic traction charging like MagSafe on Mac. It is a magnetic pogo pin connector with paired points and can withstand charging power of up to 100 Watts. It is for charging and data transmission.

Generally speaking, the spring pogo pins in the magnetic charger are 4. The middle two are responsible for charging the positive and negative poles, and the adjacent two are grounded. But there are also 9 or only 2 charging pins that are not grounded, suitable for low current charging. Many devices on the market, such as wristbands, smart water cups, electric toothbrushes, etc., use this magnetic charger.

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Have you noticed that the waterproof device of IP68 is particularly fond of magnetic chargers? Indeed, with a magnetic charger, the waterproofing of the device itself can be done very well. So, there is no need to worry about short circuit damage caused by inadequate waterproofing of the charging interface.

And, it is also very convenient for users. They don’t even need to worry about its front and back, no longer need to forcefully attack, and can approach directly. With a perfect “click” sound, they can attach and be worry-free.

Can data transmission be available besides charging? The answer is yes. The data can also be transmitted through pogo pins in the magnetic charger.

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On its structure,

A magnetic charger pairs contact a male and female end. It achieves adsorption by the principle of magnetism.

According to the different charging products and structures. We have developed various magnetic chargers with different machine structures. Such as circular, square, elongated, shaped, and irregular structures.

The adsorption methods include permanent magnets of N52 and magnet alloy. Which can be selected to solve the problem of avoiding magnetic field requirements at different structural ends. The magnetic force never decays.

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On function features, our magnetic charger:

  1. Anti-drop: The suction interface is easy to remove and not easy to drive the device or equipment.
  2. Long lifespan: capable of connecting and charging for over 100,000 to 200,000 cycles.
  3. Waterproof: The host female end of the magnetic pogo pin connector can achieve dustproofing and waterproofing of up to IPX8.
  4. Fast charging time: Designed to withstand high current transmission of 5A-30A.
  5. Space saving: The female connector and PCB adapter can achieve a pogo pin style of SMT DIP, Right Angle, Bending, and double-ended connection.
  6. Customization: Diversified appearance and styles to match the appearance of the host product or devices, enhancing product grade and selling points.
  7. Magnetic positioning: Utilizing a dual junction of magnets and mechanisms to protect the entire circuit from errors.
  8. Eco-friendly: Excellent corrosion resistance level (48H-120H)to meet harsh environments.

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How to Choose an Appropriate Magnetic Charger?

The operation of a magnetic connector or charger can affect the functionality of the entire device. A suitable magnetic pogo pin connector can bring twice the result with half the effort.

Magnetic connector type. The first thing to take into account is what to connect and where to use. Including indoor, outdoor, corrosive environment, sealing, and shielding shell? What shape are the pogo pins? How many rows, and pogo pin quantity? And so on.

Mechanical. Including sizes, dimensions, and acceptable tolerance. Volume and available footprint, force of plug-in and plug-out. Durability or frequency of plug-in and plug-out. For PCBA, it is important to confirm PCB tolerance. Which is the marginal value and flexibility for card edge connection. For small power circuits, the coating thickness and its basic electroplated plating are marked. And, their signal standard should be consistent with the environmental level.

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Electronical requirements. Including voltage, current, contact resistance, and isolation resistance. Permissible resistance variation, millivolt drop, maximum current value, maximum voltage value. Inrush current value, characteristic impedance, VSWR (voltage standing wave ratio), insertion and extraction loss, and EMI shielding efficiency.

Environmental considerations. The location of the magnetic charger determines the temperature, humidity, and others. As a manufacturer, we share, the area around the continuous current guided by the magnetic connector is the area where the highest temperature is generated. At the same time, you need to highlight the storage conditions. The requirements of impact and vibration, shipping conditions. Production conditions include welding temperature and welding duration.

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Benefits of Using Our Magnetic Connector

Magnetic charger, known as magnetic charging cable, magnetic USB cable, magnetic portable charger, magnetic pogo pin connector, etc. Mainly used in smart wearable devices, 3C digital, smart homes, car navigation detection, trailers, and automotive. Medical equipment, and other electronic products in new energy companies. it is to achieve charging, signal transmission, and others.

There is not much difference between magnetic charging cables and regular data cables. The magnetic connector is very convenient to use when driving, and the transmission speed is similar to that of ordinary data cables.

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Our magnetic pogo pin connector is an inexpensive alternative to traditional connectors. Its design makes it very easy to use and cost-effective, making it a great option for you looking for simple and reliable solutions.

Very convenient and fast: The magnetic charger can be quickly connected and disconnected without the need for plugging and unplugging.

Anti mis-insertion: our magnetic connector can be automatically aligned through its magnetic adsorption. Avoiding the possibility of accidental insertion and protecting the safety of devices and users.

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Dust and Waterproof: Our magnetic charger can achieve sealed connections, thereby achieving dust and waterproofing of up to IP68, protecting the stability and reliability of devices.

Efficient and energy-saving: Our magnetic charger can achieve fast charging and data transmission. While also saving energy and improving charging efficiency.

Our magnetic charger can be applied in many fields, bringing you better user experiences.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our article on a magnetic charger, discovering its various applications, understanding the Pogo pin connection principle better, and more.

If you have any specific questions about the magnetic charger or need further assistance, don’t hesitate to ask.

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