Magnetic Pogo Pin Connector, Great Benefits in Everyday Life


What Is a Magnetic Pogo Pin Connector?

Magnetic pogo pin connector is paired usually with male and female. It contains two or more precision pogo pins, magnets, and a housing. It is a connector that uses magnetic force to connect and disconnect. With permanent magnets of an S-pole or a Z-pole in its housing, it can automatically engage correctly. Such as incorrect angle access, there will be repulsive with good error-proofing. When vigorously pulled, it can automatically disconnect, preventing damage to the device due to dragging.

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Can realize the magnetic force by choosing the right magnetic flux and magnet volume size. In general, the magnet materials are N52 which is the strongest magnetic force. You can choose straight engagement or side engagement. A series of orientation access, will not have a significant increase in the cost. It has good performance on high-current and high-frequency signals. It is suitable for the transmission of high-current and high-frequency signals with long service life cycles.

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Great Benefits of Using Our Magnetic Pogo Pin Connector

Magnetic pogo pin connector has a stylish and beautiful appearance due to its unique design and usage. Therefore, it is often used in high-end electronic devices, leading the trend and aesthetics, becoming a symbol of the fashion trend.


Every electronic device can’t function without a Pogo pin connector or magnetic Pogo pin connector. Which is a pure power supply adaptor, or multiple-function adaptor to transfer data, data and signals, and charging.

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Herein, their importance is seen in your R&D, innovation, and everyday life. From the internal structure of electronic devices, their integrated circuits are quite complex. And every link cannot be separated from the pogo pins or magnetic pogo pin connector. Which is the bridge connecting each component. One more is not enough and one less is not enough too. So, it is surely required to design reasonably and appropriately.

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With a magnetic pogo pin connector and a portable power supply, It easily makes your cell phone never shut down. It easily makes your UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) continue work. It greatly facilitates people’s lives and improves the quality of life and efficiency. With the rapid progress of technology, they are finer, more sophisticated, and more convenient to carry.

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It is also made USB magnetic cable with a USB adaptor, the price is very low. A five-meter USB magnetic cable is only less than ten dollars. Its service life cycle is not short yet. As consumables, it is very easy to replace with new ones. We can design and produce various sizes and dimensions combining high current. So, the magnetic pogo pin widely apply in new energy, trailers, giga factories, consumer electronics, and all kinds of industries and mechanicals.

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Its wide applications have led to vigorous production in various industries. Based on the orders from a very large number of customers in Europe and America. All of us believe that it has very broad market forecasts.

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After we improve the production process. Customers can simplify the assembly process of electronic devices and equipment accordingly. It is easier to repair, replace, and upgrade. Which greatly improves the flexibility of device design.

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It is very simple, small, handy, and compact. The magnetic pogo pin connector can realize rapid replacement of internal components, which is essential for cost reduction. It can be helpful to realize cost savings throughout the project and safeguard user safety.

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It enables electronics R&D engineers to be more flexible in their designs. The magnet pogo pin connector stably connects systems, subsystems, or components. such pogo pin connector is a bridge that transmits signals or energy. It supports the unimpeded flow of the entire path. It improves the entire production process of customers’ electronic devices. Especially it can simplify the assembly process.

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It is self-magnetic engagement, has zero insertion force, and is self-orienting. It provides a reliable connection for hard-to-reach locations. Its female end is a solid-pin structure which can save space on the device side. And its male and female realize a shallow mounting depth. It can realize excellent waterproof, and its female end can realize dustproof and waterproof IP68 on the device end. it is sturdy, shockproof, and anti-vibration. Can withstand high current transmission of 3A-30A design. It has a fast-charging time but very short time consumption. It has very long functional cycles of life cycles up to 100,000 times or more. Very easy to clean.

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Based on feedback from pretty many customers and end-users, it can bring us many wow user experiences. Like the wireless Magsafe of Apple company, our magnetic pogo pin connector also gives you the perfect benefits.

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with permanent magnet polarity, the structures of POKA YOKE, and certain snap locking. It can actively engage and lock by itself. And adjusting the force of the insertion and extraction through the magnet size and orientation. It can give the users a perfect experience! Eco-friendly and with excellent corrosion resistance (salt spray of 48h-120h), it is also for applications in various harsh environments.

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Which Shapes Has Magnetic Pogo Pin Connector?

Its male shape is usually cylindrical, square, or flat bar. There are many types of females to match the males. Including cylindrical, square, and flat bars. The male and female match each other for stable contact. Often mount the female on PCB boards, make the male to magnetic cable with male, female, type C, or USB connector. Based on actual applications of customer devices. Pogo pins in magnetic connectors have the shape of bending, right angle, solder wire, DIP, and SMT. Design each shape based on the customer’s requirements.

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Features of Magnetic Pogo Pin Connector

Convenient to Use

Magnetic pogo pin connector uses magnetic attraction to connect. Just bring its male close to the female, and they will automatically attach for convenience.

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High Reliability

Magnetic pogo pin connector connects each other by their magnetic force. And have a strong adsorption force to keep a stable connection. The connectors are not easily dislodged even when subjected to slight external forces.

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Anti-mis-insertion and dust and waterproofing

Magnetic pogo pin connector is usually designed with specific polarity. Which can only be inserted correctly when engaged. At the same time, the magnetic pogo pin connector also has a certain degree of sealing. Which can prevent contaminants from entering its inner space. which realizes the function of dustproofing and waterproofing up to IP68.

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Fast charging and high transfer rate

Magnetic pogo pin connector has a great feature of fast charging and transfer signals. It can usually support up to tens of kilowatts of charging power.  For example, magnetic charging cables can charge automobiles more quickly. In addition, it can also provide high-speed transmission in terms of data transmission, such as support for high-speed interfaces of USB 3.0.

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High durability

They use magnetism to connect, eliminating the need for frequent plugging and unplugging. And reducing mechanical wear and tear. At the same time, the unique structure allows for a more robust connection, increasing the service life cycles.

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Multi-functional and widely applicable

it can be designed to be multi-functional and compatible with multiple interfaces and devices. For example, support data transmission, charging, and audio output at the same time. In addition, it can also be applied to different types of devices, such as 3D, robots, giga factories, cell phones, tablets, laptops, headphones, etc.

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In the future

these features make magnetic connectors widely used in the field of electronic devices. With the development and innovation step by step, we will also show you more new features. Bringing more convenience and innovation to your lives!

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What Package Has Magnetic Pogo Pin Connector?

To avoid potential damage to magnetic pogo pin connectors, especially for those bending type pogo pins. The package of T&R or blister packaging is often an option. We are always based on customer and actual application, storage, and delivery.

T&R or Blister Tray

T&R or Blister Tray refers to placing the magnetic pogo pin connector with a certain spacing into the plastic tray. And then sealing the tray with polypropylene film. Usually, this is used in some high-volume automated assembly for SMT automatic mounting. Advantages are good stability, ease of management, and lower cost. Disadvantages are larger packaging space, less convenient transportation, and higher environmental requirements.

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PE Bag

PE Bagging is the process of placing connectors into a ziplock bag and then sealing the bag. Usually, it is used for small order volumes. Advantages are smaller packaging space, easy storage, and transportation, hygiene, and safety. The disadvantage is that the packaging needs to be inspected at any time to avoid connector damage or bag breakage.

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Tube mounting is the assembly of plastic tubes. Usually used in automated assembly lines. Advantages are space saving and ease of flow line assembly. The disadvantage is that the tube can lead to connector wear and tear and higher packaging costs.

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Reel mounting

Rolls are to roll connectors on cardboard and then stuck in a plastic or cardboard box. The advantages are that the packaging space is small, easy to transport, and the cardboard can be reused. The disadvantage is that the connector is easy to bend or tangle, and packaging costs are high. It is of utmost importance to select the right package. It is better to choose an appropriate package based on actual applications. For example, on SMT, TR&R or tube is better. PE bag is better for small order volumes or samples. At the same time, we need to determine which package is the best according to product composition. Specifications, user requirements, and price.

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Applications of Magnetic Pogo Pin Connector!

As an indispensable component in the field of electronics. Magnetic pogo pin connector is a precision component that electronic engineers often come into contact with. It always plays a convenient role in human life that cannot be ignored.

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New energy vehicles

More and more people’s requirements for automobile safety, eco-friendliness, comfort, intelligence, and other improvement. Automobiles also use more varieties and number of connectors and magnetic pogo pin connectors step by step. At present, the connector quantity is up to 1000 pieces in a new energy vehicle. And, of the total cost of a single new energy vehicle charging post, the cost percentage of all kinds of connectors is up 17.5%, including magnetic pogo pin connectors.

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As precision components of aeronautical devices in space vehicles and satellite electronics. Magnetic pogo pin connectors have different shapes, sizes, and material requirements to meet the uniqueness of different work tasks. For example, because of the extremely limited space available on a spacecraft, the magnetic pogo pin connector must be compact and small. and, pay attention to its weight. Of course, the most important thing is its reliability, it must have the ability to withstand severe environments, for example, external shock, extreme high and low temperatures, and vibration.

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Ocean engineering

If the underwater cables are arms and legs in all kinds of underwater equipment. Then, the underwater magnetic pogo pin connector like the joints, ensures that the normal work of underwater equipment is one of the important parts of the mechanical connection between the equipment. As well as the realization of the transmission of optical, electrical signals, and electrical energy. Suitable for a variety of ROVs, submarine cameras, and underwater sensors. Towed arrays, seabed observation networks, sea pastures, and other underwater applications. Are widely used in the field of ships, offshore oil, ocean exploration, and other marine engineering.

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5G Communications and Data

Magnetic pogo pin connector is one of the indispensable and important accessories in communication equipment and instruments. it has accounted for a relatively large amount of value in the communication equipment. With the deployment of 5G and the mass rollout of self-driving cars. Magnetic pogo pin connector opportunities in telecom and datacom are expected to grow rapidly.

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Magnetic pogo pin connector is also an essential component for new high-performance weapons. And equipment such as reconnaissance aircraft, missiles, smart bombs, etc. It is mainly used in aviation, aerospace, weapons, ships, electronics, and other high-tech fields. It requires tight manufacturing tolerances, rugged construction, high reliability, high cost, and resistance to harsh environments.

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Johoty Tech. can provide you with such a magnetic Pogo pin connector. All are high quality, best price, and fast shipment. In everyday life, we can support you with the great benefits of a premium magnetic Pogo pin connector. Welcome!

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